Sep 302013

DelightLogoHey there, I’m Pamela Stern. You may know me from my television shows, Train My Bitch and My Kitten Slave from Hell. Did you know that every year, hundreds of submissives who prefer pet play are sitting at home wishing they had a loving master or mistress who appreciated having a human pet? These submissives browse websites, create costumes that only they see and read trashy internet stories all alone until they finally lose hope and enter a boring vanilla relationship. Every year the human pet population shrinks due to the pets never finding an owner who can give them a loving home.

And unlike pets you get through an escort service, submissives you adopt will truly enjoy fetching balls, petting petted and having sex doggy style. A real pet will never gossip about you to their coworkers and fake a smile when you buy them a new leash. There are thousands of human pets ready to be adopted so why spend money and risk humiliation renting a human pet from professional pet mills?

If you are interested in adopting your own human pet, contact your local dungeon or fetish support group.

*This has been a public service announcement from the Delight Channel.*

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