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Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “Drip of the Queen’s Cunt” by Royal Astronomers. The only planet of interest has some interesting mineral readings but I will need to land to confirm it. There appears to be minimal animal life signs but the world has heavy vegetation and high botanical evolution. I will arm myself with herbicidal weapons as a precaution. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Precaution my ass; I have had some really bad experiences on plant worlds.  I got spanked on one and fucked on another.  I’m going to carry some herbicide grenades, a flame pistol, two vibration blades and maybe a fragmentation grenade for good measure.  These plants aren’t going to fuck with me.

Vaquel moaned as Pist licked at her sex.  Pist’s tongue lapped at Vaquel’s clitoris while her finger slipped deeper inside Vaquel’s sex.  The combination of mouth and finger guided Vaquel’s body closer and closer to another orgasm.

The space explorer clenched her brown thighs around Pist’s pink head.  Vaquel laughed as she noticed that Pist’s skin was the same shade of pink as Vaquel’s pubic hair.  It was as if she was made for each other.

Vaquel felt something brush her cheek.  It was Stam.  His cock was hard again and pushing against her face.  Vaquel turned her head and opened her mouth.  Stam’s yellow cock slipped between her lips and into her mouth.  He tasted of salt and sweetness.  Vaquel could suck him for hours and never tire of him.

Stam grabbed one of her brown breasts and squeezed.  His strong hand easily encompassed even her large tit.  Powerful fingers clenched and squeezed to the point of pain but stopping shy of being unbearable.  The pain sent fresh shivers down Vaquel’s body.

Pinned by a woman’s mouth on one end and a man’s cock on the other, Vaquel was in heaven.  She couldn’t believe that she was once afraid of coming down to this planet.  Why, if she had stayed in her ship, she never would have met these two and had the best sex of her life.

Vaquel paused in mid suck.  How did she meet these two?  She couldn’t quite recall.

Vividly it came to her.  She had been checking out a large pink and green flower.  There was a noise behind her.  She had turned around and seen two people.  They spoke to her in admiration of her body and invited her to take off her spacesuit.  One thing led to another and now she was sucking and getting eaten.

Pist added a second finger to Vaquel’s sex and then a third.  Vaquel shuddered and choked on Stam’s cock.  He started to thrust in her mouth, the motion of his cock perfectly in sync with the thrusting of Pist’s fingers.  Vaquel could feel her impending orgasm about to burst at any moment.

Stam’s cock erupted.  Sweet seed filled her mouth and a second later, Vaquel climaxed.  It was the perfect touch that she had needed to get off.  It couldn’t have been any better if she had planned it.

“Glory to the Queen,” Vaquel said when her mouth was no longer full.  “What was that, six orgasms now?  Seven?”

“Numbers are unimportant,” Stam said.  He rolled her over unto her stomach.  The soft grass underneath her seemed to conform to the contours of her body for a soothing fit.

Vaquel looked straight ahead to a damaged tree.  It had a burn mark on it.  Vaquel’s trained eye recognized it as a blast mark from her flame pistol.  That was odd.  Had she fired it?

Pist leaned down and kissed Vaquel’s ear.  Vaquel closed her eyes and surrendered to the sensation.  Nice little licks were followed by sharp little bites.  Hot breath fell on her ear.  Nimble fingers played with Vaquel’s short hair and massaged her scalp.

Strong hands lifted Vaquel’s hips.  She lifted her ass while keeping her head to the ground.  Stam guided his cock into Vaquel’s sex and slowly fucked her.

“Mmmm,” Vaquel moaned.  Stam’s gentle fucking was a perfect compliment to Pist’s ear kissing.  Once again they knew just how to play with her body.

Vaquel felt a pain on her breast.  It was where Stam had grabbed it earlier.  The pain was still there as if he had never let go.  Vaquel put a hand to her breast but there was nothing there.  The pain however was just as fresh as ever.

“What the?” Vaquel asked but her train of thought was interrupted by the pressing of a thumb to her ass.  Vaquel groaned as Stam pushed insistently against her anus.  She cried out as his thumb entered her ass.

“Yes!” Vaquel moaned.  Stam fucked her sex faster as his thumb kept her asshole open.  Pist stopped kissing and bit down on the back of Vaquel’s neck.  The pain pushed Vaquel close to the edge of orgasm.

Stam climaxed in her sex and Vaquel climaxed a split moment later.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried.  She moaned as her body continued to shudder from the orgasm.  Stam pulled out of her and Vaquel collapsed into the soft grass.  Pist stopped biting her neck and planted kisses down Vaquel’s back.

Vaquel sighed happily.  She opened her eyes and saw her discarded weapons belt lying on the ground.  The herbicide grenade had been pulled out but never activated.  Vaquel frowned. When did that happen?

She had a sudden memory of standing in the grass.  Someone had stepped behind her and given her a surprise hug.  Pist’s pink hands had cupped her breasts.  Vaquel had pulled out a herbicide grenade as a precaution but once she heard Pist’s soothing introduction, she had relaxed.  It was lucky for everyone that Vaquel had stopped herself.

No wait, that made no sense.  A few minutes ago, Vaquel remembered that she had first seen Pist and Stam when they came out of the trees.  Now she remembered first meeting them with a surprise hug and grope.  Which was it?

“Let me sit on your face, Vaquel,” Pist said.

Vaquel looked up at the beautiful pink woman.  “Okay,” she said.

