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Explorer’s Log: I am on week three of my six week voyage to the star system designated “Drip of the Queen’s Cunt” by Royal Astronomers. I received a distress call in the Vtc language.  It was from an exploration ship like mine and the Captain begged for my help. They are experiencing engine trouble and are currently adrift.  I will be able to intercept the origin of the call without changing my flight plan.  End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log:  Royal Navy code compels to investigate all distress calls in order to see if there is easy-to-obtain treasure available but I would do this even if wasn’t compulsory. I have spoken with the Captain of the vessel and he looks quite handsome. It might be nice to socialize with fellow explorers instead of the usual primitives and government officials. End Explorer’s Personal Log.

“See now,” Vaquel said.  “The problem wasn’t so big after all.”

She put the finishing touches on the starship that was currently on the workshop table before her. The entire ship was only slightly larger than the helmet. The fact that such a tiny vessel could travel the stars, support a crew of five beings and apparently had a swimming pool was amazing.

“I can’t thank you enough for fixing the Aspiration,” Commander Rantis said.  The Commander hovered beside her head using a tiny jetpack.  “We are so lucky to have met you!  The entire crew owes you our lives!”

“We sure do!” the rest of the crew said.  Tiny, the fat one, was sitting on the edge of the table. Lieutenant Acro stood on top of the ship while Chief examined the repaired hull.  The Kid was playing a videogame on a hand held device.

Vaquel laughed.  “Yes you all do,” she said.  “Your engine took a direct hit from a micro-meteor and you were lucky that I had enough raw materials to replace it.  As small as you guys are, you’re also lucky that it didn’t go through your crew compartment. It would have vaporized anyone that it hit.”

Commander Rantis struck a defiant pose, which was quite the achievement for someone the size of Vaquel’s little finger.

“The universe is a dangerous place, but it is the sworn duty of my team to seek out new worlds, meet new cultures and boldly go where larger species fear to tread.”

“That’s kind of like my mission,” Vaquel said. She left out the part about subjugating weaker species, confiscating resources and seeking out new pleasures for her perverted Queen.

Vaquel was a little in awe of the small explorers. Every other race in the galaxy could step on them. The gravitational pull of even light planets must threaten to crush them with every landing.  Most weapons fired a shot that was bigger than their ship. These mini astronauts were bad asses and Vaquel respected that.

“I have been talking to the crew,” Commander Rantis said.  “And we would like to repay you for your help.”

“Oh?” Vaquel said.  “And what did you have in mind?”

“In the short time that we have been guests aboard your ship, we have noticed that you uhh, masturbate a lot.”

Vaquel smiled at the floating commander.  “Oh, you heard me?” she said; knowing full well that she had been screaming extra loud so that they could hear her. It wasn’t often that she got to indulge her exhibitionist side.

In fact, it was this exhibitionist streak that had caused her to repair their ship for the last two days in the nude.  She had lotioned up her heavy tits, her muscular thighs, and her plentiful ass so that her dark brown body was shiny for the entire time.

All five of the crew members nodded.  “It was like hearing a space hurricane!” Kid said.

“Chief speculated that you might prefer a more sensual kind of reward,” Commander Rantis said.

“I knew Chief was the smart one,” Vaquel said.  “But how to do you propose doing that? Do you have a giant vibrator crammed into the Aspiration?”

“We are space explorers!” Commander Rantis said.  “We have improvised a solution!  Team, begin Operation Appreciation!”

The other crew members ducked into their ship.  A bay door swung down and the sound of an engine could be heard.

“As for you, Vaquel, you should probably get to a reclining space,” Commander Rantis said.

“Here, I’ll just adjust my seat,” Vaquel said.  The back of chair fell back while the front extended outward. It was standard on all Euphorian ships to have seats that could quickly be used for sex.

“Tiny! Chief! Begin foreplay!” Commander Rantis ordered.

Two miniature astronauts flew over Vaquel on little jetpacks.  Tiny dove for her left breast while Chief fell onto the right breast.  Both of them bounced on the jiggly surface.  She felt their tiny feet kneading and pushing into her breasts.

“Oh,” Vaquel said.  That did feel nice.

Tiny grabbed her nipple and began to squeeze, pull and massage.  The plump pilot was a noticeable weight on Vaquel’s breast but it was a pleasant feeling.  It was like having a really large nipple clamp.

Chief took a more technological approach.  He applied a small electrical device to her nipple and micro tingles spread through her breast.  In his other hand, he wielded a pincer that grabbed minuscule bits of her breasts and pinched them together.  The speed with which he worked the pincers had her entire aeurole wonderfully sensitive.

“Kid, get in there!” Commander Rantis said.  “You got the head!”

A strange craft came flying out of the Aspiration. It had eight legs like an arachnid. It flew over Vaquel and descended gently onto her head.  The narrow legs poked through her pink hair and poked her scalp.

“What the fuck?” Vaquel said.  She felt the legs move and a moan escaped her lips.

