Jul 172013

Szinosa moaned with delight. She was floating on the Astral Main, the cock of a thunderstorm in her mouth. The storm’s cock was measured in miles but Szinosa took all of it and had enough to lick lightly at the thunderstorm’s balls.

The thunderstorm rumbled and she felt a flood of seed going down her throat. She swallowed and swallowed and swallowed for it was what she was. She an Urge and there was no limit to the cock she could suck.

She heard her name and she paused in her licking. It was someone from the Imperfect Place. They had spoken her name correctly.

Szinosa kept sucking.  The thunderstorm moaned and pelted her with heavy rain. Speaking her name was not that rare. She was listed in the Purple Book. Her name was written on cave walls. Scholar perverts made offerings to her. She ignored it.

She heard her name spoken a second time, followed by the stroke of a cock.

She heard her name spoken a third time, followed by the ringing of the skull of a person who has burned pornography.

She heard her name spoke a fourth time, followed by the dousing of a flame with the juices of a whore.

She heard her name spoken a fifth time, followed by the drawing of a crude act.

Szinosa stopped sucking.  The thunderstorm pouted with flashes of lightning.  Excitement rose within Szinosa.  It had been too long since she had been to the Imperfect Place.  Just one more thing was needed to complete the ritual.  Did her speaker know what to do?

She heard her name spoken a sixth time, followed by begging to be sucked.

Szinosa felt her soul being pulled from the Astral Main. She traveled through the Sneer of the Cruel Woman; avoiding the gnashing teeth.  Her spirit navigated the six hundred and sixty twists of the Sacred Tunnel that is always wet.  She pushed through walls and barriers that can only punctured by rituals and laws set down long ago.

The endless boundaries of the Astral Main shrunk down to the stifling four dimensional physics of the Imperfect Place. Time flowed in only one direction. Gravity, mass and entropy asserted themselves and Szinosa felt a tremor of revulsion.

The summoner was in a room.  Etched out around him was an intricate circle of paint. Circles flowed back and forth tracing a maze of painstaking design. She was compelled to appear there so she did; pulling material and substance from the gaps in the universe.  A skeleton was formed out of raw energy followed by boring details like organs, blood and cells. When she was satisfied that this form could draw breathe in this terrible place, she went to work on her appearance.

She clothed herself in skin but she was forced to leave behind the interesting shades of her skin like carrow, ulfire and mawas and settled on a deep shade of purple.  Long flowing hair the color of darkest night sprouted from her skull and covered a face that resembled the most beautiful of the frail humans. Breasts sprouted and jiggled to the dance of gravity’s demands. Long legs grew longer and firmer.  Full lips reshaped themselves a thousand times per second until Szinosa was satisfied.  Only then, was she willing to address the one who had brought her to this realm.

“Who summons, Szinosa, Urge of the Sucked Cock, Teacher of the Queens of Sodom, Swallower of the Third Lustful Army and Countess of The Last Lick?”

The man was slow to answer.  It was to be expected.  He was in awe of her perverse beauty. It gave Szinosa time to admire him in return. He was nude as was appropriate for a wielder of the sensual arts. He wasn’t handsome but he was confident which was more important. Long white hair made him look older than he was. He was fit but most importantly, he had nice lips. Szinosa smiled at the thought of possessing him. She could suck a lot of cock with his pretty mouth.

“Samuel Nemo,” the man said.

“Samuel Nemo,” Szinosa repeated. There was no connection to his soul. It was a false name and she was a little disappointed. There would be no possessing of him that way. He was wiser than she had hoped.

“What do you desire?” Szinosa said.  “Shall I suck your worse enemy and give him pleasure so divine that he will never be satisfied with mortal sex again?  Shall I suck a loved one who is ill and cause their death through pleasure? Shall I tell you secrets that will make you the greatest cock sucker of your age?”

Samuel smiled.  “I desire a cock sucking from an Urge.”

Szinosa blinked.  Maybe he wasn’t so wise after all.

“Done,” she said.

Szinosa fell forward, her knees collapsing under her. She reached for his cock and pulled him.  Her lips opened and her tongue flickered out. It was an invitation that no being with a cock could refuse.

Samuel stepped towards her. She took him into her mouth and tasted his cock. Her tongue felt the ridges of the tip of his cock and learned a few things about his past.  Skilled fingers fondled his balls and discovered the secret of his white hair. Sucking lips explored the veins of his cock and she felt the pulsing of his strengths and weaknesses. Inside her mouth, not mortal could keep anything from her.

