Sep 112013

“And welcome back to You Bet Your Ass! I’m your host, Jimmy Spank and we have had an exciting game today.  In the first round, Melissa was eliminated and had to endure a terrible five minute spanking from a member of our studio audience.  In the second round, Nicole was eliminated and had to endure a five minute spanking from our own Paddle Triplets! We started with three eager contestants who put their asses on the line for a chance at ten thousand dollars but now we are down to Stephanie, an accountant from Norfolk, Virginia.  Stephanie, did you think you would make it this far?”

“To be honest, Jimmy, I wasn’t sure.  I like a good spanking at the dungeon but usually I go straight into sub space.  I never knew I was good at answering trivia questions while being spanked!

“Well we all learn something new every time we go under the paddle, Stephanie.  Up until now, you were only spanked if somebody else answered the question instead of you.  Now you will be spanked constantly while having to provide six answers to the question I have in my hand.  The spanking will increase in intensity until the timer runs out.  Are you ready to meet your spanker for tonight’s bonus round?”

“Let’s do it, Jimmy!”

“That’s the spirit.  Let’s have a warm welcome for tonight’s Bonus Round spanker! He’s a technical support advisor by day and a wielder of the paddle by night!  He prefers sassy bottoms and has a wicked back hand.  Let’s here it for Dom of the North Storm!

“Thanks, Jimmy.  I am happy to be here.  I’d like to give a big shout out to all my friends on the Kink-life website!”

“I see you brought a leather paddle with metal studs, Dom.”

“That’s right Jimmy.  This will leave quite a mark.”

“Does that make you nervous, Stephanie?”

“It kind of makes me wet, Jimmy.”

“Ha! Good answer.  Now get on that spanking bench and get your bare ass high in the air.  Grab hold of the bars in front of you and remember, if you want to stop at any time, let go of the bar but remember that you forfeit your current winnings of four hundred and ten dollars.”

“I won’t be letting go!”

“We’ll see, Stephanie.  Dom of the North Storm, start your warm up paddling on Stephanie.”

Whap! Whap! Whap!

“Okay Stephanie, for ten thousand dollars, name six states and their state capitals!”


“Ow! Richmond, Virginia!”



“Ouch! Raleigh, North Carolina!”

“That’s two!”


“Shit! Charleston, West Virginia!”

“That’s three!”


“Fuck! Little Rock, Arkansas!”

“That’s four! You only need two more!”


“Shit, shit, shit!”

“Just two more!”


“Uhhh, Atlanta, Georgia!”

“Correct! One more for the money!”

“Ummm, fuck! Chicago, Illinois!”

“Wrong! You still need one more!”


“Oh Jesus! Ouch!”

“Ten seconds!”

“Fuck! Wait, Providence, Rhode Island!”

“Correct! You’ve won ten thousand dollars!”

“Fuck yeah! Now get me some damn aloe for my ass!”

“Paddle Triplets, you heard the winner! Get to it!  That’s all the time we have this week for You Bet Your Ass! Join us next week with three new contestants and three new asses! This is Jimmy Spank, reminding you to keep your planet beautiful and please recycle.  Good night!”

Promotional Consideration paid for by Sheila’s Pain Shack, Southern Fetish and Kink-Life.

  4 Responses to “Fiction: You Bet Your Ass!”

  1. Heh, very cute and fun.

  2. The title alone made me smile.
    Spanking is not my thing at all but the illegal level of cheese in this was class.

    Always appreciate the smiles you send through your stories, tons of fun ^^

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