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Kimberly Wei, sexual archeologist, rubbed her eyes. The symbols on the bones were starting to blur into one another. The humid air of the Brazilian rain forest plastered her long black hair to her neck and shoulders. She pulled her hair into a ponytail. That made it easier to rub her scalp and soothe some of the tension that had been building in her neck.

The tension wasn’t just in her neck. The tension originated between her thighs. The carvings of the bones that she had been studying depicted a complex rite that was obviously related to fertility. The bones were covered with tiny depictions of men and women copulating in all sorts of flexible positions. Kimberly had spent the last six hours looking at sexual acts that she wasn’t sure were physically impossible. It was turning her on and making her thighs damper than the rain forest. The men especially seemed to be enormously endowed.

That wasn’t unusual. Ancient people might draw a human figure as simply as a stick figure but they would draw genitals with the descriptive enthusiasm of a teenager. Kimberly would know for she was an archeologist with a specialty in sexual customs. Archeology tended to ignore anything that was the least bit lewd as museums don’t like to show exhibits that are mostly cock and pussy. Kimberly had made it her career to examine and study what most archeologists stuff into a brown box.

The light in her lamp dimmed for a moment and plunged the tent into darkness. The light came back on but it was worrying. Kimberly and her assistant were deep in the Brazilian Rain forest and a supply run for batteries would take days. They were only on day three of the dig and Kimberly didn’t want to spare a moment from her discoveries. She could send Gerald by himself but she doubted he could find his way. He was an excellent student of archeology but he had the direction sense of a drunk chicken.

Kimberly returned her attention to the bones. The one she was studying was confusing. There were no women depicted but there were a lot of men. Some men had small cocks while others had large cocks. The large cock men also had the head of cats which might depict spirits or holy men.

She turned the bone over. The carvings seemed odd until she realized that the entire bone was depicting a cock. Weird ridges and strange bumps decorated the bone. It looked familiar somehow.

“Oh wait,” Kimberly said out loud. She liked to talk to herself out loud so she could have an intelligent conversation. “This looks like that stone that I found earlier.” It had been found among the bones. She had Gerald working on cleaning it up.

Kimberly wondered if Gerald was still awake. More importantly, she wondered if he had finished cleaning the stone phallus. It wouldn’t hurt to check in on his tent and find out. She wanted a good look at the phallus so she could picture it when she masturbated before sleeping.

She left her tent. The camp fire was still burning. The sounds of the forest embraced and surrounded her. There was so much life out there in the trees.

The light was off in Gerald’s tent. Kimberly unzipped the front flap and stuck her head inside. “Gerald? Are you awake?”

A shape leaped at her. She was tackled to the ground. Kimberly lifted her knee twice into her attacker’s groin and slammed her elbow into their face. The attacker didn’t budge.

The creature growled and the camp fire illuminated the monster. A jaguar head stared down at her but powerful human hands gripped her shoulders. Something large and heavy slammed against her thighs and she looked down. The large heavy thing was the beast’s cock.

Kimberly slammed her knee into the cock. The beast howled and stood up. Kimberly scooted backwards on her back and rolled onto her feet. She was an archeologist; this wasn’t her first midnight attack by a strange monster. Whatever this was, she would deal with it.

She got her first look at the monstrosity. Jaguar head, human body and monster cock were the most obvious traits. Less obvious was the boxers that the giant cock had burst through. Even less was the compass hanging on a chain around the neck of the creature. The scar on the chest was the final clue. It was the same scar that her assistant had when those Creationists threw a brick at them in Tennessee. This monster was Gerald!

“Good boy,” Kimberly said softly.

The monster roared. Its cock throbbed and bounced between his legs.

“Very good boy?” Kimberly tried.

The beast took a step forward and claws extended from his fingers.

There was a shotgun in her pack. It was back in her tent and she would have to get by the jaguar monster to get it, but she would if she had to. Before she resorted to that though, she had to give Gerald one more chance to take control of whatever had happened to him. She needed to appeal to him personally.

“Gerald, you are my best assistant,” she said.

