Nov 182013

naughty-nurse-danica-sets-your-pulse-racing4I have survived Stomach Virus 2013! Sexy nurses that may only exist in my mind have nursed me back to health! I lost six pounds but I highly do not recommend the the Poop-Everything-You-Eat diet.

I accomplished so terribly little during my sick period. I didn’t write, I barely did house chores and I barely summoned the energy to be mad at the internet. I feel like one of those alien abductees who suffer lost time syndrome. I even have the sore ass.

One bright spot was that I found a wonderful webcomic that summarizes episodes of X-Files.  Set aside the rest of your day and read through the archives of Monster of the Week while I get some porn ready for you.

Regular posting will resume with a new story on Wednesday.

  2 Responses to “Quarantine Has Been Lifted!”

  1. Awesome, glad you are once again among the rectally stable! :)

  2. Welcome back, glad you’re feeling better ^^

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