Jan 202014

Adult VideoAdult Video #1 is a collection of stories by Lexi Maxwell. The stories involve the three employees of an adult store. They flirt, they talk, they deal with weird customers, they talk, they have sex and they talk. Mostly they talk.

The book is dedicated to Kevin Smith’s Clerks and rightly so. This takes the Clerks premise of employees chatting about everything and makes it twice as filthy. Fortunately the characters are more likable than they are in Clerks and of course, the hot sex doesn’t hurt either.

I found this to be an interesting book. It is almost a pornographic sitcom. Humor drives the plot and the constant dialogue about adult subject matter was fun. They discuss fetishes, sex toys and mostly, why won’t the slightly-less-slutty character sleep with the slutty guy like the slighty-more-slutty character already does. It should get old but it doesn’t due to the genuinely funny things that keep happening.

Each story is about 80% story and 20% sex scene and I was pleasantly surprised by how hot the sex scenes were. This was the rare porn book that I was reading for the story but the sex was excellent as well. It has plenty of laugh out loud moments but also the kind of sex scene that you think about for days after.

My only complaint is that I feel sometimes that characters were a little two-dimensional but that seems like an odd complaint for a comedy.

I give it Four out of Five Pam Griers.


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