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Holly Valentine checked herself before she knocked on the hotel door. She was meeting a whistle blower who claimed he had information about the United States’ surveillance program. When meeting a contact for the first time, it was vital that you dress appropriately.

Today she was wearing a simple blue skirt and a white blouse. She went light on the makeup though to be honest, with her naturally deep red lips and a light splattering of freckles on her face; she didn’t really need makeup. She let her thick red hair hang loose without much styling. The impression she was shooting for was less top investigative reporter with a craving for vital secrets and more friendly neighbor next door that you jack off to but always feel guilty about later.

She raised her hand to knock but the door opened before she could touch it. A man’s face peeked through the crack. He was cute, with short hair and delicate glasses.

“Mr. Snowd-“ she began to say but his hand shot through the crack and clamped over her mouth.

“No names, come in,” he said.

Holly stepped over the threshold, his hand still over mouth. That was when she noticed that her whistle-blower was nude. He was lacking any body hair and the many cuts on his body showed that the hair removal was recent.

The hotel room was dark. All of the lamps were turned off. The curtains had been pulled across the windows. A towel hung over the mirror. Duct tape had been used to mask the screen of the television.

“I need to check you for listening devices,” her informant said. “Don’t say anything. If the NSA hears certain keywords, they can order a drone strike and blow up this hotel.”

He removed his hand. “Wouldn’t that be illegal?” Holly asked.

“Section three, paragraph four of the Loyalist Act, look it up,” the whistle-blower said.

“I have heard of the Patriot Act, but never the Loyalist Act,” Holly said.

“Exactly,” the informant said.

He checked her blouse first. She thought he was going to frisk her but no, he took her blouse off. Holly was disappointed that he was not taken back by the heavy pale breasts that were barely constrained with her white bra. Instead of admiring the freckles of her cleavage, he removed her bra. His warm hands lifted her breasts and checked for hidden devices.

Next he removed her shoes. He tapped the bottom of her soles for hidden cavities. From there he removed her skirt and ran his hands over her legs. Holly thought he was feeling her up but no, apparently he was looking for recent implants.

Last was her panties and again, he didn’t pause to admire the rather lacy white panties she had chosen. He merely stuck his fingers inside her pussy and felt around. He was quite thorough.

When he finally removed his fingers, Holly felt free to talk. “I have done a lot of reporting on spy agencies so I understand your precautions. I hope we can talk now about what you hinted in your e-mail. As a former employee for the NSA subcontractors, you know a lot of things that the American people need to know.”

The whistle-blower nodded grimly. “You should know Ms. Valentine that after I give you my information, I will be fleeing the country for an undisclosed location. The government might interrogate you.”

Holly smiled. “The press loves nothing more than the attention of angry government officials. Let’s sit down and you can tell me what you discovered.”

The informant shook his head. “No, ma’am, it is too dangerous. The NSA has ears in places you can’t imagine. I can’t even speak it unless we have a suitable biological barrier.”

“Sooo, do you want to write it down?” Holly asked.

“Too dangerous,” he said. “Paper has been compromised since 1992. That is why the internet has been so vital.”

“Okay,” Holly said. She was unfazed by his paranoia. She had seen worse when she investigated the ice cream industry. “How are you going to share your information?”

“With this,” the whistle-blower said. It was a small device with the length and girth of her pinkie-finger. “Go lie on the bed and spread your legs.”

Again, Holly was unfazed. Reporters spend more time on their backs than most people knew. She went to bed and noticed that the sheets had been completely removed. The mattress was bare. She sat down and laid back, her legs hanging over the side of the bed.

“Perfect,” the whistle-blower said. He knelt between her legs. She parted her thighs and felt his fingers on the lips of her sex. He pushed aside her pubic hair and inserted the device. It slipped easily inside her.

“What is it?” she gasped.

“A recorder,” he said.

He leaned closer. His lips brushed against her sex. She could feel his breath on her sex. He grabbed her thighs and pulled them around his head. Only then did he begin to whisper.

Holly couldn’t hear what he was saying. Sometimes words would drift to her but for the most part it was too quiet. The words she did hear chilled her. Surveillance. Vibrators. Lasers.

It made her wet. So many secrets had been spilled because of her pussy but this was the first time that secrets were being spilled into her pussy. It was highly arousing.

Holly’s hips moved. Her thighs tightened around the whistle-blower’s head. She grabbed one of her breasts and squeezed.

She felt a tongue. It was so sudden, she wasn’t sure it happened. She heard more whispered words. There was something about satellites pointed at bedrooms and then another lick. Holly shivered and grabbed the head of the whistle-blower.

“More,” she whispered.

There, that was definitely a lick. One long loving lick of her wet pussy was followed by more whispered secrets.

“More,” she moaned.

A finger slipped into her. Holly cried out and squeezed her thighs tight. The informant kept talking but now his finger was sliding in and out her. He was fucking the illicit information into her.

She turned her head as she moaned. The mirror reflected her nude body back at her. She could see the informant’s cock, hard and pulsing between his legs.

Wait, wasn’t there a towel over the mirror earlier?

The informant whispered something and punctuated it with a lick. His finger pushed deeper inside her, fighting for space with the recording device. Holly arched her back and soaked the secrets in.

A beam of light fell across her breasts. She titled her head to see that the curtain over the windows had moved ever so slightly.

The whistle-blower kept whispered. Alarming words came from between her thighs. Weaponized Voyeurism. Sexcam Eavesdropping. Lingerie Registration. Handjob Databases.

The whistle-blower also kept licking. Deep inside Holly his tongue probed. Even deeper his finger invaded and explored her sex. Delicious shivers rippled through her body.

The television came on. The sound was muted but Holly could see the flicker of images beneath the layered duct tape.

“Faster,” Holly said. A shiver of fear joined the shivers of pleasure. She didn’t know what was going on but deep down she knew that it was wrong. She also had the bad feeling that was it entirely legal according to laws only a few had ever seen.

The whispers stopped. Holly was worried for a split second before she felt the entirety of his mouth on her. The whistle-blower was done talking but he wasn’t done licking. His finger thrusted, his tongue licked and lips nibbled. His message had been delivered and he was sealing it with a kiss.

“Fuck!” Holly yelled. She came and she came hard. Something beeped deep within the mattress but she didn’t care. The ceiling came on by itself but she didn’t care. The toilet flushed in the bathroom but she didn’t care. Holly was high on orgasm and secrets.

The whistle-blower lifted his head from between her legs. “When you get home, plug some earphones into the recorder and listen to it. Never play what I said out loud or certain devices I can’t say out loud will zero in on you.”

“Okay,” Holly said lazily. She reluctantly sat up. “Thanks for the information. INX will report it as soon as I write it up.”

The informant nodded and checked his watch. “You should go. I have another appointment with another reporter. You know, just in case something happens to you.”

Holly nodded and got up. She put her clothes on in silence. One of the lamps was now on and she ignored it. She waved goodbye to the whistle-blower and went into the hallway.

A guy was walking down the hall. Holly recognized him as a blogger on a liberal website. He smiled at her and started to say something but Holly raised her finger to her lips and shook her head. He might as well get used to not talking.

They passed each other and Holly saw him go to the door. As she stepped into the elevator she realized something. How was the informant going to give his secrets to the male blogger?

She clenched around the recording device as she imagined how.

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  1. That was adorable. “Paper has been compromised…”

  2. For guys = blowjob
    For ladies = “Whistle Blowing”

    You sure do colour my days and regular English terms with something special like no other. <3

    This was damned hot~~~

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