“Kid might be young but he knows how to make out,” Commander Rantis said.  “He’s had every girl in the Academy raving about his phrenography skills.  Right now he is piloting the Land-Spider and will be accessing your pressure points.”

The legged machine did a complex dance on her head.  Vaquel felt tension disappearing all over her body. She also felt other parts come suddenly to life.  Her thighs became sensitive. Her neck felt like it had just been kissed.  Her toes felt good. How do toes feel good? Vaquel wasn’t sure how but they felt might nice at the moment.

“This is nice, but I need some sort of penetration,” Vaquel said.  She looked up at the floating commander.  “Are you going to go make a deep dive or something?”

“The Lieutenant claimed that honor on behalf of his clan,” Commander Rantis said.

A humming noise came from the bay of the Aspiration. A spherical vessel flew out and made a direct line for Vaquel. She opened her legs and the sphere hovered before her sex.

“For the honor of Parta!” the Lieutenant announced on loud speakers.

The sphere pushed against her pussy lips.  The vessel vibrated and Vaquel moaned.  She was wet and the vessel was not that big.  It pushed and entered her.  The majority of the sphere was inside her, vibrating at delirious speeds.

“What is that?” Vaquel moaned.

“That is our Burrow Cruncher,” Commander Rantis said.  “It is designed to vibrate its way into solid ground. Chief made a few modifications.  It should bring you pleasure but the Cruncher isn’t certified for biological pressures.”

“What?” Vaquel said.  “You mean I could crush the Lieutenant?”

“It would be an honor to die in service!” Lieutenant Acro said over the loud speakers.

A more responsible person would have objected but Vaquel was not that person. The Burrow Cruncher felt awesome and she wasn’t about to stop.

“Do your duty!” Vaquel yelled.

“You heard her, team!” Commander Rantis said.  “Go! Just like we practiced!”

The Burrow Cruncher vibrated harder and Vaquel’s thighs squeezed together.  The Land-Spider danced at a faster rhythm, bringing her entire body to a sensitive plateau of bliss.  Tiny and Chief squeezed her nipples as they struggled to stay on top of her bouncing tits.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out.  It was the weirdest gangbang ever but she was loving it.

“What about you, Commander? What are you doing?” Vaquel asked.

“Coordinating!” Commander Rantis said.

“That’s not enough,” Vaquel said.  “I need some visual stimulation.”

“Oh, ask away!” Commander Rantis said.

“Take out your cock and stroke it for me,” Vaquel said.

“In front of the crew?” he said.

Vaquel nodded her head.  The Land-Spider stayed upright though for a split second, she felt a wonderful sensation on her thumb.

“Do your duty!” Lieutenant Acro said from the between her thighs.

“You’re right!” Commander Rantis said.  Still hovering before her, he removed his pants with remarkable speed.  A rather length cock popped, all one centimeter of it.

“Commander!” Vaquel moaned.

Commander Rantis saluted her with one hand and stroked with the other.

Vaquel purred.  The Land-Spider danced on her head and pressure points on her ass responded.  Tiny bit into her nipple, sending a micro sliver of pain through her body.  Chief applied a hot liquid that gave her nipple a delicious dose of heat.

Between her legs, the Burrow Cruncher kept humming.  It wedged itself into her.  It pushed against the tight walls of her sex in an effort to submerge inside her.  The fact that there was a fearless mini person risking life and limb to get her off only heightened her pleasure.

Floating above her, Commander Rantis was stroking as fast as humanly possible.  She stretched her tongue out to him, hoping to get even the smallest lick of his tiny cock. He hovered just out of reach.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” Vaquel moaned.

“She’s close!” Commander Rantis yelled.  “Give it all you got!”

They did.  The Burrow Cruncher hummed at a higher frequency as the vibrations doubled. Chief and Tiny squeezed, pinched and pulled on her nipple as their feet walked on her tits.  Kid guided the Land-Spider to sensitize areas of Vaquel’s body that she didn’t know that she had.

Commander Rantis climaxed.  Micro flecks of seed landed on gently on her tongue.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried out.  Her orgasm sent her entire body into a spasm.  Thighs clenched, her head shook and her tits bounced as she writhed in the chair.

A moment later she realized her mistake.  Chief hung onto her nipple but Tiny was sent flying.  His jetpack stopped him from hitting the wall.  The spider machine fell off her head but luckily it landed on its feet on the floor.  It was the Burrow Cruncher that had her most worried.  It shot out of her and smashed into her work table.

“By the Gods of the Underworld!” she cried.  “Is he okay?”

Commander Rantis floated over to the wreckage. Vaquel noticed he was still stroking his cock.  Vaquel sat up and peered at the wreckage as well.

A small hand emerged from the wreckage.  “I live! With honor!” a tiny voice proclaimed.

Vaquel let out a long sigh of relief.

“Thank the Queen for small favors.”

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  1. That is utterly awesome. I loved it!

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