Aug 142013

Lisa scrolled through the filthy images. Her laptop was a theater of perversion. Pictures of fucking flickered past. Images of porn stars with tattoos skimmed by. Endless gifs of tits jiggling bounced across her screen.

There. Lisa paused and savored the image. It was a black and white close up of a woman’s mouth. Her lips were opening for the tip of a cock. Less than an inch separated the mouth from the cock.

Lisa clicked the reblog button. Instantly, the same image was added to her Tumblr. Other users browsing her tumblr would see the black and white prelude to oral pleasure.

Lisa glanced up at her husband that was sitting beside her on the couch. He wasn’t looking at her. He was watching detectives investigate a murder. The blood was bright red. The murder weapon was a bright yellow bat. The carpet was a rich brown.

She blinked and the blood faded from red to black. Lisa smiled. It was starting.

Her mouse wheel clicked as she returned to her search.

A black and white picture of a cock entering a woman from behind. Her ass looked flawless. The cock was strong and straight. Reblog.

A monochrome image of a man’s hand around a woman’s throat. The lips were covered in lipstick but they appeared black in the image. The fingers were squeezing tightly. Reblog.

A white ass fills a picture. A woman’s hand reaches up from underneath, stroking the sex that is barely glimpsed. Reblog.

Lisa’s husband grunts. One of the detectives has made a clever pun involving bone and bullets. She looks at him and his shirt is in black and white.

Her heart pounds. She is almost there. Her fingers keep searching.

She skipped past other images of body parts and penetration. She frowned in annoyance at so many tits held in by so many colorful bras. Her thighs squeezed together as she searched desperately for the pieces she needs.

A hand presses a pale woman against a black wall. Her ass is clenched in anticipation. Reblog.

A cock is wiped on a woman’s mouth. Seed has splattered her lips with white jewels. Reblog.

A woman is bent over a bed, her legs covered in black stockings. Reblog.

Lisa gasped as she feels the same stockings over her legs. She runs her hand over her leg and marvels at how wonderful it feels.

So close. She clicked faster through the flood of porn.

She found an animated gif of a porn star that Lisa will never be. The porn star is slapping the surface of the bed, her body shaking from fucking that is happening off screen. The gif plays the slap, the moan of the star and the rocking of the body before repeating.


It happens. The entire world turns black and white. Lisa was naked except for her stockings. A glance down showed perky breasts that didn’t belong on her. She tasted lipstick on her lips.

She sets the laptop aside and stands up. Her husband is a ghost; barely a shadow in this twilight world.

Lisa went to her bedroom. As soon as she crossed the threshold, someone pushed her against the wall. She moaned but there was no sound. There was never any sound.

The powerful hand pins her against the wall. Another hand goes to her sex. Lisa’s legs parted ever so easily as the hand reaches up, up, up and then in, in in.

Lisa cries a silent scream of pleasure. The fingers pull, play and push inside her. She writhes and struggles but the hand at her back is as firm as a brick. There is no escape from the pleasure that Lisa crabbed.

She is stroked. She is explored. She is penetrated. She is fucked.

Lisa comes and no one hears.

The hand leaves her sex and grabs her throat. Wet fingers that smell of her grip tightly. Her breath is crushed and she knows no fear; only bliss.

The hand threw her towards the bed. She knew what to do. Lisa bends over the bed; positioning herself just like she had seen a thousand times in a thousand dirty pictures. Ass high, legs apart, stockings beautiful; she waits for the cock that will come.

The floor shifted as the unseen person walked towards her. She didn’t bother to look back. He had no face. None of them ever did. Oh, they had a mouth to kiss with, and a tongue to lick and teeth to bite but a face, no, there were no male faces in this black and white world of sex.

Hands gripped her hips. She begged for his cock but no words came out. The cock pushed between her legs, sliding into her wet pussy, pushing deep inside her, thrusting with a sudden power and fucking her utterly.

It was rough. It was passionate. It was the unrelenting fuck of an animated gif. Over and over, in and out, the cock rammed into her like the greatest of fantasies.

Lisa climaxed and the cock kept going.

Lisa slapped the bed and the cock kept thrusting.

Lisa threw her head back to scream in silence and the cock kept fucking.

The cock pulled away. Delight filled Lisa. She knew what would come next.

She slid off the bed and dropped to her knees. Lisa opened her mouth. Before her was the cock, wet and slick from fucking her.

The cock hovered an inch from her mouth.

An eternity later, the cock pushed forward. She took it into her mouth. She sucked. She tasted herself. She tasted her desires. She tasted all of her sins.

The cock pulled out of her mouth. She smiled as the first wave of seed splattered against her face. She stroked herself as seed showered her body.

Lisa cried out when she came once more and this time, she heard it. She opened her eyes and the world was in color. There was no cock aimed at her. There was no seed on her face. Her breasts were the ones she grew up with. Fishnet stockings no longer encased her thighs.

That was okay. Lisa’s throat remembered the grip. Lisa’s pussy was still sore from the relentless fucking. She had her souvenirs.

And tomorrow night, she would do it all again.

  4 Responses to “Fiction: In the Thrust of the Black and White”

  1. Isn’t that we all look at porn, in hopes that it is us on our knees in front of that lovely cock?

    … actually that’s why I write.

    • I have often thought that the act of writing porn was an attempt at mastering reality.

  2. Amazing.
    This was a bit of a mind trip as I didn’t know where you were going with it when she started seeing things in black and white, but when I discovered it was her teleportation to a world of bliss by the pictures she reblogged, I was captured.

    It begs sooooo many questions, this deserves a mini series of its own, I’m also jealous that I can’t conceive of an idea such as this. Awesome story ^^

    • I could do a miniseries where everyone goes to their own world. One guy goes to the place of endless hamburgers, another guy is constantly tied up women while the last woman is in the world of adorable kittens constantly rolling around.

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