Dec 042013

The wind nearly pushed my car off the road. The rain wasn’t pouring as much as it was tumbling from the heavens like a waterfall. The radio told me that Hurricane Jeanette wasn’t due to make landfall for another hour but the sky disagreed. This was going to be a bad one.

I shouldn’t even be on the road but I had a party to go to. Every fall during the first really bad hurricane, the residents of Mermaid Island gather together for the biggest party of the year. It was a hurricane party; a chance to get drunk with friends and fuck the hell out of your neighbors in case we don’t make it to tomorrow.

The wind gusted and this time I did go off the road. I looked over the dune to see the followers of the Drowning Wave gathering at the beach. The crazy fuckers might just get their watery apocalypse this year.

I steered the car back onto the road. This was going to be a bad one and maybe I should go home. Ha. Fuck that. I had an orgy to go to and I wasn’t going to miss it.

It wasn’t the orgy I wanted. It was Patti. I knew she would be there and that was enough to drive through a hell of wind and water.

I pulled into Henderson’s driveway. There were a lot of other cars. This might be the biggest hurricane party yet. Maybe everyone understood that this storm was going to be bad. Better to die in a smother pile of humping bodies than alone in a bathtub.

The rain was even worse when I got out of the car. It soaked me in an instant. I grabbed the case of beer and forced my way to the front door of the house.

The wind pushed me back. Fuck it. No hurricane was keeping me from Patti.

I made it to the door. The wind never stood a chance.

Cheryl opened the door. She was topless and her glorious giant breasts were on full display. The sight of those lovely tits would be worth the trip alone.

“Glen, you made it!” Cheryl said. “Your clothes are dripping!”

“I better get out of them then,” I said.

Cheryl laughed and took my beer. “Maybe this year I’ll finally get you between my legs,” she said.

I smiled as I took off my shirt. There would be a line. Cheryl’s tits were never alone for long at this party.

“I’ll take you up on that,” I lied.

“Sure you will,” Cheryl said, not believing me for a minute. “Patti’s already here.”

I pulled my pants off and left my boxers on. I was going to play it cool this year. I was going to walk casually by here and pretend to notice her. I’ll ask about her asshole son and pretend to watch the orgy. I’ll let her make the first move so it won’t seem like I have counted the days until hurricane season.

I went into the living room. It was a sweaty beautiful mess. Seashell Steve was getting his cock sucked by a young blonde that I hadn’t seen before. My favorite waitress at the Fish Shack, Victoria, was getting fucked on both ends by the Micco brothers. I waved to the town librarian as she gave a hand job to a convenience store clerk. The sound of sex almost drowned out the sound of the rain on the windows. Almost.

Patti was by the window. Long brown hair with streaks of the sun hung over her bare back. Tight red panties clung within the lines of her tan.

In the moment I thought about stupid it was that we weren’t together. So what if she smoked a little too much pot? So what if I gambled too much money? Maybe I should learn to like her asshole son. Maybe she could learn to put up with my loud friends that never leave. Maybe we could be a couple and fuck every night.

No. We would hate each other. This way, we would never loose the best nights of our life.

She turned and smiled at me.

The plan was forgotten. I went to her and kissed her. She giggled when I took her into my arm but she moaned when I stole her breath. I crushed her to me; my hands gripping her ass while I pull her breasts to my chest.

The wind slammed into the house. The orgy paused. We kept kissing.

“Hey,” Patti said when I finally let go of her lips.

“Hey,” I said.

“It looks like a bad one,” she said.

“Might be the worse,” I said.

“Then we better hurry,” she said.

My cock, trapped between our bodies, answered with a pulse.

I kissed her shoulder. She trembled in my arms. My hands clenched her ass and lifted her lightly. She squealed and giggled. I let her go and dipped my head down to her little pale breast nipple tucked between a triangle of tan lines. I kissed her nipple and Patti gasped.

Either I knew how to play her body perfectly, or a year of waiting made everything I did magic. Either was good enough for me.

The rain smacked into the windows like a hundred angry tapping fingers. I kissed Patti’s nipple and she dug groves into my back with her nails.

