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Joshua woke up to the sound of seagulls outside. He didn’t know where he was at first. His bed was a little bouncy, the air a little stuffy, the room was very small and the walls were decorated with painted seashells.

Memory washed slowly into him. He was at Mermaid Beach with a bunch of his friends. They had rented a beach house together. They were sleeping six to a bedroom. He had taken the air mattress into the laundry room for privacy. His girlfriend, Leah, wouldn’t come to sleep with him. She wanted to stay in the living room.

Joshua rolled over and stared at the ceiling.  There was something else he needed to remember.

His cock throbbed.  He remembered.  Samantha, Cory’s girlfriend, had kissed Joshua last night!  It was a long deep melting kiss that made his balls ache to remember.  She had kissed him out of the on the way back from the Bikini Bar.  She never told him why.

“Holy shit,” he whispered to the washing machine.  Guilt and desire pulsed within his cock.  What was that all about? Leah would dump him if she found out! Cory would kick his ass! What the fuck caused Samantha to kiss him?

The washing room door opened.  Joshua shifted on the air mattress, trying to disguise the tent his cock had formed with the sheets.

It was Samantha.

She was wearing a t-shirt and panties. Her nipples pushed against the fabric of the shirt. The tail of the shirt barely came down over her pink panties. The sunlight turned her blonde hair into a halo.

Holy fuck.

Samantha closed the door behind her and picked up the edge of the sheets.  Joshua should have pulled the sheets away from her.

He scooted over instead.

Samantha climbed into the air mattress with him. She smiled at him. Joshua weakly smiled back.

“Why are-“ he said before his mouth was covered by hers.

Samantha kissed him hard.  It was just like last night. Her lips forced open his and her tongue sought out his. Soft golden hair fell around his face, covering their shameful kiss from the outside world.

Joshua didn’t know what to do. He kept kissing her.  His heart pounded, his cock throbbed and his mind raced. He couldn’t remember the last time Leah had kissed him like this. Fuck, he couldn’t remember the last time Leah had initiated the kiss.

Samantha broke the kiss but her face stayed close to his.  He felt her breath on his face.  Her breasts pressed into his arm and chest. He was very aware of her thigh slipping over his leg, reaching up, up, up towards his cock trapped within his underwear.

Her thigh rubbed up and then down over his cock.

“What?” he asked, unable to think of anything more coherent.

“Let’s have a little fling,” Samantha said.  “Something just between us.”

Joshua didn’t know what to say. He thought of Leah. He thought of Cory. He thought about the heavy breast pressing against his chest and the warm thigh rubbing over his cock.

“But we can’t cross the line,” Samantha said.

“Okay,” Joshua said.  He wasn’t sure what he was agreeing to.

He decided to find out.

Joshua rolled over onto his side.  He slipped one nervous hand under her shirt.  He watched her eyes light up as his fingers found her breast.

He squeezed.  Samantha smiled and moaned.

It was a quiet, quiet moan for a quiet sleeping beach house.

Joshua squeezed harder.  He felt the weight of her breast. He thought about Leah’s smaller breast and banished the memory. This was between him and Samantha.

She reached around him. Her hand slipped under his underwear and grabbed his ass.  She squeezed him to her.

“Fuck,” he said, a little too loud.

Her eyes widened in admonishment.

He whispered that he was sorry.

She squeezed his ass in forgiveness.

God, he wanted her.

He let go of her breast long enough to grab the tail of her shirt.  She didn’t resist as he pulled her shirt up over her plump breasts.  Brown tan lines surrounded a pale breast and paler nipple.

Samantha rolled on top of him. Skin to skin their chest met. It was a warm summer morning but Samantha’s full body was even warmer.  His cock pulsed as she settled his weight into him.

She offered a breast for his mouth.  He took it.  Joshua sucked on her nipple, indulging himself to the fullest.

When was the last time Leah let him do this? It had been too long.  It seemed like it had been never.

Samantha grinded against his body.  He felt her soft panties slide against his underwear. His bulge throbbed helplessly as her panty covered sex grinded against it.

He throbbed and Samantha moaned.  Knowing she could feel his throbs made him even harder.

Was his underwear getting wet from her sex, or was that his imagination?

Joshua didn’t care.  He grinded away at the curvy blonde on top of him. His mouth opened wider to get more of her wonderful tit into his mouth.

He wanted to fuck but grinding was almost as good.  He could feel her heat.  He could feel the rhythm of her hips.  He could feel how much she wanted him inside her.

