Nov 252013

DelightLogoAre you spending this Thanksgiving away from parents and kids? Or you are enjoying a nice day off with your fellow adults? Or are you alone this holiday for reasons too sad to even think of? Well don’t worry! The Delight Channel has you covered with our special holiday programming!

9am EST – Catch the Annual Exhibitionist Thanksgiving Parade held at the center lane of Eros University! Watch as sexually uninhibited college students design and man some of the world’s kinkiest floats. Be sure to catch Mrs. Claus and her special human reindeer slaves!

12pm EST – A Step Family Thanksgiving. In the Step Family, no one is a blood relation to any other member AND every one is over the age of twenty-one for some good wholesome legal family fun! Mom and Dad along with eldest daughter, Ashley, middle son and football player, Chris and youngest daughter, Jessica spend a warm holiday together and learn something about being thankful. Also starring Aunt Molly and Uncle George!

2pm EST – Bouncing Cocks vs Flying Tits. Why watch a boring football game when you can catch a special naked co-ed Grope Football game? Halftime entertainment provided by Lady Clit.

5pm EST – History of the American Swinger Party. At this point you are sick to death of history shows with pilgrims and Native Americans. It all ends in smallpox and broken treaties. Watch something with happier endings as noted sexual scientist, Dr. Otto Von Madd guides you through an oral history of swingers in America!

7pm EST – Birchwood Academy Pet Show. For the first time, this annual event of the world’s most exclusive BDSM club will be televised! Watch as sex slaves are paraded, made to perform tricks and present themselves before a panel of picky judges. Commentary will be provided by Larry Carver and three time Sex Pet Champion Owner, Countess Katherine Ellison.

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