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suckubeth2clr“Greetings mortals! It is me, Suckubeth, the demon ghost you want the most! With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick companion, Burny.”

“It is the day before Halloween! The walls between worlds are at their weakest! It is a time for spirits to posses bodies! It is the time for clowns to kill people! It is the time for creepy sex dolls! Flee for your lives!”

“That’s right Burny, but do you know what else happens on Halloween? People dress up in sexy costumes and bang the hit out of each other. Which is why I am presenting today’s story, Someone Wicked.”

“Oh, I like that one!”

“What? Really Burny? No dire warnings of how it will melt people’s souls?”

“Well, it is a sexy story and fuck the readers. They lost their souls the first time they look at your haunted tits.”

“So true, Burny.”

“Read on, mortals.”

Gabrielle was quiet as the car pulled up to the house. She sat in the passenger seat with butterflies in her stomach. Terror gripped her as she watched other costumed people join the party. Could she really go through with this?

“You look sexy,” Dominic said. He was her sponsor so his judgment was important.

“Thank you,” she said. She did feel sexy. Dressed as a pirate, she was wearing a black bikini top and white skull and crossbones over her brown breasts. A red and black skirt wrapped around her round bottom and covered the top of her thighs. Her tall brown legs were covered with knee high black boots. A red scarf covered her head and her black hair peaked from under it. Silver skulls dangled from her earrings.

“Remember,” Dominic said. “You must stay at the party until midnight. If you leave early, you forfeit your chance at becoming a member of the Invisible Collar.”

A chill cut through Gabrielle’s butterflies. The thought was too horrible to consider. After all the testing, the hard work and the practice, to be rejected now was the worse thought imaginable. It would mean returning only reading about submission online. It would mean being dominated only in her fantasies during classes. It would mean going back to kinky dating sites and dealing with disappointment after disappointment. She couldn’t go back to that.

“I’ll make you proud,” Gabrielle said.

Dominic nodded. “Make yourself proud,” he said. “Now, go.”

Gabrielle left the car and walked the steps to the house. Loud music could be heard already. She tried to remember whose house it was but failed. It was close to the university but she didn’t think it belonged to one of the Greek houses. Maybe it belonged to one of the faculty?

It didn’t matter who it belonged to. Gabrielle was here to serve.

She knocked on the door and a zombie answered the door. He took her invitation and groaned. He sounded like a dead man but his eyes were alive as he stared at her tits.

Gabrielle stepped into the house.  Fake cobwebs and plastic bats hung everywhere. Loud music sang about a graveyard smash. People in costumes were packed inside the house, clumped together in close personal crowds.

Now came the hard part for Gabrielle had to wait. She made her way to the living room where a punch bowl had been set up. The punch was green and cloudy but it tasted like apples and rum. Glass in hand, she stepped away from the table and tried to find a place to stand that was out of the way.

A vampire cut her off. He was a white boy the same age as her. Fangs grinned from tight lips. He was wearing a tuxedo complete with a cape. Painted eyebrows arched above his eyes.

“Hello,” he said. “I feel a prickling in my thumbs.”

Gabrielle felt her stomach clench. She hadn’t expected to be contacted so soon. All she had to do was give the coded response. For a brief moment, she wondered if she could go through with it.

She could. “Then please, let something wicked help you come.”

The vampire grinned. He took her by the wrist. Gabrielle followed on shaking knees as he pulled her through the crowd. Faux monsters and topical costumes parted for them. She set her cup down on a table as they passed it by. He didn’t slow down for her.

The vampire pulled her to a closed door. “Keep Out” was written on a sign. He pulled a key from his pocket and unlocked the door. He pulled her into the darkness inside and closed the door.

A light came on. It was a closet. Coats hung along side different lengths of chain. The vampire locked the door behind them.

“How may I serve?” Gabrielle said.

A slap to her face was her answer. The force of the blow made her head snap around. Her cheek stung and her eyes watered.

“Shut up,” the vampire said. His face was a mask of stern ice. The painted eyebrows ceased to look silly and were now threatening.

He grabbed her by the shoulder and pushed her down. Gabrielle sunk to her knees. The vampire unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Someone’s lipstick was smeared on the tip.

No matter. Gabrielle opened her mouth and leaned forward. The vampire grabbed the back of her head and pulled her onto his cock.

Gabrielle took him into her mouth and down her throat. The butterflies were gone. This she could do. She had practiced so many times on dildoes, vibrators and Dominic. She put her mouth to work to please this cock.

