Oct 252013

I have been thinking about Cult Book Project and the accompanying Magic Book Project. Both deal with the nature of reality and perception and sex so it is a busy duo. I have refreshed myself on famous conspiracies like the Knights Templar and McDonald’s. I’ve been reading Tomas Ligotti as I want this to truly be a weird erotica book and I have been reading Hellboy because Hellboy is just awesome. I have listened to the thumping sounds of couples having sex to determine the secret code of grunts and moans. I have watched the mating of alien clouds engaged in their skyborn orgies. I have also been eating too much popcorn.

I would like to gently remind you that the deadline for submitting an anonymous picture for my Magic Book is October 31st. Feel free to be as freaky, mysterious or risque as possible. Every one that sends in a picture gets a story from me written just for you. Please become a part of the magic I am trying to create.

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