Aug 262013

When invoking the Forces of Sensuality, prayer is the most direct way. Beings of sexual energy are highly influenced by begging and though they may not grant your request, you will at least enjoy their attention. Prayers are often added by ritual. This can be something as simple as pinching a certain body part or placing your arms in a position to be bound.

It is important to create your own prayer and ritual. Since Forces are beings of creative sexual energy, there is no worse insult than to copy the prayer of another perverse being.  To these intelligences of the Astral Main, imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery; it is the sincerest form of sexual laziness.

In creating your own ritual, it is important to incorporate an act that will get their attention.  When invoking the Tyrant of Bondage, tie a part of your body very tightly.  When invoking the Slut of Open Thighs, masturbation would be welcome. When invoking the Beast of Orgies, involving two people to aid you would be wise. Rituals are a time for you to invoke the bliss you seek.

When you pray, let it be with your own words written by the strongest of your desires.

Samuel Noone
“The Pussy of Life”

  2 Responses to “On Prayers and Rituals”

  1. Where’s the part of:
    “Once invoked, be careful to not have your soul owned by them or your body possesed? :p

    • When calling upon their favor, you are safe. When doing a full on summoning to try to get a blowjob from a supernatural being, you got to be more careful :)

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