Dec 062013

I squeeze Kelly to me and her moan is like the opening of a vault door to the endless treasures of her body. My hands cup breasts too large to hold. My hips grind against an ass abundant and soft. I am encompassed by loving arms that bury me into the wealth of her love.

We go to the bed and I dive into her body. Her body is a pleasure trove and I am so greedy. I bite large breasts that I want to fuck. I fuck a deep pussy that I want to eat. I kiss a soft neck that I want to bite. I fuck a plump ass that I want to spank. I bury my face in endless hair that I want to pull. There is no end to the joys in her body yet I try to take it all.

I empty myself into her mouth but next I swear it will be her ass, or maybe her tits, or maybe her face or maybe her hands or maybe her pussy. My body falls into the warmth of her embrace as I dream of next time.

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