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Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the star system designated “Queen’s Favorite Knife” by Royal Astronomers. Three of the planets are barren but rich in minerals. One planet however has life. It is teeming with bio signs but has no signs of intelligent races. I will disembark and forage for food to augment the damaged nutrient bay. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I was able to get the nutrient bay working again but it can only produce raw algae. I know that the algae provides all the nutrition my body needs but fuck, at least the dispenser could disguise the alga by making it taste like other things. I am going down to that planet and eating the fuck out of anything I find.

Vaquel Di huddled behind the tree. Her skintight green spacesuit clung to every curve and helped her blend in with the green foliage. She had taken her space helmet off long ago so that she could use the targeting scope on her laser rifle. The air was hot and humid and her pink hair stuck to her brown forehead.

The tree had a white symbol on it. That bothered her. Almost every tree has some sort of symbol on it, painted with some kind of berry juice. It meant that an intelligent species was present on the planet but damn if Vaquel had seen any.

Ahead of her was some sort of large carnivore. It was twice as tall her as her with claws the size of her biggest vibrators. It drank from a stream. It walked on six legs and Vaquel’s mouth watered at the thought of the meat on those bones. It had been years since her field training on how to skin and cook an animal but hunger was a good motivator.

She lifted her laser rifle to take aim. She looked down the targeting scope. Her stomach growled and she ignored it. She took a breath, thought of smoked meat and squeezed the trigger.

BZZT! A flash of light was followed by a smoking hole in the carnivore’s head. The beast paused in its drinking and then all six legs collapsed. It was a perfect kill.

“Praise the Queen!” Vaquel said. After weeks of eating raw algae paste, the thought of eating greasy meat made her sigh with religious fervor. She would set aside a cut of meat in honor of her Queen tonight.

Vaquel stood up and approached the kill. She pressed a button and her rifle compressed small enough to fit on her belt. She took out her vibration knife wondered where she should cut first.

“Stop!” voices cried out in archaic Tahoma.

Vaquel spun around. There was movement all around her. Shapes broke away from trees, bushes and the grass. There were at least thirty male humanoids surrounding her, each of them at least ten feet tall. Mud and leaves stuck to their naked bodies; forming a camouflage that was better than Vaquel had ever seen.

“You have slain the Guto without making an offering,” one of them said. His sharp teeth sparkled in the daylight.

“You have slain the Guto without giving thanks to his ancestors,” another said. Muscles rippled across his body as he pulled out a giant sword from a strap on his back.

“You have slain the Guto without making your mark on the Slaying Tree,” another said. His naked cock throbbed in rage.

“Hold on!” Vaquel yelled. She gripped her knife in her hand. They didn’t seem to have any advanced weaponry but there were an awful fucking lot of them. Even with her vibration blade, laser rifle and disemboweler grenades, the odds were that these savages would kill her.

Shit, she was going to have to be diplomatic with these primitives.

“I am sorry for violating your traditions,” Vaquel said.

More emerged from hiding. Fuck, now there were at least thirty of them.

“I am a stranger to your ways,” Vaquel said. The savages came closer. They were almost within arm’s reach. They had a lot of teeth.

“But I was starving” Vaquel said. Her hand went to her belt and pulled out her emergency supply of shiny beads. “Look, pretty colors! Take one in trade for this kill!”

The primitives shook their heads and muttered. “The Guto spirit has no need for pretty things!” the tallest among them said.

“Okay!” Vaquel yelled. At least they were still talking. “What about a nice new knife? Huh?”

The men muttered some more. The tallest once more answered. “The Guto has it’s own knife in it’s claws! The Guto only want respect and proper rituals!”

Vaquel’s stomach growled and she could still taste the algae in her mouth. Her temper frayed and she snapped, “Look, my ass was hungry! It was either the Guto’s ass or mine and I choose mine!”

The savages snarled and brandished their weapons. Vaquel reached for her grenades. One press of the button and everyone in the area was going to have a lot of shrapnel. If she was going to die, these fucks were coming with her.

“Hold!” the Tallest said. “The Outsider has made her offer. She will use the Guto to feed her ass, so it is her ass that must please the Guto!”

“Ass! Ass! Ass!” the savages chanted.

Vaquel kept her finger on her grenade satchel. There was certainly a language barrier between them so she wasn’t sure just what kind of a trade this was.

“Owsa!” the Tallest yelled. A shorter primitive pushed his way through the crowd. He may have been short but he was still at least eight feet tall. Vaquel thought that he was wearing a club between his clubs but she soon realized that it was his cock.

