Dec 182013

“Captain, we have a ship approaching from asteroid field,” the helmsman said.

I pulled my fingers out of the Cabin Woman’s pussy. I think her name was Sai or Sue or something. I kept her on my lap but I stuck my wet fingers in her mouth. She obediently sucked on them.

“Any idea who they are?” I asked.

“Ship identifies as The Obligation from the Pik Collective. There is an incoming transmission.”

“Put it on screen,” I said. I gave the Cabin Girl a slap on her thigh and she jumped off my lap. I may be a space pirate but I wanted to at least pretend to look stern and threatening.

The Captain from the Pik Collective appeared on my screen. Her Asiatic face glowered at me. I stared mostly at her enormous tits that were barely constrained by her blue uniform. I smiled at the familiar face and tits.

“I am Captain Kianna Gan of the Pik Collective,” the woman announced.

“I know, Captain,” I said. “You’ve been chasing our ship for a year. You don’t have to introduce yourself every time.”

She ignored me and kept talking. “I am informing you that your ship, The Savage Thrust, is a documented pirate ship and is under arrest. You have been accused of twenty acts of piracy in this system alone. A full list of crimes is being transmitted to you as I speak. I also have a warrant for your Captain, Captain Blastpants, if that is your real name.”

“It’s not,” I said. “It’s more of a promise if you know what I mean.”

Captain Gan ignored me again. “If you surrender right now I can promise you a swift trial and immediate incarceration at a prison asteroid. Resist and you may be destroyed.”

I stood up and approached the view screen. The screen took up the entire wall so her giant tits were about as tall as me. I pretended to consider her offer while taking a long look at the gorgeous canyon of her cleavage.

“Captain Gan, this is the seventh time you have made this offer to me,” I said. “And what do I always say?”

Captain Gan managed to somehow look even more disapproving. “You tell me that you will never be taken alive.”

“And there you go,” I said as I returned to my chair. “End transmission!”

“Captain, The Obligation is approaching on an attack vector!” Marella, my First Mate said. I could hear the battle lust in her voice.

“Strap in crew,” I said. “I have a feeling this will be a long one.”

It was. Our ship was faster but The Obligation was loaded with weaponry. We had to get in close enough for our plasma volleys to hit which meant weaving through dozens of beam weapons. Things got scary when they hit out targeting array but some daring piloting kept us alive while we got our repairs going. We battled around a giant asteroid and we battled in the grim expanse of open space. We came close to colliding twice. It was the kind of battle that no one believes because it had so many reversals of fortunes.

In the end though, The Obligation took a crippling hit to their generator. Systems shut down across the Pik ship as we closed in for the kill. They were sitting asses, just waiting to be reamed by one more eager cock.

“Hold fire,” I commanded.

“What?” First Mate Marella said. Her long red hair was burnt from where a panel nearly blew up in her face. “We should finish them off!”

“Not this time,” I said. “Ask them if they surrender.”

Marella stared at me in disbelief. My hand drifted to the laser pistol. She remembered her place.

“Transmitting now,” she said.

I wondered if Captain Gan would take it. I also wondered why I was being so generous. Maybe I admired the persistent woman.

“They agree to surrender,” Marella said.

“Okay then,” I said. “Tell them to prepare for docking. Tell them to disarm themselves and to present their entire crew at the airlock. I want to speak to Captain Gan personally. Join our ships at Cargo Bay 1, which should be large enough to hold them and a welcoming party of armed pirates.”

A cruel smile came to Marella’s lips. “Aye, Captain.”

I left the bridge and headed for the cargo bay. I felt the ship maneuver into position. Marella followed without me asking.

“Are we going to murder them personally in hand to hand?” she asked.

“No,” I said.

“Oh, I see! You have something worse in mind!”

I just smiled because when you are the Captain, a smile is far more reassuring than letting them know you are making it up as you go along.

