Sep 062013

$(KGrHqJ,!hQE3vrBM3q5BOG5bvVv1!~~_32Natural Desire, Strange Design is an erotica book by Aishling Morgan. It is part of the “Nich Mordant” series of books but it is a stand alone story that does not require the reading of any other book. Heck, I was hard pressed to make a connection from this book to the others in the series other than the fact that they share Nich.

Nich Mordant is a student of pagan studies who desperately wants to get his hands on a legendary treasure that was hidden away by a famous master of the occult. The master intended the treasure for his daughter and left her clues in his various occult possessions. Unfortunately when the occult master passed away, his daughter had no interest in the occult and is now selling the items at auction. Nich wants to gather the items, decipher the riddle and obtain unimaginable occult knowledge.

Standing in Nich’s way is the main character of the book, Anderson Croom. Croom is a wealthy playboy and spanker of women who thinks the legendary treasure would be fun to find. He buys what he can and then uses his charm, cock and spanking hands to get a hold of the other items. He is doing this on a lark because when you’re insanely rich, you got to do something other than fuck and eat.

This was a really fun book. I tend to read through erotica books slowly as they are often 80% sex and 20% plot but I never felt that way about this book. It is a caper book with two worthy enemies at odds with each other. They constantly sabotage each other and add complications to each other’s quest. It was a fun read that just happened to have a lot of kinky sex.

Croom is assisted by a submissive girlfriend and a loyal butler as well as all the power that wealth brings you. Nich has his super loyal hippie girlfriend and some minor magical powers. The inevitable swap of sexual partners happens as each try to get the upper hand on the other. It is the rare erotica book where every character involved is interesting.

My only complaint is that Nich and Croom do not share equal time in the book. This is Croom’s book and he is a lovable bastard but I wish I saw more of Nich.

I should also point out that the book’s cover has a warning system. They want you to know that there is spanking, bondage and the occult, but they didn’t find it necessary to point that there is a urine in mouth scene.

I give it Four out of Five Pam Griers.


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