Their hips shifted and both of them groaned. He released her tit as she looked down into their eyes. Both of them stopped in midthrust.

The tip of his bulge, covered by his underwear, had pushed against a sheath of panties and parted the lips of her sex.

They groaned as their genitals strained at each other. His cock throbbed. Her pussy dampened his underwear and this time he knew it was not his imagination.

A tug of his underwear and he would be inside her.  A tug of her panties and she would engulf him. Joshua looked into Samantha’s eyes and he tried to read her mind?

“Close,” Joshua said and he wasn’t sure if that was a plea or a warning.

“Yes,” Samantha whispered. He wasn’t sure if it was permission or denial.

Maybe it was both.

“I want to try something,” Joshua said.  He gently rolled her onto her side and changed positions on the air mattress.  The tiny space of the washing room made it tricky but he didn’t care. He rotated on the mattress until his face was near her sex and her face was near his crotch.

Joshua moved his mouth down to her panties.  Yes, there was a wet spot.  He leaned in close and took a nice deep breath.

Nothing had ever smelled sexier.

“Careful,” Samantha said.

“I know,” Joshua said.

He moved his nose down to the side of her panties.  His tongue snaked out and touched the edge of her panties.  He planted a kiss on the skin just outside her panties.

“Oh God,” Samantha moaned.  She grabbed his thigh. He winced as her fingers sunk into his thigh but his cock pulsed in response. It was nice to be wanted.

Joshua kissed down the side of her panties.  His tongue flickered over the bare skin. He knew she could feel his heavy breathing between her thighs.  He relished the groans she made.

Joshua froze as he felt Samantha’s lips on his thighs. She was following his lead.  He trembled as she took a long loving lick of the crease joining his thigh to his groin.

It was driving Joshua insane.  Maybe they should just fuck.  It would be quick.  It would be wonderful. They would get what they need and Leah, Cory and the other housemates would never need to know.

Samantha’s mouth moved.  Her lips grabbed his bulge. She bit down slightly, trapping the underwear around his cock. Just as quickly, she released.

Joshua’s eyes rolled into the back of his head.  A toilet flushed somewhere in the house and he didn’t care.  He felt his body reach a new peak of pleasure and he didn’t know how to handle it.

He moved his mouth and planted a soft kiss on the front of Samantha’s panties.

He watched her hips quiver.  He felt her mouth go to his thigh and bite down hard as she tried to muffle the moan rising within her.

Joshua’s leg ached from the force of her bite but it didn’t stop him.  He planted another kiss on her panties.

Samantha bit down harder as she moaned louder.

He was tempted to lick her next.  One long swipe of his tongue on her panties would send her over the edge.

Fuck it, he should pull her panties off and just eat her.  Samantha would let him.  He could smell it.  She wanted him.

And then, when she was good and eaten, he would sink his cock into her.

The thought made him moan. He raised his fingers to her panties but stopped.

If they fucked, it would be awesome.

But would it be as awesome as he felt right now? His cock was harder than it had ever been in his life.  He felt wanted and it made him realize that maybe he had never really felt that way before. He felt like the sexiest man in the world. He didn’t want to let that feeling go.

What did he want more? To climax, or to feel wanted?

Joshua sat up.  Samantha looked at him with glazed eyes.  Her face was flushed. The flush went down her throat, down her tanned skin and onto her now blushing breasts. He leaned down and kissed one of her hard nipples.

“A summer fling,” he whispered.

“Yes,” she said back.

“To last all summer,” he asked.

“Yes,” she said.

“And no one can know,” he said.

“And we must never cross the line,” Samantha said.

“So you will be back tomorrow morning?” he asked.

She nodded.

Upstairs they heard the shower running.  The house was waking up.

He reached between her legs.  The flat of his palm pressed against her damp panties.  Her eyes widened and her thighs parted.  Joshua could have curled his fingers and maybe penetrate her a little.  Instead, he just let his hand rest there.

“Tomorrow, come earlier,” he whispered.

“I promise,” Samantha said.

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  1. Oh, yummy. Hot and sexy. Wish I had relationships like this, but I love the idea of making out that way in the laundry room.

    • I am surprised that is not a term for that desire to fuck near that source of the dryer towel smell.

  2. The tension, the barriers, the forbidden, the innocent, the eagerness, the undiluted desire.
    All the trappings of a lovely summer fling, added with new location, lol.

    Lovely story ^^

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