Jul 192013


Bikini Bar: Happy Night starts at 3pm and lasts until 2am. Cocktails are half-off and G-strings are half undone.

Captain O’Plenty’s Galley: Pirates will be attacking the dining area at 8pm. Diners will be robbed, volunteers will be carried away and locked in the brig, and one special costumer will get to be Cabin Boy/Girl for the night!

Fish Shack: At 6pm, music will be provided by local band, The Sexy Sirens.

Mermaid’s 18 Holes: Souvenir bikini’s and mens speedo’s will be given to everyone who scores a Hole in One tonight.


Bikini Bar: Wet Panties contest will be held at noon. The Mermaid Beach Police Force would like to remind all contestants that skin-to-win will result in a $50 fine.

Fish Shack: Todays is Bring Your Own Fish Day. You bring it, we’ll cook it! (For $3.99)

Kyle’s Shipwreck: Free Bodypaint Artists will be on hand from 11am to 2pm. Be sure to come by and check out our ever expanding range of tight and interesting t-shirts.

Madam Hurricane: Fortunes told are half off all day Saturday. Curses are also half off.  Blessings to remove curses are still full price.

Mermaid Island Theater: At 9pm will be a special showing of the 1974 documentary, Nudist Beach Revolution. No one under the age of 18 will be admitted to see this educational film.


Bikini Bar: Erotica Story Jam begins at noon. Take turns at the open microphone and tell your best dirty story.

Church of the Drowning Wave: Services will be held at 9am, followed by Prayers for the Drowning Apocalypse at 10am and then followed by a Seafood Buffet at 11:30am. New attendees welcome!

Fish Shack: Fish Stew is available on Sunday only! It is also the only item on the menu on Sundays.

The Mermaid Island Community Watch would like to remind beach visitors to PLEASE stop making obscene sand sculptures.  The Mermaid Beach Newsletter however would like to offer admiration to whomever created that heavily endowed mermaid sculpture on the dune facing the Chruch of the Drowning Wave.

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