Jul 032013

Explorer’s Log: After nine months of traveling, I have finally arrived at the star system designated “Queen’s Deadly Beauty” by Royal Astronomers. It appears to be a low technology world with a vibrant slave trade. I will make contact with the leaders to scout them out for a potential invasion but first, I plan to make contact with some remote inhabitants to get a feel for the species. The Queen needs to know how submissive the masses are first. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Nine fucking months without getting laid. There is no way I could negotiate with world leaders in this frame of mind. I am going to meet some lucky assholes in the middle of nowhere and fuck the shit out of them.

Testimony of Cam Borman, Slaver Apprentice:

It was a rest day when the alien came. The slave women could not travel across the Green Plains without frequent rest stops for they are weak and nowhere as tough as the men of Hor. While Slaver Gon took the time to catch a nap, I used the time to train a new acquisition in the Thirty Proper Poses.

Her name was Lena and she was a slow learner. She barely understood how to do a Weak Woman Praying and her Pitiful Woman Kneeling was atrocious but I was determined to make her learn. She had fair skin and admirable breasts that I enjoyed groping so I was patient with her. I knew that one day she would make a fine slave of Hor.

Lena was from the borderlands and didn’t know the truth of her gender. She did not understand that women are weak and that they could only learn true pleasure as a slave. Despite my many efforts, she had not learned the pleasure that all women feel when a cock is in their mouth. Despite my many lessons, she had yet to experience the euphoria that a slave woman feels when her master whips her. Yet for all these faults, I kept training her for as I said, her breasts were lovely.

A deafening noise echoed across the plains. A great purple vessel appeared in the sky. It was shaped like a cock but where the balls should be were great barrels that spit flame. The cock landed on its side and a door opened.

At this point, all the other slaves cowered and ducked to the ground; their asses lifted in submission like true women should. Lena stood defiantly until I hit her in the knees with my club.

Slaver Gon awoke and he strode out to fight the giant cock. The wind ripped through his thick black hair. His chest was bare and mighty. He carried a sword that had carved through the necks of seventeen bandits who sought our wares. The dimples of his ass were visible under his tunic as he clenched in anticipation. He was truly a warrior of Hor.

Someone came through the door to the vessel and to our surprise and horror, it was a woman! She was covered in a strange red cloth from neck to toe but the cloth was so tight it was if she was wearing nothing at all. She had hips that could birth many sons of Hor. She had long legs capable of encompassing the widest lover. Most of all, she had breasts that were even bigger than Lena’s!

A strange glass bubble encased her head. Through the glass we could see she was dark as one of the Southern people but instead of night black hair, her short hair was as pink as the inside of a woman’s pussy. She was truly an alien being.

She spoke to us and her words were gibberish.

Slaver Gon responded in a way fitting for a man of Hor. “Get on your knees, woman!” he yelled. “Show obedience and deference or taste the back of my hand!”

“Ah, you’re speaking a form of Batang,” the alien woman said with the most alluring accent. “I think I didn’t catch part of that. Did you say that you were going to backhand me?”

“Yes!” Slaver Gon said, deeply offended that he had to repeat himself to a woman. He took a step towards her and raised his sword for the punishment for making a man of Hor repeat himself is death.

The alien drew a small object from her belt. She pointed it at Slaver Gon and a beam of light erupted from the object. It struck slaver Gon in the face and his entire skull exploded in a cloud of steam.

“How about you?” the alien said to me. “Are you going to hit me with anything?”

Her alien eyes must have laid a curse on me. That is the only explanation I have for quickly dropping my club and shaking my head in the negative.

“Good move,” she said. “Now take off your pants and lie on the ground.”

Lena snickered beside me. I kicked her. The alien frowned at me.

“Why are you still standing?” she asked.

“I am a man of Hor,” I said. “I do no take orders from a woman.”

The alien pointed her object at the ground. There was a flash of light and the grass in front of me turned into a greasy smoke.

I took off my pants. The alien smiled as she saw my cock and I relaxed. She may be an alien but she was still a woman, I figured I would soon have command of her.

“Now lay down,” she repeated and I did.

The alien pressed touched something on her waist. The red fabric that clothed her legs dissappeared. Dark brown legs were revealed as well as unnatural pink hair over her pussy. Despite my unease at her pink bush, I still had an urge to master it.

“There we go,” the alien said. She swung her leg over my hip and I was confused. It was only when she reached down and grabbed my cock did I understand what she was about to do. I screamed in terror.

“Shut the fuck up,” the alien said and then she did what I feared. She lowered herself and mounted me. I watched in horror as she guided my cock into her pussy.

It was inhuman. The alien was sitting on my cock in a mockery of how a man should fuck a woman. Strong thighs gripped either side of my hips as she humped my body. She sat tall and proud on my cock, her head thrown back with pleasure instead of lowered in obedience. Tight pussy muscles gripped my cock. She was unimaginably wet as if she had not had a cock in nine months or so.

“Move your fucking hips,” the alien said.

“Never!” I proudly declared.

She put the strange light emitting object at my lips. My mouth opened as she shoved the tip of it in. I tasted something strange like the smell of when lightning has struck.

“Move,” she said again.