The creature took another step closer. He bared his teeth which suddenly had a lot more canines.

“Gerald, you really don’t want to rape and kill me,” she said.

The creature roared and his cock stood fully erect.

Kimberly shook her head. She was going about this wrong. She didn’t need to appeal to his humanity. She needed to appeal to the beast in him.

“Would you like to look at my tits?” Kimberly asked.

The creature stopped in its tracks.

“I know you have been looking at them,” Kimberly said. Her hands cupped her tits. “The sweatier I get, the more you stare at my chest. You are not very subtle, you know, but just this once, I’ll let you get a peek. Would you like that?”

“Yessss,” the monster snarled.

Kimberly nodded and reached for the bottom of her shirt. In one fluid motion, she pulled it over her head and tossed it aside. Her tits hung snugly in her sports bra.

“Come closer and I will take my bra off,” Kimberly said.

The creature walked towards her. The claws retracted. The beast’s nose was twitching as he walked and Kimberly hoped that he wasn’t smelling the musk between her legs.

The beast was a foot away from her when she reached for her bra. Kimberly pulled on the bottom of her bra and let her brown breasts flop out. The beast purred as her firm tits were revealed. She tossed the bra to the side.

“Would you like to kiss them?” Kimberly asked. “Only kiss, no hands” she said.

The creature was enough of her assistant to obey her. The monster dipped his head down and his long feline tongue came out. Rough sandpaper licked her hard nipple.

Kimberly shivered. A fresh surge of arousal between her legs gave her ideas.

She reached out and grabbed the beast’s cock. She couldn’t even get her fingers around it.

The beast purred.

“You can kiss me again,” Kimberly said.

The creature licked her other nipple. Rough sandpaper brushed against her breast and lifted it.

Kimberly stroked the beast’s cock. The air was humid and moisture was already clinging to the cock. Her hand glided all the way up to the tip of his enormous phallus.

The creature purred and licked faster. The rasping tongue was all over her tits. It scraped and tasted the top of her tits, the bottom of her tits and the sweaty canyon between them.

Kimberly stroked faster. She used both hands and was able to encircle the cock. She slid her hands all the way down to the enormous ball sack.

The creature purred louder. It bent down and opened its jaws wide.

“No teeth!” Kimberly snapped.

The monster’s ears flattened and its mouth closed. It resumed licking. The rough tongue flicked back and forth between her hard nipples.

Kimberly’s archeologist mind studied the beast. It bore a striking resemblance to the cat creatures in the bones. Maybe the phallus that Gerald was cleaning was some sort of fertility artifact. Perhaps the ancient people had used the item as a sort of male aphrodisiac. It certainly cured her shy assistant of his inhibitions.

She looked down at the giant cock in her hands. Kimberly tried to imagine the primitive woman that could take such a cock. Maybe there was an artifact for the women to use.

The monster purred and Kimberly stopped her speculation. The creature was breathing hard and leaning against her. It buried its face in her long black hair and was sniffing her neck.

Kimberly stroked faster. Her hands tightened around the enormous phallus. She stroked him from base to tip with a quickening speed.

The beast roared. Seed erupted from the monster’s cock and splattered Kimberly’s shorts. Enough seed to fill a bucket poured forth.

Then the beast bit down. Without warning, it clamped onto her shoulder. Pain blossomed from the numerous sharp teeth and Kimberly worried that the monster would crack her shoulder with the power of its bite.

Steam poured off the monster. Kimberly felt difference in mass as the monster reverted back to a human shape. The pressure of the teeth subsided to the pressure of a normal bite until it was just a limp Gerald biting on her shoulder.

“Enough of that,” Kimberly said. She shook the seed from her hands and gently pushed Gerald back. He collapsed to the ground. A loud snore came from his open mouth.

Kimberly shook her head. That was her Gerald. There was many a night that she had heard him jacking off in his tent followed shortly by the sound of snoring. That was why she knew the best way to beast the beast was to simply get it off. The trick was making him settle for a handjob instead of a pelvis destroying fuck.

“Good thing I am a sex archeologist,” she said.

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