Nov 272013

The feral was on the back porch rail when I came down this morning. Her thighs were spread wide and her fingers working hard at her hairy sex. Long dirty red hair fell over full breasts on a chest that was breathing hard. The morning sun defined the muscles on her lean body.

I didn’t make eye contact. The glass doors in my kitchen exposed her to me but I have learned that looking right at her will scare her off. I put a bagel in the toaster and then went to the fridge to grab an egg. I put the bacon in the microwave. I turned the burner under the egg pan on. Every motion I made was to show I wasn’t interested in her.

She got off the rail and came to the glass door. Breasts swung as she crawled across the porch. Fallen leaves cracked under her hands and knees. She pressed her face against the glass door.

I checked the clock. At first I thought I had been running late this morning but no, I was on time. She just must be hungry.

The microwave beeped and the bacon was done. I put some butter in the egg pan and watched it foam. I added the egg and retrieved the bacon from the microwave. I grabbed the multigrain mix box and went to the glass doors.

The feral got up and ran to the bottom of the steps. Hmm, usually she runs under the porch.

“Good morning, pretty girl,” I said. She didn’t answer. She just stared at me with those mistrusting eyes. There was a new scratch on her face. She must have gotten into a fight last night. Some other feral didn’t respect her territory.

I poured the mix into her plate on the porch. The bacon went on top. I glanced at the feral and she came to the top of the stairs. She was stroking herself again.

Ah, it must be that time again.

I went back inside. As soon as the glass door clicked behind me, the feral was back on the porch. She bent over the plate and scarfed down the bacon. I retrieved my egg from the pan as the bagel popped up. I took my breakfast to the living room so she couldn’t see me.

After breakfast, I peeked out the back window. The feral was gone. I went outside and checked her water bowl. I took it to the garden hose and refilled it.

I checked under the porch and the feral wasn’t there. I checked the sleeping bag that I leave under there and saw that it didn’t have any new holes. It was getting colder so I would have to leave out some extra blankets soon.

A blonde feral peeked over the fence. I stayed still and let her look at me. She had a black eye and I bet I knew who gave it to her. I hoped she stayed away. She looked small and she would get hurt if she hung around.

I went to work and worried about work things for while. I talked a little too long to the girl at the front desk and I think things got a little awkward. I promised myself to avoid her for a few days so she wouldn’t think I was bothering her.

The feral was on my front porch when I got home. She ran into the back yard as soon as I pulled up. I knew better than to call after her.

The bottom of the door had a stain where she had pissed on it. I smiled. It would be the closest I ever came to an acknowledgement from her that she liked it here. Or, it was just that time again.

I went inside and she was on the back porch. She had her ass pressed against the glass door. Back and forth her ass rubbed against the glass.

There was no doubt; it was that time again.

I debated eating first. Ideally I should wait for night or else my neighbor, Ms. Sterling would be watching from her upstairs window. Christ, I don’t watch her when she gets humped by her feral; you’d think she would have more discretion.

The feral reached between her legs and started stroking herself.

Fuck waiting for dark. I kicked off my shoes and took off my pants. I went into the garage and grabbed the tarp. I came to the glass door and opened it.

The feral went to the other side of the porch but she didn’t even go down the stairs this time. She kept stroking herself.

I laid out the tarp and she crawled over. Lovely hips swayed while lovelier breasts swung. She crawled to me and gingerly reached for my cock.

She touched it and her fingers curled tight around it. I winced but I knew better than to make any loud noises. She opened her dirty lips and took me into her mouth.

Fuck, that felt good. I have no idea why ferals have to taste you first. Maybe they want to be sure they don’t taste other ferals. I didn’t care. Her mouth was wonderful.

I reached down and touched one of her breasts. She kept sucking. My fingers squeezed those lovely tits that I rarely got to touch. I squeezed them gently or else I would spook her.

The feral stopped sucking me abruptly. She took my cock out of her mouth and looked out to the fence. I think she heard something. I looked but I didn’t see anyone.

Satisfied, the feral got on her hands and knees. She lifted her ass to me. Soft moans came from her mouth, gibberish whispers of desire.

I knelt behind her and pushed my cock into her. Once again I went back into that wild pussy. She was wet and tight and hairy and ready and wanting.

She grinded against me. I started to fuck her but she had her own pace. She was obeying the needs of her body and her needs were fast and hard. She shook her head and red hair went flying.

I grabbed her hips and held on. She slammed back into me. Her ass was a machine that used me.

A blonde head peeked over the far fence. I prayed that the feral wouldn’t see her.

The feral reached between her legs and stroked herself. I marveled at her coordination of stroking and grinding. Living in the wild had made her lean and efficient.

A glint of light told me that Ms. Sterling’s was watching from her window. I ignored her rudeness.

The feral screamed. I felt her orgasm a moment later as her pussy clenched tightly around me. Her humping faltered and slowed down.

I picked up her slack. I slammed into her. My hips were tender but I rammed into her. The feral lowered herself so that her head was pressed against the tarp and her ass was high in the air.

She screamed again. Somewhere in the neighborhood, another feral answered with a scream of her own.

I responded with my climax. My cock pumped my seed into her clenching pussy. Not for the first time, I was glad that I had myself fixed. I didn’t want to look out the door and see a feral with my face running over the fence.

My grip loosened around her hips. The feral purred and rolled over onto her back. She stroked herself a few more times, taking my seed and tasting it for herself.

I saw the blonde feral was gone. I could only assume that Ms. Sterling was done watching as well. I felt a little self conscious and went back inside.

The feral was already napping on the tarp when I finished putting my clothes back on.

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  1. I absolutely and utterly love this one. The entire idea of the feral, the responses from both of them. I want to marry this story… well, just mount its face. Thank you!

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