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shondemonclr“Greetings mortals! It is that time again where demons and sluts dress up like naughty schoolgirls and perform dirty rituals on vampires’ laps! It is me, Suckubeth, your wet dream that makes you scream. With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“Flee mortals! If you don’t leave now, your soul will drown in the sweat of a million orgies!”

“Hush Burny, don’t give away the surprise ending to their short lives. Once again I have returned from the 69th Circle of Damnation to tempt your mortal soul with stories of lust and doom. Today’s story is a heart warming story of a banker who fucked the wrong gypsy woman.”

“By the Dark Lods of the Earth, you can’t tell them that story! It is too sexy and has social justice in it! The combination will melt their minds!”

“If they are lucky, Burny. If they are lucky.”

“Read on, mortals.”


Today he would escape.

Roger opened his eyes. The dreary gray walls of his prison surrounded him. He groaned as he sat up, the coarse sheets a far cry from the satin sheets back home. His body felt dirty but there were no showers here. There wasn’t even a sink to wash in. Shit, there wasn’t even a toilet that he could swallow his pride and rinse with.

It had been years since he had taken a shit. He missed it.

For the thousandth time, he thought about the mistakes that brought him here. He didn’t think about the people he evicted from homes; that was just part of his job as a banker. He didn’t think about the desperate women he had coerced into sex just to delay their inevitable eviction; that was just a perk of the job. He didn’t spend a moment thinking of the people he had ruined, the paperwork he had forged to get a foreclosure or the lies he had told to get his profit margin just right. That was just being good at the American Dream.

No, to Roger, the only mistake he ever made was fucking that hot lady with the weird tattoo of a jail door on her face. The bitch had approached him in a bar. He thought it was because he looked wealthy but now he knew she was targeting him. The slut had come to a hotel with him and given him the best blowjob of his life. The whore had whispered something in a weird language as he plowed her tight little cunt. He should have known. He never should have came in her.

The door to his cell was open. He stood up; his naked cock bouncing between his legs. There were no clothes and Roger lost all shame long ago. He gave his cock a stroke for good luck and headed out the door.

Today he would escape. No distractions. He had seen them all. Nothing would keep him today. Today he would escape and get his life back.

“Hey Roger,” a blonde said in the hallway. She looked like she did in the 70’s. Long blonde hair came down to her ass. Heavy breasts strained against a plaid shirt. Lips built for sucking smiled at him.

“Fuck off,” he snarled. His babysitter from when he was twelve frowned at him.

“Don’t you want me to suck your cock?” she asked.

His cock throbbed but he ignored it. “Been there, done that.” He snarled. He never fucked her when he was a kid but here in the prison, oh he had fucked that. He had fucked her face, her cunt, her ass and those pretty tits. He had fucked her a dozen ways but not today. Today he was going to escape.

He went down the prison hallway. Hundreds of empty cells were to either side of him. All of them were the same with open doors and shitty beds. He had his choice of beds to sleep in.

“Come here, Rodger,” a bitch called out to him from a cell. He didn’t even look.

“Oh, baby,” another woman moaned. A quick glance showed his first wife with her legs spread and her fingers busy. He paused to see her slip all of her fingers inside her.

“Fill me, Rodger,” his first wife said. It had been decades since she ever said that to him in real life.

“Fill yourself,” Rodger said. Today he would escape.

He kept walking. Double doors opened into a staircase. The staircase led to a catwalk. The catwalk led to a basement. It made no sense but he kept walking.

Roger passed an open window. He gasped at the world outside. It was a restaurant, seen from the point of view of Roger’s body in the real world. Food was arranged in front of him. Roger’s mouth watered as he saw a steak being cut and the bite being lifted to his mouth.

A whimper escaped his lips. He slammed his hand into the window. It wasn’t fair! That whore bitch slut thing that he had fucked was riding his body! It was eating!

He tore himself away from the window. It was too easy to watch. He wasn’t hungry but he missed the act of eating. Once he had spent an entire day just watching to see what meals were being eaten by his hijacked body. He didn’t escape that day.

Today he would escape.

Roger kept walking. The prison was a maze of nonsense and temptation but it had a pattern to it. Corridors became tighter. The strangeness exaggerated. The bars grew sparser. He just knew that if he kept walking, he could find his way out.

The trick was that he couldn’t stop. Every time he got tired and went to sleep, he had to start over when he woke up.

“Roger,” a woman stood before him. She had a black eye. Her dress was torn and her breast was exposed.

“I am so sorry, Roger,” his mistress, Amber, said. “I’ll be good, I promise. Hurt me if you want, whatever you want baby, I’ll do.”

Roger’s fingers curled into balls. Yes, it would be good to hurt Amber. The little whore just fucked him for his money so technically he paid for the bruises he gave her. It had been awhile since he had seen her here. Yes, beating her would take the sting out of his lust for food.