Why did I want to meet Captain Kianna Gan in person? I wasn’t sure. I get plenty of pussy from my crew, adoring tavern wenches, brothel whores and the occasional ransom hostage who want the full Captain Blastpants experience so it wasn’t just for a chance to score with her. Maybe I felt sorry for her because she is a military captain for an uptight society like the Pik Collective. Maybe I respected her amazing tracking skills when it came to finding me. Maybe I just thought it was cute the way she kept stating the charges against me every time she comes to arrest me. I don’t know. There was something about her.

We reached the cargo bay. My pirates were gathered around the upper level, ready to rain down needle gun death if need be. The airlock opened and Kianna led her crew inside.

The Captain’s uniform was torn. It was probably from the same exploding panel problem we had sometimes. Her hair had slipped from her tight bun and I got to appreciate how long and silky her black hair was. A smudge of ash was on her cheek but it just made her look more determined. One of her lapels came loose, providing just a centimeter more exposure of her generous cleavage.

Oh yeah, that’s why I spared her. Those tits were awesome.

“Captain Gan,” I said as I stepped forward. We were a meter apart. My personal communicator amplified my voice so the entire bay could hear us. “My terms are this. We will tend to your wounded. You will surrender access to your ship and we will take any weapons, equipment, supplies and anything else that catches our eye. We will leave you will enough equipment to repair your engines so you can make it back home. Do you accept these terms?”

I heard a few laughs from my crew. They liked this deal. It let them loot an intact military ship for once.

Kianna turned on her communicator’s amplifier so the entire cargo bay could hear her.

“I accept these terms for the good of my crew despite being at the mercy of a lawless and inferior pirate crew that could never hope to match the glory and ethics of the Pik Collective!”

My crew started growling. Wow, it only took one sentence from her to make my crew hate my decision. That had to be a record. Usually it took two statements before my crew would turn on me.

“There is one more condition,” I said. The crew stopped growling. They were waiting to see if they wanted to kill me along with Captain Gan’s crew.

“You will remove your top and fuck me with your breasts,” I said.

A cheer rose from my crew. They liked the deal again.

Kianna’s mouth dropped. She was speechless. It didn’t last long.

“I should not be surprised that you would add molestation to your list of heinous crimes,” she said. “I will agree to your criminal demands but I respectfully ask that we retire to a private place as listed under the Treaty of Sexual Submission.”

“No,” I said. The crew cheered again.

I switched off my amplifier so only she could hear me. “You insulted me in front of my crew. If you don’t do this, they will think I am weak and will kill me and you along with your entire crew. This is the only way out for both of us.”

Kianna glared at me. Her Asiatic eyes bore into me. She had both our fates in her hands.

“I do this for the well being of my crew, as we are all family in the Pik Collective!”

Kianna unzipped the top of her uniform. She revealed the magnificent piece of engineering that was her black bra. Her crew groaned at the sight of her humiliation while my crew groaned at the sight of her wondrous tits.

“Get them out of that bra!” Marella yelled.

Kianna turned her glare to my First Mate but only for a moment. She refocused her glare to me as she reached behind her. She unfastened her bra and her tit came free. Soft pale globes popped free and hung on her body like twin moons.

Both crews were silent as they admired the marvels of her tits.

I turned my amplifier back on. “Kneel,” I said.

Kianna obeyed. The glare intensified.

“Unzip me, Marella,” I said.

That took the First Mate by surprise but she recovered. I needed her to remember who was boss. She reached down and unzipped my pants and then helpfully pulled my cock free. I throbbed in her hand.

“Closer,” I told Kianna. “And hold your tits up.”

Kianna scooted forward on her knees but with a grace that was full of defiance and nobility. They train them well in the children crèches of the Pik collective. She grabbed her tits and her fingers sank into her flesh. She lifted them for me as if presenting them as prizes.

They were. They were my prizes.

“Spit on my cock,” I commanded. A member of her crew began to wail.

Kianna spit on my cock with amazing accuracy and a lot of volume. I had a feeling she could spit on me all day.

