Aug 052013

Are you a woman who masturbates at least three times a week? Do you use vibrators, dildoes or other sexual aids? Von Madd Laboratories is looking for female masturbators to participate in a new clinical study that involves basic masturbation with the assistance of experimental hypno-sexual mp3’s.

This study will be for two weeks.  Applicants should bring a form of identification, an extra pair of underwear and their favorite masturbation aid. Applicants will be asked to listen to experimental sounds while masturbating in front of trained serious scientists and one to two possibly giggling co-ops.  Applicants will be asked to do this at least seven times in a two week period but more sessions can be arranged if requested.

Side effects may include sensitive nipples, sore thighs, frequent sexual dampness, exhaustion, inability to stop smiling and a craving for cherry lipstick.

Applicants will be compensated with their choice of a Talk-Dirty-To-Me Vibrator or a S.I.R. Butt-Plug.

  3 Responses to “Clinicial Study for Female Masturbators”

  1. Now that sounds like a fantastic study – I’m in! Definitely a Talk-Dirty-To-Me Vibrator though – my S.I.R. is already going brilliantly :)

    (Also, I just love you mentioned that!)

    xx Dee

  2. Thanks for sharing article. My friend has been masturbating for about a year and a half now, but lately he been feeling like he’s techniques are getting boring.realistic vibrator

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