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The planet Euphoria remembers their dead differently from most cultures. Their obsession with pleasures does not die when their mortal body expires. The average Euphorian wants to know that they when they die, their memory as sexual beings will live on.  Although it is true that most Euphorians pre-sell their bodies to organ banks, necro-brothels and fashion factories, the financial dream of most Euphorians is to be able to afford a tombstone in the Pleasure Graveyards.

These graveyards only allow people to be interred if their tombstone is capable of giving pleasure.  A fund must be set aside for the maintenance and caretaking of these tombstones or else they are eventually sold on the always thriving secondhand tombstone market.  The fund also pays for security as grave robbing for sex toys is a constant threat.

The nature of the pleasure depends on the sexual-psychological orientation of the deceased. Deceased who liked sexual relations with females often have a phallic piece of their tombstone for women to mount and pleasure themselves.  Deceased who liked males tend to have a snug hole perpetually supplied with lubricant.  Euphorians being who they are, many of them have tombstones that come equipped with both.

The wide range of Euphorian perversions are catered to, even in death.  Some tombstones are equipped with robot arms that spank and restrain.  Other tombstones come with sharp objects and electrical devices.  Some tombstones cater to such bizarre interests that some people are not sure what they were created for. Such mysteries lead to speculation, experimentation and often rashes.

The wealthiest of Euphorians have the most elaborate tombstones.  They vibrate, create holograms, self clean, spin, adjust for tightness or even record video to be stored for later.  They can be studded with gems, adorned in rare furs or provide the chained services of a pleasure slave that was bought for the sole porpose of being a tombstone ornament.

The royalty of Euphoria take this grave practice to the most lavish levels with Pleasure Mausoleums.  These giant structures are filled with rooms of devices and pleasure instruments not for the pleasure of the visitors, but for their acts of enslavement to the beloved leaders of the past.  Queen Jahoris’ Pleasure Mausoleum for example has a wailing room where visitors are spanked by robotic guards until a certain decibel requirement is satisfied.

When visiting a Pleasure Graveyard, be sure to take advantage of the numerous tour guides who operate in the area.  They will be able to direct you to the most famous and most functional tombstones for a small fee and the pleasure of watching you.

–Euphorian Gazetteer

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  1. “… always thriving secondhand tombstone market…” that got me.

    Heh, this sounds like a fantastic place to visit. I almost think you’ve been reading Olgaf’s dwarves for these. :) And that’s awesome.

    • Ahhhh, I forgot about Olgaf’s dwarves! I think they have been lurking in my subconcious.

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