The wind roared outside. I went to Patti’s other nipple. My tongue flickered over her nipple while she pulled me tighter to her chest.

A woman screamed a long shuddering climax. Someone else clapped. I kept sucking Patti’s nipple.

“Fuck,” Patti whispered. She pushed me away and leaned against the wall. Her eyes locked on mine and she hooked her fingers around her panties. I smiled as she pulled them down to her ankles. She kicked her panties into the orgy. Bob the lawyer grabbed them out of the air and put them in his mouth.

The wind howled outside. I knelt before Patti. The bush of her pussy glistened with her need. Her fingers returned to my hair and she pulled me to her.

I opened my mouth and breathed in her pussy. I sealed my mouth over her sex and licked. The rain had soaked me earlier but it was nowhere near as wet what I licked between Patti’s legs.

“Fuck!” Patti said. Someone laughed and others joined in. I kept licking.

The rain came down harder. It wasn’t hitting the roof, it was hitting the walls. The rain was trying to batter down the walls and it was getting louder by the second.

I didn’t care. I kept licking. I devoured the pussy of the girl I longed for all winter, kept an eye out for during the spring and then silently admired during the summer. If the walls collapsed and the Drowning Wave really did come, then I would die with the taste of her pussy on my tongue.

I spent eternity between her thighs but when she climaxed, it was too soon. Her fingers tightened in my hair, her pelvis fucked my face and her trembles warmed my body. She pushed my face away and I fought the urge to dive back in.

Patti pulled me to my feet and kissed my wet lips. “You, you, you,” she whispered and I understood.

I thought about asking her to go on a date with me. Her eyes told me that she would say yes.

“Fuck yeah!” someone yelled. We turned and saw Dr. Harris fucking Cheryl missionary style. Like I suspected, there were three other guys waiting their turn.

“Fuck me,” Patti said.

“Always,” I said.

She turned around and leaned against the window. She braced her tanned leg and lifted her ass towards me. I yanked my boxers down and aimed my cock between her legs.

My cock slid into the pussy that I had just eaten. Patti clenched around me and this time I groaned.

We saw something large and white tumble down the road. It might have been a sign or maybe someone’s roof.

Patti grinded against me. “Fuck me before the storm takes us,” she said.

I didn’t need a reason. I grabbed her hips and fucked. Patti threw her head back and a wave of hair flew against my face.

Outside, a wave of water splashed over a dune. I fucked Patti faster.

Behind us, people moaned as they indulged in bucket list fantasies. Patti clenched tighter around my cock.

Outside, a lawn chair flew through the air. It tumbled and spun down the road, never touching the ground. I fucked Patti harder.

Behind us, someone screamed an orgasm but it wasn’t as loud as the wind outside. Patti undulated against my cock.

Patti looked over her shoulder at me. I thought about how much I wanted to see that face every morning. I fucked Patti a little slower.

CRACK! Something blew louder than thunder and the power went out. We were plunged into darkness. The sound of sex suddenly stopped. Patti reached between her legs and stroked herself.

The sound of sex resumed around us. I fucked Patti deeper. Patti whimpered as she climaxed.

Something hard thumped into the wall from outside. My heart was racing. This really might be the storm to kill us all. Well, it could have me. I would never be happier than I was inside Patti.

I came. My cock unleashed a storm of seed inside Patti. She squeezed and clenched all I had from my cock.

My cock slipped out of Patti. She turned and leaned against me. We stumbled our way through writhing bodies to an empty couch. Our bodies collapsed into a melting pool of us.

Someone lit candles. Flickering light revealed people tangled in one another. Patti leaned against me and as we watched a very flexible surf instructor take three cocks at the same time.

“You really gamble too much,” Patti said. “That would drive me crazy.”

I laughed. The thought of us dating seemed really stupid now in the afterglow. “I am really not crazy about your pot smoking,” I said.

She laughed. “That would get old fast,” she said.

The rain pounded the walls of the house. The sound was deafening. Patti’s head slid down my chest and ended up in my lap. She took my limp cock in her mouth and my body surged back to life. It was too soon but her mouth was going to do the impossible.

Dating seemed like a good idea again.

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