The vampire groaned. The fingers dug into her shoulders. He pushed into her mouth, fucking her with slow steady thrusts.

Gabrielle moaned. She didn’t know the vampire’s name and she didn’t care. This was submission: to be reduced down to a willing mouth in a closet during a busy party. She wasn’t a college girl with student debt, a shitty ex-boyfriend, a psycho mother and a butt load of insecurities. Right now she was just a cocksucker and that was okay with her.

She fondled his balls while she sucked. Her tongue did that thing that drove Dominic wild. She moaned some more because it made her lips vibrate. She took a little more of his cock until she gagged but she kept sucking.

She tasted the lipstick that someone else had left on the cock and she wondered about the previous girl. Was she a candidate for the Invisible Collar like Gabrielle? Or was she just the vampire’s girlfriend, unaware that later that night that Gabrielle would be sucking her boyfriend’s dick? Gabrielle’s pussy was drowning in desire at the thought.

“Fuck,” the vampire groaned. He pulled out of her mouth and grabbed his cock. His hand was a fast blur in front of her face.

She knew what was coming but she kept her place. The Invisible Collar demanded much from the ones it used.

The vampire came. A splash of seed struck her face and then second splash and then a third. She smiled, letting the vampire empty himself as he desired.

“Fuck,” he said again when he was done. He zipped himself up. Gabrielle looked up at him; his come drying on her face. The ice was gone from his expression. A slack relaxation permeated his entire body. He was just another guy who just got laid.

Gabrielle however, was still ready to serve.

The vampire unlocked the door and stumbled out. Gabrielle rose to her feet and pulled out a wet wipe from her pockets. A few wipes and her face was clean again. She needed to be presentable.

Gabrielle went back to the party, locking the door behind her. The music blasted lyrics about a double feature of science fiction. There were even more people here now. She pushed her way through a thick crowd of costumes and flesh.

She returned back to the punch bowl. Another glass of apple and rum went down her throat.

The shock of what had just happened passed through her. She had just sucked off a stranger in a closet. How did she feel about that? She was horny yes, but shouldn’t she feel a little ashamed?

Gabrielle didn’t. She wondered if that meant that something was wrong with her.

“Hey there,” a guy said. He was dressed like a pizza delivery man or maybe he really was a pizza delivery man. No matter, he was cute, tall and brown and Gabrielle really hoped that the guy knew the code phrase.

“I haven’t seen you here before,” the delivery man said. “My name is Peter.”

“Hey, my name is Gabrielle,” she said. She paused to let him say the words and then she would do wonderful dirty things to his handsome body.

“I had no idea so many people would be here!” he yelled.

“It’s crazy!” Gabrielle yelled back. Say the words, she prayed.

“Excuse me,” a man said behind her. It was a guy wearing a uniform from some science fiction show. He was short, chubby and pale; nothing like the sexy delivery man she was talking to.

“I feel a prickling in my thumbs,” Sci-Fi guy said.

“Sounds like a circulation problem,” Delivery Guy said. He smiled at his own joke.

Sci-Fi Guy ignored him and looked at Gabrielle. She knew what she had to say but she didn’t want to say it in front of Delivery Guy. She looked to Sci-Fi Guy for understanding or mercy. His expression said it all. He had no mercy for her.

Her cheeks flushed with heat as she recited the words. “Please, let something wicked help you come.”

A flicker of relief crossed Sci-fi- Guy’s eyes. “Come with me,” he said and he turned to walk through the crowd.

“Bye!” Gabrielle said to a very disbelieving Delivery Guy.

“Are you shitting me?” he yelled as she walked away.

Embarrassment burned within Gabrielle. Delivery Guy thought she was ditching him for Sci-Fi guy. He had no idea that she was compelled. There was no way to explain except to say that tonight she had given herself to an entire society.

Sci-Fi Guy walked fast through the crowd and Gabrielle struggled to keep him in sight. The music was blasting and the crowd was slightly drunk. Gabrielle had two drinks in her but she was stone cold sober as she followed Sci-fi Guy.

He went into the kitchen and Gabrielle followed. Two guys and a girl were in there, eating and joking about having a threeway.  Sci-Fi Guy walked passed them and to a door. He took out a key and unlocked the door. The three people stared at Gabrielle as she waited. Not knowing what to do, she waved at them.

They waved back.

