Dec 092013

I am pleased to announce that every Von Madd Laboratories scientist has been enrolled into the mandatory Secret Science Santa project this year. Non-scientists employees have been will receive a gift card and a card that will subtly remind them to pursue higher education.

The Secret Science Santa project will randomly assign you a fellow Von Madd scientist to prepare a sexual gift for. You are expected to create a technique, sex aid or other inventions that will aid in providing an orgasm for the person you have been assigned. Such gift will be given anonymously although your gift will be graded by Dr. Von Madd and you grade will be part of your final employee assessment for the year.

To aid you, the scientist’s sexual profile and history will be sent to you. You may also request surveillance of your assigned scientist to see how they pleasure themselves or engage in sex. Please remember that you can not share the contents of the file with anyone else or you risk censure from the Human Resource Disciplinary Division.

Assignments will be made later today. Gifts are expected to be completed and submitted to Human Resources by midnight December 24th.

Have fun! Also remember that any new inventions created for this project become the intellectual property of Von Madd Laboratories.

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