“Owsa, you are of the Guto Clan,” the Tallest said. “You shall take the ass of the Outsider and accept her offering on behalf of the Guto spirit!”

“I will be honored!” Owsa said. He started to stroke his cock furiously.

Vaquel laughed and took her hand off the grenade satchel. Shit, all she wanted was some meals for a few days but now she was getting fucked too. That was what she called dessert.

“You!” the Tallest said to another savage. “Present the offering!”

The savage smiled and got down on his hands and knees. Other savages took Vaquel by the arms and pulled her towards the kneeling humanoid. They bent her over his back. Her arm and feet dangled from his back.

Vaquel felt the primitives tugging at her spacesuit. She reached under herself and pressed a button. The spacesuit below her waist retracted into her belt. Her brown ass and legs were revealed to everyone.

Owsa stepped behind her and spit onto her ass. Vaquel tried to lift her pussy to him but he ignored her wet sex. He spit onto her asshole and spread her buttcheeks.

“Oh shit,” Vaquel thought. These primitives were being literal about her ass.

“Great Guto!” Owsa yelled. “Please accept this offering!”

“Yes, please!” Vaquel yelled.

Vaquel felt the tip of Owsa’s cock press against the tight ring of her asshole. The spit aided he pushed her open but it wasn’t enough. He was huge and Vaquel wondered if she could take him. She gripped the back of the primitive that she was bent over and held on tight.

“Ass! Ass! Ass!” the savages chanted.

Owsa kept pushing. Vaquel’s ass stretched to accept the head of his cock. The cock kept pushing and Vaquel felt herself expand to take him.

“Ass! Ass! Ass!” the savages chanted.

Vaquel’s fingers buried themselves in the back of the savage she was on. The humanoid grunted but he didn’t complain. Vaquel’s ass burned and stretched and screamed and expanded as more of Owsa’s cock filled her.

“Fuck!” Vaquel screamed.

“Ass! Ass! Ass!” the savages chanted.

Owsa stopped pushing. Impossibly, his large cock was inside her ass. Vaquel felt like she had been split open. She forgot about algae, fresh meat and her growling stomach. Her entire focus was on the tremendous cock inside her and how wet that made her neglected pussy.

“Ass! Ass! Ass!” the savages chanted.

Owsa pulled a little out and then pushed back in. Vaquel cried out. He pulled halfway out and pushed back in. Vaquel trembled. He pulled almost all the way out and then pushed all the way back in. Vaquel’s eyes clenched in pleasure.

“Ass! Ass! Ass!” the savages chanted.

Vaquel reached under herself and found her clitoris. As Owsa invaded her tight ass, Vaquel’s nimble fingers gave herself the attention she needed. With each stroke of her tingling clitoris, her ass seemed to take more and more of Owsa’s cock.

“Ass! Ass! Ass!” the savages chanted.

Owsa pounded her ass. The primitive that supported Vaquel’s body was rocking from the thrusts. Vaquel stroked herself faster. Sweat dripped from her face and onto the jungle ground below.

“Ass! Ass! Ass!” the savages chanted.

Vaquel climaxed. “Glory to the Queen!” she cried.

“Ass! Ass! Ass!” the savages chanted.

Owsa grunted and Vaquel felt a flood of seed fill her ass. The seed was too much for her tight ass and she felt it spilling out. Owsa pulled out of her ass and assembled savages applauded his climax.

Gentle hands lifted Vaquel from the back of the kneeling primitive. The savages set Vaquel down on the ground and she winced as her sore ass took the weight of her body.

“You have satisfied the Guto spirits,” the Tallest said. “Never neglect the rituals again!”

Vaquel was high on her afterglow. She smiled dumbly and nodded.

The savages stepped away and blended back into the forest. Within seconds, Vaquel couldn’t see any of them. She had no idea if they had left or if they were still watching her.

“I better get out of here,” Vaquel said. She stood up and walked funny over to the corpse of the Guto. She slapped an anti-gravity disc on it and the corpse hovered into the air. She gave it a push back towards where she had parked her spaceship.

“I just hoped those fuckers don’t find out about the fruit I picked earlier,” she said. She didn’t think her ass could take another offering.

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  1. Love the last line there. A wonderful addition to her adventures.

    This made me think of Galaxy Quest though. :)

    • Hmm, I am drawing a blank which is weird because Galaxy Quest is my 2nd favorite Star Trek movie. What part?

      • “Gornak! Gornak! Gornak!”

        “Hit the translator.”

        “Rock!” “Rock!” “Rock!”

        Imagine all those minor-looking miners yelling “ass, ass, ass”. :)

        I’m working on my Craft Disturbing Images feat.

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