Oct 282013

Although witches are by their nature experts in the field of sexual pleasure, one must take care not to engage in sex with a witch on a Halloween night under a full moon. Doing so will result in becoming Witchfucked.

The Witchfucked go about their normal lives until the next Halloween night where they will lose control of their body and soul. They become slaves of the witch that they have fucked and bound to serve them until dawn.

The Witchrfucked are cursed even onto death. They will rise from their grave to serve their witch mistress. If cremated, their very spirit will be called forth and serve in ectoplasmic bondage.

Some witches are powerful enough to summon the Witchfucked of other witches. If the previous witch is dead, the ability to seize control is easier. Some great witches have been known to summon thousands of living and dead Witchfucked to engage in fantastic orgies that last until dawn.

If Witchfucked, there is no known cure.

Samuel Noone
“The Pussy of Life”

  2 Responses to “Witchfucked”

  1. There is “fucked” and then there is “witchfucked”!

    This is great. I am going to have to use this sometime in my games. No idea where.

    • I suggest players see a mass of undead heading somewhere. to their surprise, the undead don’t seem interesting in killing but they are hellbent on making it to the hill where a powerful witch is dancing. Wackiness ensues

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