Nov 202013

“Spank me,” she whispered.

I looked to see if her husband had heard her. No, he was powdering his fingers for the bowling ball.

I looked to see if my wife was still in the restroom. She was.

“Spank me,” she whispered again.

My face grew hot. My lips were tight to keep from smiling. My cock throbbed and my hand curled to hold the paddle that I hadn’t held for way too long.

Her husband lined up his shot. One step, two steps and three. His arm came down and released the ball before continuing on the follow through. His form was perfect. It was the result of far too many nights spent practicing instead of spanking his kinky wife. The ball went rocketing down the alley

“Spank me, hard,” she whispered. A low whine entered her voice. It was the same whine from the time I spanked her oh so long ago.

The ball smashed into the pins. Two were left standing.

“Fuck!” her husband yelled.

“Oh!” I yelled with sympathy I did not feel.

He went back to the ball return. She was quiet beside me. He said something about angles that I didn’t hear.

I thought of her ass. I remembered the whistle of the paddle through the air. The sound of her ass being paddled still echoed through my greatest fantasies when I am alone in the shower with my cock in hand.

Her husband picked up the ball. He took careful aim. He was in his own world.

“Spank me,” she whispered again. Her hand went to my knee and she squeezed. It reminded me of how tight she was after her spanking. It was almost as tight as her mouth when she sucked me off.

Her husband began his approach. One step, two steps, and three. His arm came down and released the ball before continuing on the follow through.

The ball shot down the alley.

“Spank me and do whatever you want,” she whispered. “I can take it.”

And I knew that I could leave work early on Wednesday. I knew that she could be waiting for me in the thong color of my choice. I knew that I could spank her even harder than last time and her husband would never know because he dreamed of balls and pins. I knew my wife would never suspect because her husband was a nice man who did what he was told. I knew I could have this if I wanted.

The ball hit the remaining pins. Her husband cheered. He was so damn happy.

“Wear black,” I said to her.

  4 Responses to “Fiction: Spank Me”

  1. I really liked this, it felt quite real

    • Thank you. Some times I like to stretch my limits and write about something that can actually happen.

  2. Oh, very yummy. I agree, it was a very real story.

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