The door opened and it was the pantry. Sci-Fi Guy stepped in and Gabrielle followed. Both guys started to laugh.

“You go, girl!” the woman yelled.

Gabrielle ducked into the pantry. It was cramped and tight. She looked down at Sci-Fi Guy and felt the butterflies return. What did he want?

“How may I serve you?” she asked in a whisper.

“Kiss me,” he said.

Gabrielle hesitated. That wasn’t what she expected. A flicker of annoyance appeared in Sci-Fi Guy’s eyes.

She grabbed his face and kissed him. His mouth opened in surprise but it wasn’t long before he kissed her back. It also wasn’t long before he was grabbing her tit. He squeezed her round brown breast a little too hard but that was okay. Gabrielle could take it and more.

They kissed and it was pretty good. He kissed her hard and he kissed her like he needed it more than anything in the world. He sure as hell kissed her with more passion than her ex-boyfriend did and Gabrielle appreciated that. She felt wanted. She felt needed.

She felt like this is what service should be like.

They kept kissing. He pulled her breast out of her top and pinched her nipple. Gabrielle moaned. Pain was something she had never experienced while kissing. She liked it.

Sci-Fi Guy broke the kiss. He looked up at her with something new in his eyes. It was lust.

“Pull your skirt down and bend over,” he said.

“Yes,” she whispered. This was what she expected. What surprised her was how ready she was for it.

Gabrielle pulled down her skirt. She had no underwear, just a little tuft of black hair for decoration. Sci-Fi Guy pulled down his pants and took out a condom. She watched as he rolled it onto his cock.

“Bend over,” he repeated.

“Yes, sorry!” Gabrielle said. She was so excited that she had forgotten herself. Her heart was pounding.

She turned around and tried to bend over. The pantry was too small. She moved some boxes out of the way and leaned onto a shelf.

Something heavy was pushed on the ground. She heard Sci-Fi Guy step up onto something. His hands gripped her waist and she felt the tip of his cock press against her sex.

Gabrielle was so fucking wet. Sci-Fi Guy pushed into her and she felt like she might climax with the first thrust. He wasn’t especially big or particularly thick but he was dominating her and that made her pussy tight as hell.

Sci-Fi Guy growled and his fingers sunk into her hips. He rammed into her and Gabrielle cried out. He fucked her fast and hard with the same level of passion that he had put into the kiss.

Gabrielle shook and knocked over a box of something heavy. It slammed into the floor and she knew that everyone in the kitchen heard it. She didn’t care. She was a slampiece for a total stranger. All she cared about was the wonderful cock deep inside her.

This was fucking. There were no sweet words or meaningless flattery. She was a place to cram in a cock and she couldn’t be happier. This is why she endured all the tests and this why she suffered through all the little punishments. This is what she wanted to be for the rest of her life.

She climaxed and Sci-Fi Guy kept fucking her.

She climaxed again and this time she screamed. Sci-Fi Guy kept fucking her.

She reached between her legs and stroked her clitoris to another climax. Sci-Fi Guy fucked her faster.

Sci-Fi Guy finally came. He froze in mid thrust and Gabrielle clenched hard around him. She kept clenching as he pulled out.

It was over too soon. Gabrielle’s back was sore from bending over but she didn’t want it to end just yet. She wanted more. She had so much more service to give.

“Mission accomplished,” Sci-Fi Guy said.

Gabrielle giggled. It was probably a reference to something she didn’t know but she was high on her orgasms.  She slowly stood up and turned to face him. Maybe she could offer some more service.

Sadly, Sci-Fi Guy already had his pants zipped up. He gave her a weird salute and walked out the pantry door. Gabrielle could hear the people in the kitchen give out a cheer.

Gabrielle stroked herself a few times before stopping. She should save all that energy for the next person. For a moment she wondered if there would be a next person. There had to be, right?

She pulled her skirt back up and checked her tits. One of her breasts had to be stuffed back into the bikini tip. Her nipples were hard and visible through the flimsy material.  Normally she would be shy of them but tonight her shyness was slowly melting.

Gabrielle stepped out of the pantry. Instead of the original three people there was a crowd of ten guys. Shame burned on her cheeks as they let out a cheer.

“Hey, baby! Need some company in there?” one of them yelled.

Gabrielle smiled weakly and rushed back into the main party.

The music blasted a song about werewolves overseas. Gabrielle started to dance even though it wasn’t a dancing song. A cute guy dressed as a police man joined her. She smiled and did moves that she had only done in private in front of the mirror.

