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Explorer’s Log: I am on day eight of my three week voyage to the star system designated “Queen’s Favorite Knife” by Royal Astronomers. Two hours ago the probe ship was struck by a cosmic ray storm. Ship systems needed minor repairs but I am suffering radiation sickness like symptoms. I have ingested the recommended dose of Rad-Cure and will confine myself to my bunk until I recover. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I feel like shit that is baking on a laser grill. I want to die. Fuck all of you for putting me into space. Fuck you, all.

Vaquel Di opened her eyes. Sweat coated her brown body. She could feel her short pink hair sticking to her scalp. The fever had been too hot for clothes so she was lying in her bunk naked. The sheets beneath her were soaked with her sweet.

The headache was gone. She touched her face and she was no longer as hot as a solar sail. Her stomach didn’t feel like it was going to projectile vomit.

She had survived.

Vaquel was damn thirsty though. She saw the canteen of water that she had left by the food dispenser. She vaguely remembered swallowing some pills and stumbling to the bunk. Fuck, she was going to have to get up and walk over to the dispenser to get her water.

She playfully lifted her hand and reached for the water. Her arm stretched across the ship and her hand grabbed the canteen.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel swore. She stared at her arm, now several meters in length. Slowly, she pulled her arm back. It retracted back to normal size, the canteen still in her hand.

Vaquel sat up in her bunk. She took a sip. The water was real. This wasn’t her imagination.

She took another sip.

She transferred the canteen to her other hand. Just like before, she bent her arm out as if she was going to set the canteen back down where she got it.

Her left arm stretched out all the way to the food dispenser.

“Queen protect me,” Vaquel swore. “I’ve developed a mutation!”

It wasn’t unheard of. There was a lot of crazy shit in space. Radiation, strange sentient clouds and sometimes the whim of super powerful beings could radically alter the genetics of those who travelled space. Most of the mutations resulted in organ failure but every once in awhile, space explorers became something special.

Vaquel climbed out of her bunk. The wall clock told her that she had been unconscious for two days. She remembered having a fever and she remembered feeling like shit. In those two days, her body must have been rewriting her genetic code.

What else could she do?

Vaquel lifted a leg and stretched it out. She watched as her smooth brown long lengthened and kept going. She stopped trying to stretch when it reached four meters. Curious, she willed her leg to bend upwards. Her foot curved around and came back to her. She wiggled her toes inches from her face.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. It freaked her out. In an instant, her leg snapped back to normal.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore again.

She raised her hand to her face. She stretched all of her fingers out until they had tripled in length. Next, she twined them around each other like a braid. She could make them do anything.

“I wonder,” she said. Her fingers snapped back to normal. She focused on her pointed finger and this time she tried to will it to expand. If her body parts could stretch, couldn’t they also inflate?

Her finger swelled to twice its girth. She smiled and willed it to be thicker. It took her less than a few seconds to get it as thick as her dildo.

Vaquel sat back on the bunk. She spread her legs wide and fingered her pink pubic hair. She had been sick for an entire day and then unconscious for two days. She was overdue for an orgasm.

She put her hand near her sex and guided her thickened finger to her lips. The tip of her finger easily parted her wet lips. Taking her time, she plunged the finger inside her self.

“Oh, yes,” Vaquel said. It was almost perfect. A moment’s thought later, and her finger grew in width. Now it was perfect.

“I’m a freaking mutant now!” Vaquel laughed. She stroked her sex with her inflated finger. Nice deep thick thrusts filled her. She would never need a dildo again!

With her free hand, she grabbed her tits. She cried out as her round full tits turned to putty in her hand. Her fingers were engulfed in breasts as soft as molding clay.

Vaquel stopped in mid stroke and focused on her breasts. She made her breasts more solid. She made them firm. It was like inflating a balloon. With a little attention, she made them as firm as they were before the storm. With a little more focus, she made them even firmer.

Why stop there? Vaquel looked at her breasts and watched them grow. She always had been well endowed by now they were growing to an indecent size. Vaquel laughed and gripped her larger breasts. Sensation flowed through her body. The skin might be stretched but the nerve endings seemed to have multiplied. She would hate to walk around with these giant tits but for one now, she could enjoy her new sensitive toys.

That was when she noticed that the finger inside her was slipping back to its original shape. That wouldn’t do. She reasserted control over her finger. It grew longer. It grew thicker. It curved just a little to hit those spots she loved the most.

“Fuck,” Vaquel moaned happily. She hadn’t been filled like this in ages.

She needed more. One finger was buried inside her but she had other fingers. Her thumb stretched down, down, down towards her ass. With a little wiggle, it pushed into her asshole.

