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The Monster Fuck Rally is an annual event that takes place at the remote island of Blood Sands. Biological Siege Monsters swim, fly and walk through the ocean from nearby Rampage Island to mate with each other at Blood Sands. The terrible beasts, many of them as large as the tallest buildings, fuck for seven days until the survivors return back to the ocean to go back to Rampage Island. The sexual adventures and dismemberments are recorded by satellites and transmitted to the entire population of Euphoria.

The Biological Siege Monsters are the descendents of the surviving monstrosities used by King Grim in the Genetic Wars with the Blade Alliance. These creatures were engineered to possess great strength, numerous natural weapons and a body mass that rivaled mountains. They were used to destroy cities, fortresses and populations.

After the Gene War, King Grim declared them Heroes of the Kingdom and allocated them Rampage Island as their new home. The monsters possess little to no intelligence and were happy with their isolation. They spend their time fighting, knocking down trees and screaming howls to the uncaring sky. Many of them feed on each other, their natural healing abilities making it possible to provide a meal to an enemy and survive.

Due to the unstable genetics of the Siege Monsters, many permutations and mutations appear among the creatures. One beast may be a giant flying moth that excretes radioactive fire while another creature might be a three headed flying best that screams hypersonic cries that shatter tanks. New variations are appearing all the time.

Although their genetics had been heavily modified, they still possessed sex drives as no Euphorian scientist would ever think to remove a sex drive, even from towering forces of devastation. Even though the monsters are radically different from one another, it doesn’t stop them from mating with each other. A monstrous bird will mate with an even more monstrous squid. A horrifying blob monster will penetrate a terrifying crab creature. Their sex drive overcomes any differences in shape.

The Siege Monsters travel to Blood Sands due to some instinct that scientists have yet to understand. It may simply be that the violence inherent in their mating is something that they would rather do away from their home.

It has become a hobby among the wealthiest of Euphorians to construct great buildings on Blood Sands during the non-migration period. The wealthy compete with each other create the most fragile buildings, the most glorious temporary monuments and the most spectacular collapses for when a hundred foot tall monster tries to hump a two hundred foot tall four legged creature that sprays fire. This gross expense of wealth only to see it destroyed has become a way for the truly wealthy to stand out from their less wealthy peers.

Queen Erishella has recently begun banishing war prisoners to Blood Sands one day prior to the mating season. Flying vid-cameras record the futile efforts of survival for the thrill starved Euphorian citizenry. Ratings reached their peak when an entire encampment of prisoners drowned in a flash flood of Siege Monster ejaculate.

Souvenir Sex Toys are made from the remains of the Siege Monsters that die during the mating season. They are alleged to greatly enhance virility, make breasts fuller, tighten vaginas and remove wrinkles.

–Euphorian Gazetteer

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  1. That is awesome! Thank you for writing about it. Love the idea of people running around, just trying to survive a few moments longer as huge creatures come everywhere.

  2. *laughs*
    I’m not even going to ask the inspiration or the method as to how you came up with this story, lol.

    My mind frizzled at trying to visually see how genitals of various creatures worked to mesh and fit into each other x.x;
    Did something happen at the top secret science job?

    • The more mundane answer is that I watched Pacific Rim and it got me thinking about giant monsters and what exactly would you do with said giant monsters.

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