Pist swung her leg over Vaquel’s face.  Her bare sex lowered onto Vaquel’s waiting mouth.  She tasted sweet and tangy.  Vaquel licked and drank as much as she could Pist’s juices.

Stam was hard again.  He pushed his erect cock into Vaquel’s sex.  Vaquel moaned.  He was insatiable.  He was as insatiable as she was.  He fucked her sex while Vaquel ate Pist.

The only thing was the pain on Vaquel’s breast.  It was still there as if Stam was still clenching it but she knew that wasn’t true.  She could feel Stam’s hands on her thighs.  In fact, he was gripping both thighs with that same painful grip.

The back of Vaquel’s neck hurt too.  Even though she had both of Pist’s thighs encasing her head, Vaquel could still feel Pist’s teeth on the back of her neck.

Vaquel paused in her licking.  Something wasn’t right.

Pist grinded her sex into Vaquel’s mouth.  “Please,” Pist moaned.

Vaquel felt a fresh flush of heat go between her legs.  It had been too long since someone begged her.

“Please lick me,” Pist continued.  “Oh please, please, please.  I need your tongue, Vaquel.  Don’t stop now.  I’m begging you for your mouth.”

Vaquel resumed licking.  Pist shook and grabbed Vaquel’s short pink hair.  The pink woman humped Vaquel’s face with a faster passion.

Stam went faster too.  The yellow man continued to ram her while holding her thighs apart in his hands.  Vaquel felt every bit of his wonderful girth inside her.  He was large, thick and exactly what her sex craved.  It was a wonder that she ever got him into her mouth.

Wait, how did she get him into her mouth?  The cock that was pushing her limits inside her sex could never have fit in her mouth but yet she knew she had slipped him down her throat earlier.  Could he change his cock size?

“”Quit thinking,” Stam urged.  “Quit thinking and feel.”  He pumped faster to emphasize his point.

“Yes, just feel,” Pist moaned as she humped Vaquel’s face.

“Take it,” Stam said.

“Lick it,” Pist begged.  Her thighs tightened harder around Vaquel’s head.

Vaquel’s eyes opened.  What language were they speaking?  It sounded like Euphorian! For that matter, how could she clearly hear what they were saying with Pist’s thick thighs around her head?

Pist’s perfect pink body wavered for a moment.  For a brief second, Vaquel could no longer feel Stam’s giant cock inside her.  Just as quickly, Vaquel could see and feel them again.  Pist’s breasts jiggled above Vaquel.  Stam’s cock was between her thighs and larger than ever.

Vaquel kept licking but she also reached out with her hand.  She felt around in the grass until she reached her weapons belt.  Her fingers went looking for the herbicide grenade.

“Faster,” Pist moaned.  “I’m begging you, I am so close.”

“So am I,” Stam said.  “By the God, I have never had pussy so tight!”

Their words sent new tingles to Vaquel’s sex.  Her fingers found the herbicide grenade and she hesitated.

Pist’s thighs tightened.  Vaquel felt pain erupt along her skull.  Pist’s hips grinded faster and faster in a fury of lust.  Vaquel kept licking though at this point, she was being face fucked by the pink woman.

Stam lifted her by the thighs as he sought to get a deeper angle on her.  His cock was stretching her to new wonderful limits.  Maybe she should wait and get one more orgasm?

Vaquel’s training won out.  Her thumb felt the activation button on the grenade and then pulled the grenade close to her body.

POP!  The acrid fumes hit Vaquel’s nose, obliterating the sweet aromas of Pist’s sex.  It also appeared to banish Pist and Stam’s physical bodies.   Vaquel felt a great emptiness in her sex and a sudden weight lift off her face.

The pain remained though but now Vaquel could see what was causing.  Long vines covered in thorns were embedded in Vaquel’s brown skin.  There were thorns on her breast, wrapped around her thighs, sticking to the back of her neck and wrapped around her head.  Vaquel sat up and pulled the dying vines from her skin.

“No, no, no,” Pist and Stam moaned in Vaquel’s head.  Their dying cries grew weaker by the second.

Vaquel got to her feet and that was when she saw the plant.  It had a pink and yellow flower with a diameter as wide as Vaquel was tall.  Thorny vines shivered around it.  It wilted before her eyes.

She remembered now.  The plant had caught her eye.  She had walked to it when the vines attacked.  Vaquel had fired her flame pistol but the vines were around her wrists and spoiled her shot.  She had reached for her grenade when a warm feeling had washed over her.  Vaquel had felt the urge to strip and so she did.  She had felt the urge to lie down in the grass and so she did.  That was when Pist and Stam had arrived and by then, Vaquel didn’t care.

“Damn telepathic plants,” Vaquel said.  Carnivorous plants were bad enough but one that could fuck with her mind?  Was there no end to the horrors of plants?

Vaquel rubbed her sore breast and dropped another herbicide grenade for good measure.

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  1. Aww, plants are love. :) I can see her earning a proper hatred of plants. Yummy, but then again I love plant sex in all forms.

    • I am tempted to do a one paragraph story where she sees a plant planet and just recommends an orbital bombardment before moving on.

  2. Too much of a good thing for her this time, loved this angle and the way you jumped right into the action. Was as confused as she was at start, so enjoyed the flow of it all :)

  3. Was cracking up at the names ‘Pist’ and ‘Stam’ before the twist – it was even better after! Love it :)

    xx Dee

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