“Yes!” Vaquel moaned. She squeezed on her mountainous tits even harder.

The thumb grew larger. For a moment, her fucking finger and her tits grew smaller but Vaquel corrected that. It wasn’t easy to divide her attention but she was learning quickly. Sex was a good motivator.

She willed her thumb in deeper. It expanded inside her ass, pushing her open to new limits. Vaquel realized that she didn’t really have limits anymore, did she? She expanded her thumb to an insane level of girth and her asshole stretched with it. It was mind blowing.

The finger inside her sex was nice but it needed something else. Vaquel closed her eyes and willed ridges onto her finger. Bumps and contours formed on the finger and pushed against the walls of her sex. Her finger was now ribbed for her pleasure.

She stroked herself. Her finger and thumb pushed too fast and too deep but it was okay. Vaquel could take it now. She could take damn near anything.

Her nipples needed attention. She smiled as she realized that her tits were finally big enough to bring to her mouth. She squeezed one of her giant breasts and brought the nipple to her mouth. Vaquel clamped down on the brown nipple with passionate fury.

Pain rippled through her breast. Vaquel clenched harder around her finger. Her ass clamped down hard around the invading thumb. She bit down on her nipple and breast, knowing that her new body could take it.

Faster she stroked herself with her dildo-finger. Harder she fucked her ass with her intruding thumb. Tighter her teeth clamped around her malleable breasts.

The orgasm was coming. Vaquel divided her attention to pleasing the different parts of her body. Three days of being sick were forgotten as she manipulated her body to greater pleasure.

What would make everything perfect would be a tongue of her clitoris. Vaquel realized that she could do it. She released her breast from her teeth. The only question was how.

The most direct solution was often the best. Vaquel extended her neck. Her head moved down her body, pausing briefly to smother herself in her own tits before kissing down her belly towards her sex.

Vaquel reached her sex and turned her head one hundred and eighty degrees so she could face her sex head on. Her inflated finger was plunging in out of her sex. She saw the swollen bud of her clitoris bouncing before her.

She took a long lick of herself. Shivers ran all throughout her body. The taste of her sex combined with the sensation of feeling the lick were overwhelming.

Vaquel dived onto her clitoris. She licked herself with relish.

Her finger kept fucking and reaching deep inside her.

Her thumb grew and expanded her ass beyond any reasonable limit.

Her neck snaked between her massive sensitive breasts.

She climaxed harder than she ever had in the life.

Vaquel tiled her neck up and screamed “Glory to the Queen!”

Waves of pure sonic force erupted from her throat. The food dispenser shattered into a hundred pieces. The nutrient bay crumbled under the sonic wave. The interior of the hull buckled and shook. A shattering of electronics told her that something fragile was no longer in a single piece.

Vaquel’s body snapped back to normal. Her head returned to the top of her shoulders. Breasts shrank down to normal cups. Finger and thumb retracted from her body. For a full minute, Vaquel sat in silence, too afraid to utter a sound.

“Fuck,” she whispered. “I have more than one mutation. And one of them activates when I climax.”

Explorer’s Log: I was able to repair the food dispenser and the navigational processor but the nutrient bay is still damaged and I will need equipment to repair it. Food supplies will last me a few weeks if I ration.

I tried to gag myself while masturbating but I nearly destroyed my bunk doing that. The sonic wave is just too strong to mute. I am doubling my dosage of Rad-Cure and am going back to sleep. The medical scans I took show that this should return my body to its normal genetic state in three days. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: At least I got to eat myself at least once. I am going to miss being able to stretch my body but I think I would miss climaxing without destroying my ship even more.

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  1. Well, one thing off her bucket list. Awesome idea and I like how fast it went from “I can stretch” to “her finger was ribbed for her pleasure”. Love it.

  2. *laughs*
    Wow…just wow..

    Did this ever cross your mind when watching Fantastic Four, by the way.
    I kinda was predicting what she’d be able to do, but to turn her head 180 degrees was too freakish for me, I thought she was going to eat herself upside down, lol.
    (I guess I’m thinking of males who do that to themselves but then again, this is a mutated Vaquel)

    I wondered how you were going to enforce a limit. I’m reminded of Sindel from Mortal Kombat with that orgasm, shock wave power. I think the queen would love her to be on the battlefield like that, lol.

    Wacky, crazy story. Many thanks ^^

    • I was going through a list of super powers looking for a sexy one when stretching became the clear winner. The limit was much harder to do until I came across sonics and then it all fell into place.

      I forgot about Sindel which is funny as she was my favorite Mortal Kombat character.

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