I moved my hips. Shame flushed through my body. I was used to fucking a woman from on top, not from the bottom. It was awkward and difficult but with the deadly object in my mouth, what choice did I have?

The alien writhed on top of me. She derived sexual joy from our deviant joining. She rode me so hard that her magnificent breasts bounced under her tight fabric.
Her hips moved with a frenzied speed that I had never seen in a woman. The wetness of her pussy was a flood on my cock.

“Glory to the Queen!” she cried and I had no idea what she was praising. What is a Queen?

Worse of all, Lena was staring at us and rebellion was clear in her eyes. She was learning new blasphemies and there was no telling what harm she could spread to the gullible and easily influenced women of Hor.

I had to do something. My hands grabbed the waist of the alien and I rolled her to ground! I was on top of her and I decided to fuck her like a true man of Hor would!

The alien’s eyes opened in surprise but strangely, she did not melt my head. She did keep her object in my mouth though which was a bit distracting.

But I ignored it! My cock pounded into her alien pussy with all the vigor and potency of a man of Hor! My hips smashed into her brown thighs! My cock dominated her pussy and fucked her like the slave I knew her to be!

“Glory to the Queen!” she cried again and I kept fucking.

“Glory to the Queen!” she shouted once more and I kept fucking, although a little slower.

“Glory to the fucking Queen!” she screamed and at this point, I was getting really tired.

I didn’t understand it. My cock was in her. I was fucking her. I was a man of Hor. Why wasn’t she declaring eternal fealty to me?

“Time for something new,” the alien said. She pushed me off of her. I know I should have pinned her hands down and forced myself on her but to be honest, I was exhausted.

She pushed me onto my back but at least she took the object out of my mouth. My relief was replaced with terror when I saw her climb onto my shoulders. Her wet soaking pussy was right above my face and I screamed.

“Shut up and lick,” the alien said and then she lowered her pussy onto my mouth.

I screamed and shook my head. The alien sighed and pressed the deadly object to my forehead. I lay still for I knew that refusal would be death.

It was horrible. Brown thighs clenched around my head. I couldn’t breathe. My mouth was covered by her pussy and my nose could only smell the rich musk of her sex. An endless fountain of pleasure dripped from her sex.

The alien rode my face. I know it is written on the Great Blood Scrolls that a true man of Hor should never taste the pussy of a woman but I had no choice. The object was against my head and I knew she would have no hesitation at exploding my head between her thighs.

I have no idea how long my ordeal lasted. The alien was insatiable. She rode my face with her wicked pussy. She grinded the life out of me. She screamed climax after climax but yet she kept fucking my face.

It felt like hours.

Finally she stood up and almost fell back over on my shaking legs. My jaw was numb. My face was soaked. As sore as I was, I knew this was my one chance to avenge myself. The alien was exhausted and if she was like the women of Hor, that meant she would be docile after our fucking.

I lunged for her.

She backhanded me.

I awoke the sight of the rising moon. The alien was gone. So was her purple ship.

The corpse of Slaver Gon rotted where he had fallen. The slaves and supplies were gone. I have no doubt that Lena lead her fellow slaves in a dishonorable escape. I can only hope they are captured by other slavers before they make it back to the borderlands.

As for me, I have travelled to the capital to speak to the High Kings of Nor. I have heard rumors that she has traded you strange objects in exchange for food, shelter and several fine women. I have heard that she is negotiating for others of her kind to come and buy our slaves. The talk among the men of Hor is that you are even considering bestowing citizen status upon her.

Heed my words, High Kings of Nor. I have brought you a warning of the monster that you now host in your palace. I have come to tell you of the dangers she represents. I have come to teach you the horrors her kind will bring.

Kill her now, before she makes you too, a Pussy-eater of Nor.

Explorer’s Log: Trade agreements with Hor are complete. The Queen’s representatives may now come and purchase their highly submissive slaves. I recommend bringing swords as currency as they fucking love weapons. Also, if at any point someone from Nor objects to the trade, be sure to vaporize them in the head. The men of Hor have a lot of respect for sudden deaths.

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  1. *falls over laughing* Oh, but that was fucking brilliant! Loved it, loved it loved it :)

    xx Dee

  2. This was interesting, wanna ask a question from your writing p.o.v.

    The usual hilarity and wit and charm of this series was all aplenty, however, up until now we have heard these tales purely from Vaquel’s point of view, no matter what sexual/emotional state she’s going through and we always sympathise with her.

    So when she decided to pull off what is testament to rape, why write did you choose to write it from the victim’s point of view this time? (I felt sorry for the guy) :/

    One things for sure though, Vaquel could easily be another Queen Erishella when she’s done with the exploring…

    • I had been toying with the idea of doing Vaquel stories from the visited’s point of view. I had put it off because it hadn’t really been necessary. This story would have been even more uncomfortable if told from Vaquel’s pov as it essentially was an alien rape so I made the choice to tell the story from the view of a colossal dickhead.

      Plus, to really capture the glossary of “a true man of Hor”, it was easier in his voice.

  3. That was cute. I like the attitude change during the story.

    She was unimaginably wet as if she had not had a cock in nine months or so.

    Loved that line.

  4. I simply extra up your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader.

  5. Very useful information. Hope to see more blogposts soon!

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