“Nice,” Samuel moaned.

Szinosa felt a flicker of annoyance.  Nice! She was an Urge of Cock-Sucking and all he could say was ‘Nice’.

She was going to enjoy riding his body.  His mind would be locked away while she toured the world. She would visit the old places and make contact with the older cults. She would be worshipped properly.  She would become a Queen once more.

Most of all, she would use his body to suck a lot of cock.

But first she had to get free.  The paint maze was the key.  It held her here but it also kept many of her powers out. She should be able to slip into Samuel’s body like a cock into lips, but the circle stopped her.  She had to ruin it somehow.

Szinosa pulled her mouth away from Samuel’s cock. A long strand of spit connected her lips to his cock.  Samuel watched, breathless, as the single line of spit fell to the ground.

She slipped her mouth back over his cock.  She engulfed him and his eyes rolled into the back of his head.  He never saw the spit land on curve of paint.

“Fuck,” he groaned.  His hands went to her black hair. Fingers tangled in hair more silken than silk.  Szinosa shivered as her mortal fell deeper under her spell.

The Urge grabbed his ass and pulled him tighter against her mouth. She choked on his cock. She could swallow a thousand cocks even in this Imperfect form but she choked for a reason. Spit flew everywhere and his cock throbbed faster.

She moved her knees; spreading them farther apart in sexual submission.  Her own desire dripped onto the painted maze, blurring the curves and twists with every drip.

“Holy shit,” Samuel moaned.  His hips bucked against her face.  Szinosa let her jaw go slack, taking the full brunt of every thrust. Every slam of his hips into her mouth brought him closer to orgasm and more spit to the floor.

It was enough. The maze was a blur. She felt the power embedded in it fade away.  She was sure that Samuel would have noticed too if he wasn’t getting the blowjob of a lifetime.

She decided to end it.  It would be in her power to take his body right now but she couldn’t. She was an Urge and right now, she had to suck his cock first.

There would be plenty of time for possession after he came.

Her mouth sealed around his cock.  She grew another tongue to bathe him in sensation.  Her eyes looked up at him, silently imploring him to empty his cock into her mouth, onto her tongues and down her throat.

He looked down at her.  His eyes were glazed. His mouth hung open.  She could feel the weakness of his knees.  He would come and she would swallow and the world would be her orgy once again.

Samuel roared. It was a primal scream of pleasure. He roared a split second before his delicious seed filled her mouth.

Szinosa climaxed.  Her body became a moment of pure pleasure.  She came in ways that mortals would never understand.

“Oh my Goddess,” Samuel said.  He slowly teased his cock from her mouth. It was still hard.  It would stay hard for another week at least.

“I’m your Goddess now,” Sziunosa said.  She stood up and drew forth her power.

Nothing happened.

She looked down at the drool smeared painted maze.  It made no sense!  The construct was completely useless.

“Look again,” Samuel said.  “Look further than with your eyes.”

Szinosa turned off her physical eyes and looked again.  They were in an abandoned house.  They were in the center of the house.  The floors, the walls and even the thrice damned ceilings were covered in paint.

The real maze was all around them. The maze she had destroyed was just a decoy.

“Foolish,” Szinosa said.  “If you had made a single mistake on a single curve, I would now own your body. A circle of this size is nearly impossible!”

“For the greatest blowjob it was worth it,” Samuel said.  “Now go, with my thanks.”

Szinosa felt her Imperfect body dissolve.  The will compelling her here had released her.  She let the body dissolve into a pool of drool and purple dust and she returned to the Astral Main.

Once there, she found a planet to suck.  Her tongue flickered over mountain ranges and oceans.  The planet groaned and released climaxes of earthquakes.

Szinosa climaxed and swallowed his pleasure.  She glowed with pleasure and moaned her delight.  The planet was still shuddering when she went back to work.  She was sure she could coax another orgasm as she fondled its poles.

Deep down though, she had a lingering thought about a mortal who bested her.  He had enjoyed her power.  He had summoned and used her for what she was. He had denied her a return to the Imperfect Place. The mortal had won when others had perished.

Perhaps he would be foolish enough to summon her again.

Szinosa sucked harder, suddenly wet enough to drown a galaxy.

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  1. I love the “other boring bit”. A lovely story, and I like the decoy maze, a nice way of teasing her. Lovely.

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