Dec 112013

Explorer’s Log: I am currently at day nine of my thirty day journey to the star system designated “Queen’s Obedient Bedslave” by Royal Astronomers. The nutrient bay is still damaged but my supply of provisions that I gathered from the last planet is holding strong. Today I will be trying some of the fruit that my bio-scanner has told me is perfectly non-poisonous. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: You know that nothing is happening in space when all you have to report is what you are eating.

Vaquel Di sat in her dining chair nude. Her brown body was shiny with sweat from a failed masturbation session and she hadn’t bothered to get dressed. An hour with her best dildo, some lubricant and an improvised nipple clamp had produced only one tiny orgasm. She was still horny but too exhausted to do anything about it.

She knew what the problem was. Ever since she was ass fucked by savage primitives on the last planet, Vaquel had found simple masturbation to be too ordinary to excite her. She wanted the harsh thrust of an angry cock. She needed the uncertain danger of unwise sex. Vaquel had an idea that involved doing something hazardous with an engine stabilizer but it would take time to work out the adjustments. In the meantime, she decided to take a lunch break first.

The space explorer looked at the fruit she had to choose from. The green berries looked plump but she was put off by how the skin had borne a pattern that resembled some sort of arachnid. No doubt it was a camouflage meant to confuse less intelligent beings but it was also doing a good job of making this highly intelligent space explorer.

The red melon looked promising but it seemed to be of the same species of melon she had eaten yesterday and that melon required thirty minutes with a vibration blade to cute through. She wasn’t in the mood to repeat that experience. Her arms were sore already from grinding away on that dildo.

That just left four fruits the size of her palm. They were the same shade of pink as Vaquel’s short hair. The skin was thin and nature had provided a stem to let Vaquel pull and peel the fruit. After her disappointing masturbation earlier, nice and easy was just what Vaquel was looking for.

She peeled half the skin away. A strong musk came from the wet pulpy mass. Vaquel held onto the part that still had skin on it to keep her fingers from getting sticky. She took a bite.

A harsh tingling sensation assaulted her lips. Her tongue felt like a hundred angry ants were biting her.

Vaquel spit the fruit out. “Queen’s tits!” she swore. Her chin tingled as the juice dripped down from her lips.

A single drop fell and landed on her brown nipple.

“Oh!” Vaquel swore, much softer this time. The tingling on her nipple was intense. Her nipple became erect instantly. The sensation reminded her of biting, pinching and being pricked.

“Ahh,” Vaquel moaned. She wiped her chin with the back of her hand and then groaned as her hand tingled. She got up and went to the sonic hygiene station. Grabbing the sonic nozzle, she aimed it at her face and hand. The powerful sonic vibrations broke apart the juice and the tingling went away.

Her nipple still tingled. More importantly, her sex was warm and wet.

“I should really put this back into the bio scanner and see if this fruit has any long term side effects on my nervous system,” Vaquel said.

She looked at her stiff nipple.

“Fuck it,” she said.

Vaquel pressed the fruit against her other breast.

“Holy comets!” she swore. Her nipple was submerged in tingly juices. Her breast came to life as thousands of tiny bites and pinches assaulted her skin. She kept the fruit pressed against her breast until she couldn’t take any more.

Pulling the fruit away lessened the effect but it did not stop it. Her tit was enflamed with sensation. It was like being clamped. It was like being bitten. It was like being poked and pricked. It was overwhelming.

Vaquel pressed the fruit to her other breast.

“Queen’s tit!” she screamed. Now both breasts burned with feelings that Vaquel could barely comprehend. As the juices ran down her skin, more of her breasts were subjugated to the intense experience.

Vaquel collapsed back into the dining chair. She threw her head back and smeared the fruit all over her breasts. The underside of her tits was being bitten. The skin between her tits was being pricked. The tops of her tits were being pinched. Vaquel couldn’t tell if it was more pleasurable than painful or more painful than pleasurable. All she knew was that she liked it.

Her thighs opened on their own. Vaquel laughed at the foolishness of applying this fruit to her sex. The avalanche of sensation might just kill her.

Vaquel smashed the fruit against her pubic hair. She cried out as the juices attacked her sex. The juices smeared against the lips of her sex and over her sensitive little button.

“Too much! Too Much!” Vaquel cried. She pulled the fruit away but the juices were still on her. Her sex lips were pricked. Her clitoris was bitten. The insides of her sex were nibble in hundreds of places.

Vaquel trembled under the attack. Her tits ached with sensation. Her sex burned with desire.

She realized she wanted more.

Vaquel slid the fruit against her neck. The juice stung all the sensitive places on her neck.

Vaquel smeared the fruit against shoulders. The juice clawed against her delicate skin.

Vaquel smeared the fruit across both thighs. The juice needled her clenching flesh.

Vaquel let the fruit drip onto her toes. The juice nipped at her squirming toes.

Vaquel returned the fruit to her sex. The chomping biting pricking sensation doubled in strength.

She writhed in her chair. All of the most sensitive spots of her body was engulfed in painful pleasure. Only the shower would save her now and she would only do that after she climaxed. An orgasm was her only salvation now.

Vaquel grinded the fruit into her sex. Her hips buckled and twisted. She had a sudden memory of the ass fucking from the last planet. She remembered the delicious way that the savage’s cock had pushed her open.

A terrible idea came to mind. Vaquel stuck her fingers into her pussy. The juice instantly stung her fingers. She then leaned back in her dining chair and reached for her ass. Her juice covered fingers slipped into her tight little asshole.

“Queen’s tits!” Vaquel swore! The juice ate at her asshole. She pulled her finger out but the juice stayed behind. It nibbled and pricked her in places that should be left well alone.

Vaquel masturbated faster. The fruit turned into mush as she grinded it into her sex. The juices increased with intensity as the fruit was crushed. Tingling trails dripped down her ass as it leaked out of her sex.

The juices of the fruit mingled with the juices of her sex. Her clitoris was a swollen angry cyclone of pleasure. The walls of her sex were contracting in painful bliss. She was being eaten alive from the inside and all Vaquel could do was scream her joy.

“Glory to the Queen!” she cried out. An orgasm exploded within her, bringing a rush of endorphin pleasure that cancelled out the tingly pain.

But only for a second.

“Shit, shit, shit,” Vaquel swore. She jumped out of her chair on unsteady legs. The bliss was gone and now there was only the chomping of sensitive flesh that really would like to be left alone so it could nap.

Vaquel ran to her shower and activated the emergency wash function. Six nozzles emerged from the walls, ceiling and floor. Blasts of hot water engulfed her body and diluted the juice.

Vaquel stood in the shower and held her sex lips open. She could feel the lingering traces of the juice still biting and pricking at hard to reach areas. She realized that maybe masturbating with strange alien fruits was a bad idea.

“I’m just going to have to be more careful next time,” Vaquel said. She had three more fruits. She was sure that she could come up with a better application.

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  1. “Doctor, doctor, it hurts when I do it.”

    “The stop doing it.”

    “But, it feels good too.”

    “Then… oh, fuck it.”

    Wonderful little addition to my favorite space explorer.

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