The music changed to talk about people who weren’t afraid of ghosts. More people danced and Gabrielle changed partners frequently. She flirted and winked. Her body made promises but if since no one said the right phrase, she just kept dancing.

Gabrielle felt free. She was the plaything of anyone who knew the special words but she felt freer than she had at any other time in her life. This is what she wanted to do and for one night she was proving it.

Eventually the endorphins wore off and she could dance no more. She made her way to a wall to lean on. She thought about getting another drink when she saw someone different.

It was an older woman, dressed in a white toga like a Greek Goddess. The woman’s dark brown skin contrasted with the white cloth of her toga. A gold mask covered the top half of her face but there was something about the woman’s lips that tugged at Gabrielle’s memory. She felt that she should know this lady.

“You’re a great dancer,” the Goddess said. “Are you part of the dance program?”

Gabrielle’s heart skipped a beat. She knew that voice! It was Professor Webb for her Literature class! Holy shit! Gabrielle hoped the professor hadn’t seen her come out of the pantry!

“No, I could never do that,” Gabrielle said, trying to appear calm while her heart raced. “I just like to dance on a good night.”

“I see,” the Goddess said. “And what if I told you that I have a prickling in my thumbs?”

Gabrielle felt her pussy clench. Was this really happening?

There was a purse to the Goddess’s lips that she recognized. Professor Webb expected an answer and it had better be quick.

“Please, professor, let something wicked help you come,” Gabrielle said.

The Goddess smirked. “Follow me, Gabrielle.”

Gabrielle followed the Goddess through the crowd. They went through the party and up the stairs. The music was not as loud up here but it couldn’t stop the sounds of sexing coming from the rooms.

So many thoughts went through Gabrielle’s mind. Was she ready to be with a woman? It was something she had always thought about but she had never acted on? Could she go down on a woman? Could she enjoy a woman going down on her? Gabrielle thought she would but you never really know until you try.

The Goddess led Gabrielle to another locked room. Gabrielle waited as the Goddess took out a key and unlocked the door. She wondered if each person had their own room to play in or if the key worked on any of the locked doors? Could they be interrupted?

The door opened to a stark room. The walls were bare and the only light was in the ceiling. In the center of the room was a bench designed for someone to bend over. Hanging on the bench was a large black paddle.

“Close the door,” the Goddess said. She went straight to the paddle and picked it up.

With shaking hands, Gabrielle closed the door. Sapphic fantasies were dying by the second. This was not a room for sex.

“Drop the skirt and bend over the bench,” the Goddess said.

Gabrielle nodded. The skirt dropped easily and she walked slowly to the bench. Hesitation returned and she paused.

The Goddess pushed her over the bench. Gabrielle squealed but she stayed in position. Her brown ass was high in the air. She spread her legs and braced herself.

“Stand before I tell you, and you will never join the Invisible Collar,” the Goddess said.

“Yes, ma’am,” Gabrielle said. She saw hand grips at the bottom of the bench and reached for them. She just needed to hold on tight.

Whap. The paddle smacked into her ass. Gabrielle squealed but then realized that it didn’t hurt that much. Maybe all those beatings from Dominic had made her tough.

Whap. Whap. Whap. Whap. The Goddess walked around Gabrielle’s exposed ass and struck her lightly with the paddle. Gabrielle was pleasantly surprised at how light the hits were. A heat was growing in her pussy. Maybe is was just a prelude to sex.

WHACK! The paddle came down hard without warning. Gabrielle screamed as her ass exploded in heat. Her pussy burned with a different kind of heat.

WHACK! WHACK! The Goddess struck both of her cheeks with equal fury. Gabrielle screamed again and wondered if anyone would come to check. She heard another scream from next door and realized there was too much sex for anyone to investigate.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The paddle smacked her ass with brutal strikes. The Goddess was surprisingly strong for a literature professor.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Gabrielle clenched her eyes as the strikes came harder and harder. Her ass was burning but she had to hold on. She wanted nothing more than to cover her ass with her hands but she resisted. She was going to prove herself no matter what.

The next swing didn’t come. Gabrielle trembled as she waited. Dominic played these waiting games too. Just when she would start to relax, the paddling would continue.

Instead, Gabrielle felt fingers at her pussy. Gentle loving fingers rubbed at her pussy lips. She trembled and moaned at the sensation. Her ass burned but her pussy burned hotter.

