Dec 022013

Attention all people and slaves of Euphoria! Queen Erishella was cruelly betrayed today by a cosmetic slave who was armed with a flawed mirror. The mirror had somehow been altered to reflect that the Queen had gained some weight around her hips. Scientists are currently studying the mirror to determine how the traitorous slave was able to sabotage the mirror while interrogators are busy making the slave confess her foul deed.

Realizing how insidious her enemies were, Queen Erishella came to the understanding of how lucky her people were to have such a resilient and shapely ruler. To help her people understand how fortunate they are, the Queen is declaring a Day of Thanks for Their Queen.

To celebrate Day of Thanks for Our Queen, the people of Euphoria are suggested to spend the day composing tributes, whether it is poems, paintings or performance strip dances.  These tributes shall be sent via trans-mail to the Royal Postal Office where Royal Assessors will determine whether you accurately conveyed your appropriate level of appreciation.  An elite cadre of Queen’s Whips shall visit you if you need help improving your tribute of thanks.

Queen Erishella would like to remind her subjects that lately she prefers tan lines, muscular backs and people who praise her perfect body. Please remember these details when you are thinking of how grateful you are to have a lovely protective Queen and you are not a prisoner working in a mine that has radioactive diamonds.

  One Response to “Day of Thanks For Their Queen”

  1. There was this lovely story in Analog that started off with “To the citizens of Oz. I am now known as Glendia, the Good Witch of the North. Anyone who forgets shall be flogged.” Now, that’s a paraphase, but it reminds me of this.

    I wonder how the elite cadre would handle inappropriate levels of appreciation. :)

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