Dec 302013

Demony!Your Naughty Playmate 2 – Succubus Fantasy was written by Amanda Clover. It is a Choose-your-own-erotica type story where you play a husband who finds the right magic book. You can summon a succubus and make her do naughty things at the risk of losing your life and soul.

This was a fabulous entry into the choose-your-own genre. There is a risk of failure in the book that gives the thrill of accomplishment in your decisions. A lot of interactive erotica simply gives you choices of sex which can be quite dull. Risk creates reward and reward is fun.

I was very impressed with the wide arrange of choices in this book. I was expecting it to jump straight to summoning a succubus, but there are other possible erotic encounters as well. You can have sex with your wife, your best friend’ wife and through some clever writing, your choice of celebrity sex. The choice path is so expansive that it creates the illusion of freedom which is very difficult in these kinds of books.

And may I just say that the writer is smart enough to break down the sex into choices too. I have seen too many interactive erotica where the only choice is who you have sex with as opposed to how you have sex with them. This book lets you get a sex scene that plays like you want it to play.

Well, unless it ends with you losing your soul and dying but hey, these things happen.

I give it Five out Five Pam Griers.


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