He raised his fist and Amber flinched. A wonderful thrill went through him but he stopped himself.

“No, I’ll beat you when I get out,” he said. Roger kept walking.

Of course, he would have to find Amber when he got out. He was what his possessed body had done about a year ago. The skank cunt bitch riding his body had gone to Amber, broken up with her and gave her enough money to go to college.

Roger snarled at the memory. That was his woman to abuse and that was his money his body gave her. There would be hell to pay.

He passed by a window and saw himself help a family keep their house. Fucking hell! That could have been a fat foreclosure bonus!

He walked by a trio of women he lusted for in college. They were fucking each other and begged him to join. He stroked his cock and kept walking.

He walked through an empty cafeteria hall. The smell of roast beef filled the air but he didn’t search for it. He knew better. It wouldn’t be there.

Roger was smiling. He was making real progress. Today he would escape.

He reached on office. There was a woman reading at the desk. She was an older woman, her black hair streaked with gray. Wrinkles pulled at her eyes. He didn’t recognize her. She was dressed like a police officer.

There was a door behind her but he waited. The woman hadn’t said anything to him. She hadn’t called for him to stay with her. That was strange.

“Who are you?” he asked.

The woman looked up at him. “Go away,” she said.

He stepped closer. None of the women here had ever said that. “My name is Roger. Are you trapped here too?”

She leaned back in her chair. He noticed that a few buttons on her blouse were open. He could see the hint of a red bra.

“Go away,” she said, slower this time.

He looked at the door. He had never reached this office before. It might mean he was close to escaping. It might mean he had a way to go. The best move would be to keep walking and find out.

But this intrigued him more.

Roger walked over to her and held out his hand. She took his hand and rose from her chair.

“You’re not like the other women,” he said. “You’re not an old crush, a woman I had dated, a friend of my parents or a girl from college. I haven’t worked with you or blackmailed you to bang me. Who are you?”

“What the fuck do you care?” she asked.

Roger kissed her. He had to know what would happen. The thought that she might be a real woman and not someone from his past was too thrilling to ignore.

He was lonely.

The woman resisted but then she melted into him. Roger wasn’t surprised. He was good looking. He was rich. Women knew these things.

The kiss went on and Roger cupped her breast. She moaned in his mouth. He felt her fingers grip his cock.

Fuck it. He was starving for new pussy.

He grabbed her pants and ripped them open. She squealed as she tugged her pants down. He got a glimpse of a nicely shaved pussy that he had never fucked before.

The woman laughed as she stepped out of her pants. He didn’t like it. He grabbed her by the arms and spun her around. A hard push bent her over the desk.

He laughed when she parted her legs. Women, they were all the same.

Roger grabbed her hips and guided his cock into her. She cried out as he pushed deep into her. He pushed her head down onto the desk. She didn’t try to rise up.

“That’s right,” Roger called. He slammed into her.

“Fuck!” she called.

Roger slammed harder. He had a lot of rage. He was also excited about how far he had came. The plan was simple; fuck this bitch and keep exploring. Maybe she was trapped here too. Fuck, maybe the uniform meant she worked here. He didn’t care. She was new and his cock craved new meat.

The desk screeched as the force of his fucking made it shake. Papers fell off and scattered onto the floor. A lamp fell over and shattered.

“Yes!” the woman cried out.

Roger fucked faster.

“God damn!” the woman cried out.

Roger’s fingers sunk into her hips.

“Do it, you little dick!” the woman yelled.

Roger has a sudden flash of memory. There was a police woman who came to the school he attended. She was there to tell them not to take drugs. He had ignored most of what she said because she had a single button undone on her shirt.

This was her.

The woman’s pussy muscles clenched inhumanly tight. His cock had no choice but to empty into her.

“Shit!” he screamed. He climaxed, his cock ejaculating into this forgotten titillation of his youth. The police woman grinded against him; milking his cock of every drop.

Roger pushed hard against her hips. His wilting cock slipped out. Exhaustion swept over him. He had been tricked. It was the disinterest that had done it. It was something new. He had to watch out for that next time.

His eyelids began to fall. He felt the police woman grab him by the arms. She pushed him towards a bed he hadn’t seen before. He hit the bed and everything was going dark.

“Fuck,” he moaned.

Tomorrow, tomorrow he would escape.


Imagine being trapped in a sexual prison staffed by your conquests, real and imagined. I have seen worse prisons.

“You’ve made worse prisons! Like the ones you create for your readers if they read all five Hallo-“

“Shush, Burny. You know how much I hate spoilers. I am afraid that is all the time we have for now mortals but do not despair, I will be here all of the month of October.”

“I’ll catch your souls, later.”

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  1. Heh, he really should learn to keep walking. But, I love that ideas. Being trapped in your own head, unable to escape because he was unable to keep his dick out of some lovely girl. Thank you, I loved this story.

  2. *grins* How wickedly horrible. Roger’s head, that is!

    xx Dee

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