Aug 282013

“How long have I been out?” Holly Valentine asked.

“Really?” a masked man said. “That’s your first question? You’re not going to ask how we kidnapped you from your hotel, or why are you naked or why you are tied up to a log in a lumber mill?”

“Those are stupid questions,” the naked redhead said. “I’m investigating the criminal empire of an infamous though barely known mastermind, Hector Jeopardy. I assume that is why I have been kidnapped and as for why I am tied up and naked, just look at my body. Everyone wants to see it tied up and naked.”

The masked man paused to admire her body. Flaming red hair surrounded a lovely face in a delicious cascade. The curvy reporter had pale skin that was dusted with freckles. Her heavy breasts were tightly bound with rope in such a way that her breasts looked even larger than their usual large size. Shapely legs were spread to either side of the log leading up to a tuft of red pubic hair that decorated a sex that had its own dedicated rope pinning it down.

“Ah, true,” the masked man said. “But little do you know that I am in fact, Hector Jeopardy! And you will never know my true identity because at the flip of this switch, the buzzsaw will activate and slowly chew up the log you are strapped to before chewing through you!”

Holly rolled her eyes. “I know exactly who you are Hector Jeopardy, or should I saw, Leonard Sack, disgraced congressman and now lead candidate for Mayor of New York!”

Leonard ripped off his mask. “How the fuck did you know that? I was super careful! After you got me kicked out of congress, I worked hard to create the identity of Hector Jeopardy so that I could murder, steal and send dick pictures in peace!”

“Yeah well, I got a photographic memory for dick pictures,” Holly said. “And I didn’t get you kicked out of congress, I just got you to send me a dick pic and you got your own ass kicked out. I got to hand it to you, I didn’t think you could revive your political career but running for Mayor was a smooth move. New York loves perverts. It is a shame you won’t win when people discover your other life as Hector.”

“Ha!” Leonard laughed. “I am ahead in the polls and you’re about to split your byline right up the middle! I’ll see you in hell, whore!”

He threw the switch and headed out the door. Holly felt the jolt of the conveyor belt moving. The buzzsaw screamed to life. Holly tried to look up to see how far away the blade was but her own breasts were in the way. She laid back down and tried to feel how tightly she was held.

Damn, it was very tight.

Holly rotated her wrists. She squeezed and parted her thighs. Her chest inflated with a great breath and then let go. The ropes gave a slight bit, but not much.

“Here we go,” Holly said. She moved into Reporter Escape Twist #1.

The rope reacted strangely. Her tits were crushed by constricting rope tension. Coils tightened around her thighs in a not-unpleasant manner. A single knot pressed hard against her sex and she reacted with a sudden dampness.

“Oh shit,” Holly whispered. “He must have gotten an erotic bondage expert to tie her up.” She knew that the struggling economy had forced many in the BDSM community into a life of crime. Just last week, Holly had covered a story about ball-busting dominatrixes who were now working protection blackmail rackets.

The log reached the buzzsaw. The high pitch scream changed to angry roar as it chopped into the log. Holly felt the log vibrate as the saw tore into it. Unfortunately, those vibrations were causing her tits to jiggle, her thighs to shake and the knot on her sex to vibrate as well as any sex toy.

“Oh shiiiit,” Holly moaned. That felt really good.

She enjoyed the vibrations for about two seconds before remembering that her dismemberment was a more immediate concern.

The young reporter contorted into Reporter Escape Twist #2.

“Ohhh!” Holly moaned. The rope around her breasts rubbed tightly over her sensitive nipples, like a playful bite of teeth. The rope around her waist pressed her tight ass down onto the vibrating log. The knot that was pressed against her sex rubbed down onto her clitoris.

“Oh fuck,” Holly moaned. Her body froze as she enjoyed the pressure on her clit.

The buzzsaw continued to tear into the log. Holly felt sawdust landed on her toes.

“Stay focused,” she whispered. She relaxed so the damn knot wouldn’t distract her clit and then she forced her body into Reporter Escape Twist #3.

“Fuck me!” Holly cried. The ropes around her breasts tried to pull both breasts in opposite directions. Tense knots on the back of her neck dug in and pressed against all the erogenous zones on her neck. A cord of rope slipped between her ass cheeks and a knot pressed against her tight asshole. The rope against her sex wedged itself deep into her pussy lips and vibrated from the saw.

Holly let out a long shuddering sigh of pure please. She then relaxed and immediately went back into Reporter Escape Twist #3.

“Oh God, yes!” The rope bit back into her neck. Her breasts were pulled even harder. The knot came tantalizingly close to entering her ass. The rope between her pussy lips went even deeper.

Holly relaxed for a split second and then snapped her body into Reporter Escape Twist #4.

This time the rope gave. She was able to lift her body a few inches off the log. Her breasts were being crushed by uncaring rope, her thighs ached from the tight loops constricting and the rope on her sex pressed down hard on her clit like an over-eager lover.

The buzzsaw grew louder. Sawdust fell on her knees. She couldn’t see it but she knew it was too damn close.

Holly worked with what she had. The rope had given a little and she had to push it. She stayed in Reporter Escape Twist #4 but now she wiggled.

The rope tightened painfully against her jiggling tits but she kept wiggling.

The rope squeezed harder around her open thighs but she kept wiggling.

The rope rubbed up and down her drenched sex like an eager tongue but she kept wiggling.

“YES!” Holly screamed. Her orgasm set off a spasm through out her entire body. She shook with pleasure and let out a long satisfied sigh.

The saw dust fell on her tits. Holly remembered that she was trying to escape certain death. She flexed and the ropes were a lot looser than before. It must have been because of the wiggling or maybe the orgasm or possibly the fact that the log she was on was being split by a high powered buzzsaw. Whatever the reason, now was her chance!

Holly twisted into Reporter Escape Position #1 and the rope around her wrists popped free. Her nimble fingers pulled at the rope around her crushed breasts and they came loose as well. A shake of her legs and her thighs slipped free of the rope. Last was the rope wedged against her sex. The rope was soaking wet but it lifted easily out of her pussy lips now that the tension was gone.

Now that she was sitting up, Holly could get her first look at the buzzsaw. The mother fucker was right between her ankles! Holly freaked out a little and rolled right off the log and onto the floor. She landed hard on her tits which hurt but it was better than getting split by a buzzsaw.

“I need to file my story before the election,” Holly said naked on the lumber mill floor.

The buzzsaw answered with a terrible splintering of wood. A shower of sawdust landed on her back.

“Political reporting always gets dirty,” Holly sighed.

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  1. Cute and very fun. I liked it.

  2. I love it. Could be filed under the “sometimes truth is stranger than fiction” tag. Oh, and more Holly Valentine, please.

    • Thanks. I was horrified when I realized that I had only written something like two or three Holly Valentine stories this year.

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