The Goddess pulled her fingers away. Gabrielle moaned a soft pout.

WHACK! Gabrielle screamed. She should have seen it coming. Pleasure leads to relaxation which leads to pain. She should have known.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK WHACK! Gabrielle screamed as her poor ass was smacked without mercy.

The paddling stopped. The fingers returned. Gabrielle swore that she wouldn’t be fooled this time. She would stay on her guard.

The Goddess’s fingers went inside her. Gabrielle shuddered. Her pussy clenched on the gentle fingers inside her. She was in a sea of bliss.

The fingers went away. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The spanking resumed.

Gabrielle screamed. Her ass was so sensitive that every strike was worse than the last. She was also so close to coming. She would have thought the paddling would have made her less aroused but it was the opposite. She wondered if she could come by being paddled.

The paddling stopped. Gabrielle lifted her hips for the probing fingers. Seconds passed. She wondered if the paddling was going to return. She wondered if she should beg for the fingers. Indecision paralyzed her.

The Goddess walked around the front of the bench. Wet fingers went to Gabrielle’s mouth. The fingers forced themselves into her mouth. She opened her lips and tasted herself.

Gabrielle looked up at the Goddess. She sucked hard on the fingers in her mouth. The taste of her pussy was strong. Her eyes pleaded for sex.

The Goddess looked down at her and pulled out her fingers. They were now slick from Gabrielle’s mouth. She lifted up her toga to reveal a shaved pussy.

Gabrielle moaned.

The Goddess laughed and put her fingers inside herself. Her hand was a blur as she stroked her divine sex.

“Please,” Gabrielle begged. She wasn’t sure if she was begging for sexual relief or the chance to lick the sex in front of her.

The Goddess ignored her and stroked faster. The tall dark woman stared down at Gabrielle as she pleasured herself. Gabrielle was just a tool for her masturbation and nothing more.

Gabrielle had never been wetter. She caught herself humping the spanking bench.

“Fuck, yes!” the Goddess screamed.

Gabrielle watched as the Goddess hung the paddle back on the bench. She used Gabrielle’s skirt to clean her fingers before tossing the skirt onto Gabrielle.

“Get up, I am through with you,” she said.

“Yes, ma’am,” Gabrielle said.

The Goddess left Gabrielle alone. She stood up and winced as her ass complained. Putting on her skirt was even harder as it clung to the welts that were rising on her ass. She stood alone in the spanking room and rode the pain out.

When she thought she could walk again without crying, Gabrielle left the room. On unsteady legs she made her way down the stairs. The stereo was blaring a song about people who were strange. The crowd was thinner than before and Gabrielle was grateful. It meant less people to push through for more punch.

A cup of alcohol steadied Gabrielle’s knees. Her ass hurt too much to sit down but that was okay. She just needed a moment to think. She needed a minute to breathe.

She looked at the clock. It was 11:10. Just fifty more minutes to go. She could do this. She could suck all the cock, get paddled and fingered and fuck anyone who wanted it. She was going to make it.

When she got another drink she noticed there were far less people than before. Only thirty of forty people were left. She didn’t expect the party to start dying out already. Maybe this was going to be easier than she thought.

The music stopped. Everyone came into the living room. She saw the Vampire, the Sci-Fi Guy and the Goddess plus many more. They were all looking at her.

“I feel a prickling in my thumbs,” they chanted together.

Gabrielle dropped her cup. The punch spilled and no one cared.

“Please, let something wicked help you come,” she said.

The crowd moved towards her and her real test began.

“Ah, what a happy ending that was. Wouldn’t you agree Burny?”

“I might have preferred to see the group dominate Gabrielle but I understand that nothing written could match the imagination of the reader.”

“Really, Burny, nobody likes it when someone deconstructs the literary choices of the writer. That is unless you are praising them, then you can babble as much as you want.”

“Truly you are a demon of ancient wisdom, Suckubeth.”

“Damn right. Don’t worry mortals. Tomorrow night I will appear to you personally and whisper why happens to Gabrielle while you sign your soul away to me with your tongue on my infernal pussy.”

“I’ll catch your souls later.”

*Photographic evidence of Suckubeth provided by parapsychologist Joe Gravel*

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  1. Doctor X (sex! sex! sex!)… Wow. This story is an unexpected (undeserved, in my case) treat.

  2. Lovely, as usually, and I agree with chatty-on-a-stick: I would have loved to see the group bit. But, a fantastic story.

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