Sep 232013

Attention all Von Madd Laboratories employees!

Thanks to your diligence and hard work, all thirty prototypes of the SmartBra have been recaptured. The wearers of the SmartBras are fine and recovering nicely in Medical Orgy Room #2. Unfortunately, sixty-two of you did not heed our warning about laying your head on the mind controlling breasts and we are still trying to release them from their mammary slavery. The Pain Domination division has made amazing strides with the use of electric nipple clamps.

Sadly, the worse fears of Dr. t’Sade came to life this morning. We have discovered that the SmartBras were able to infiltrate the Sentient Underwear Department and corrupted a line of HypnoThongs. The HypnoThongs are controlling their wearers and forcing them to perform hideous deeds in their quest for world domination. We believe that there are twelve mind controlling thongs on the loose.

If you see someone walking as if something is riding their ass, do NOT approach them and contact Laboratory Security immediately. The only way to defeat these hypnotic thongs is with a Freeze Cannon and even then, it must be a a small blast at short range in order to prevent long term frigidity.

Do NOT accept their offer to slap their ass! Do NOT accept their offer to kiss their ass! For the love of Masters and Johnson, do NOT accept their offer to sit on your face.

If surrounded by stiffly walking people who are walking around without pants, your only hope is to over ride the mind control by constantly focusing on a different body part. Focus on breasts, cocks, vaginas or feet if that is your sort of thing. You only have a 3.8% chance of resisting the mind control but your attempt will help us verify the success rate.

Only you can prevent sentient tight underwear from enslaving the human race!

  2 Responses to “Invasion of the Booty Snatchers”

  1. *squee* *cough* “Though, I’m saddened that my predictions came true.”

    I love that last line.

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