Oct 112013

13576241Red Monolith Frenzy is a weird erotica book by Justine Geoffery. It uses Robert E. Howard’s story, “The Black Stone” as a launching point, as well as the Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft. Previous knowledge of Howard’s story or Lovecraft is not needed to enjoy this delicious tale of perversity.

The main heroine, Justine, becomes entangled in an investigation into a mysterious Monolith in a remote Eastern European village.  She is madly in lust with her gay professor who himself is obsessed with unlocking the secrets of the black stone.  The Professor unlocks some magic words but it is only until they are spoken by a woman that the magic activates.  Magical perversity ensues.

I love H.P. Lovecraft and I love erotica but most of the time I do not like Lovecraftian erotica. Writers either slather on the Lovecraft themes so thick that it becomes a pastiche, or they just want to do some alien sex and lose any sense of being a Lovecraft tale.  Justine does a really admirable job of creating her own kind of story that slides easily into the Lovecraft universe.  She has really hot sex but she also knows how to play with the themes of forbidden knowledge and yes, horror.  This is a sex story but it is also one filled with horror so be prepared.  The final scene took my breath away which doesn’t happen often even when I read regular horror.

The other neat trick is that even if you know nothing about Lovecraft, the book is very accessible. It is an erotic story about magic, secret knowledge, mysterious gods, remote freaks and scary pleasure.

This is first book in a series and I highly recommend it.  The sex pushes boundaries and crosses over into taboo themes but that is to be expected in erotic horror.  I tore through this ebook in record time and I couldn’t wait to read more.  I have read the other book in the series but I want to stay quiet so you can explore that mystery for yourself.

I give it Five out of Five Pam Griers


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