I grabbed my cock and rubbed her spit over my cock. Her eyes never stopped glaring at me.

“Fuck me with your tits, Captain,” I commanded.

The icy disapproval on her face twisted in a snarl of pure hatred. She lifted her tits and wrapped them around my cock. My communicator amplified my moan of pleasure through out the entire cargo bay. The heat of her tits was incredible and now they were wrapped around my cock.

My hands went to the back of Kianna’s head. My fingers grabbed that smooth black hair silkier than any luxury cloth. My hips surged, thrusting in and out of her ample tits.

Kianna cried out but she soon mastered herself. She glared at me as I pumped her tits faster. She frowned in disapproval as I twisted her hair in my hands. She grimaced as my cock plunged in and out of her tits.

Her crew was not so refined. I looked at them, smiling in triumph as I fucked their Captain’s tits. Half the crew wanted to kill me and the other half were terrified that they were next. Either way, they knew that I was in command and not their Captain.

I looked to my crew and saw nothing but joy. This was worth the fight that they had just endured. When this was over and Kianna’s crew and ship were still intact, no one would mind their survival. In fact, they would demand it so that our defeated foes could return home to spread the legend of what happened here.

“Marella, more lube,” I commanded.

“Aye, Captain,” my First Mate said. She took out a bottle of her personal supply of lubricant. I saw her gloating smile as she aimed the bottle at Kianna’s tits. A healthy squirt of lube splashed on Kianna’s tits. In time, her breasts were slick and shiny.

“Much better,” I said. I let go of her head and grabbed her tits myself. Kianna pulled her hands away as I squeezed her lovely breasts. Lords of Space! They were so damn soft! I pushed them tighter against my cock.

The lube had turned her tits into a slippery canyon of pleasure. They were almost too soft to get the proper sexual friction but they were so damn lovely that my cock didn’t need much more stimulation.

Kianna looked down with disgust at my cock that emerged from her shiny tits and then submerged back into them. A pink flush rose among her cheeks as the same of what was happening hit her. Earlier, she had been a Captain of a mighty warship but now she was just a prize for a lusty pirate. This was going to teach her a lesson in how to be more humble when defeated.

As for me, it was teaching me a lesson in how awesome tits were.

“I’m about to come,” I told her, and the rest of the cargo bay.

Kianna’s eyes widened in distress. I pumped faster.

My cock erupted. A geyser of seed shot from my cock. She flinched as it landed on her face. Another thrust and the seed shot high in the air and landed on her tits. Another thrust and her neck was splashed in seed.

Kianna looked at my cock in horror as load after load flew from my cock. Her tits were covered in seed and yet more seed flew from my cock.

“See?” I said. “That is why they call me Captain Blastpants.”

My crew cheered. Even Marella cracked a smile. I was popular again until the next time I fucked up.

I pulled my cock away from her tits. “All right, crew,” I said. “Get in there and take what you want. Just leave them something to get home with.”

Kianna stood up and I said nothing. When one of her crew handed her a shirt, I stopped them.

“No, your top stays off until my crew is done,” I said.

Kianna glared at me but she said nothing. Hey, even Pik Collective Captains can learn something!

Her crewman wasn’t as smart. The young man was trembling with rage. “When we get back home, The Pik Collective will send a fleet to avenge this dishonor! Your band of space scum won’t stand a chance!”

I sighed. “Marella, you want to take this one?”

My First Mate smile and pulled down her pants. The crewman gasped at the sight of her furry sex. “On your back, prisoner!” she said. “You’re going to use that tongue to apologize to me through my cunt! And if you do a poor job, I’ll use your mouth as a toilet!”

I swear, some people just don’t know how to gets their lives spared gracefully.

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  1. Okay, this was probably one of my favorites. I loved “Maybe I just thought it was cute the way she kept stating the charges against me every time she comes to arrest me.” and the exploding panel problems. Thank you!

    • Thanks! I wrote this after a long drought of not writing anything and I pleased as punch that it worked out.

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