Jul 292013

bennewman_science_smallMy Summer Science Laboratory Job was supposed to end this Wednesday but like all dull things, it will continue for another month. They need me to stick around while they finish some super important stuff that I can’t even discuss because of the non-disclosure agreements I have signed.

Why did I stay even though the job is mostly boring as shit? Because it really goes against my DNA to say “no” to people in a jam.

Anyway, that means another month of working a day job instead of sitting around writing more porn. It has been maddening. I had planned to release my next e-book, Doom Vagina, this month but shit, I haven’t had tome to even do a second draft.

Honestly I am not sure how you regular people do it. A day job sucks all my attention to the point that I can only think about porn during my rare rest breaks. How do you do it? My brain feels porn deprived. I feel like I am wasting my day creating unimportant non-porn stuff.

Porn is not being made when I am doing a regular day job. This, deep down in my soul, feels wrong.

Everyone should be making porn. Everyone. We don’t need money markets, electronics, roads and consumer goods.

We need porn.

Now get to it.

*Image is borrowed from the wonderful Ben Newman blog. You should buy all his stuff.*

  2 Responses to “Summer Science Laboratory Job Update”

  1. Day jobs are fun for many things. Mainly because, as a writer, I suck when it comes to secondary incomes. My day job is actually the better of my skills (programming, management) and I get a thrill doing it.

    Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t wander down the halls going “oh, he’s cute, I love to see him in the closet” or “god, I wish she would bend over that table.” Also, there were a few times when I’ve fucked the hell out of Fluffy on the binding room or the time we were almost caught fucking underneath my desk. Not to mention, once I found her kneels underneath my desk, just wait… yummy.

    • It is funny. I accept the financial need for a job but utterly reject with my whole being the concept of wasting my day not creating. It is completely irrational yet somehow feels right.

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