Aug 162013

This weekend you should wear a red swimsuit if you wish to attract a romantic interest. If you want your romantic interest to leave the next morning and not be a nuisance, wear red and something white.

People born on a full moon should avoid swimming this weekend for Jupiter is in the House of the Dreamer.  People born on a holiday should avoid any sort of dancing this weekend for Mars is currently ascending.  People born on any day should avoid eating the hot dogs at the pier for they are truly awful.

This Saturday is a good day for financial opportunities for women with a cup size of D or larger.

A sand sculpture of two women kissing was spotted on Thursday. This is a good sign for anyone seeking a same-sex liaison this weekend.

Follower of the Drowning Wave, do not despair! The Great Flooding did not occur this summer but the sigils are being broken! Stay true!

A reading of scattered panties reveals that the cycle of the Abundant Woman is upon us. Swallow for luck this weekend.

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