Jul 242013

“Welcome to Advance Prophylactics, Dr. Bohen.”

Dr. Bohen smiled. After six month of interviews, background checks and a surprise anal exam, he was thrilled to finally be hired for a position with Von Madd Laboratories. This was his first day on the job and after enduring a three hour safety seminar, he was ready to get working on some erotic science.

“Thank you, Dr. Mosely,” he said.  He wanted to say something smart and gracious but he was terribly distracted by Dr. Mosely’s appearance.  The black woman was wearing an open lab coat, a pair of safety glasses, nitrite gloves and nothing else.  Her small brown breasts were very distracting but not as distracting as her shaved pussy.

“Oh, you must be wondering about this,” Dr. Mosely said, pointing at her naked sex.  “Today we are testing some new condom formulations for sensitivity.  I was about to call for a male technician to help test, but since you are here, would you like to penetrate me?  For science?”

Dr. Bohen resisted the urge to high five himself.  “I would be glad to help, Dr. Mosely.  We certainly never did anything like this at Sayne Industries!”

“We prefer a hands-on approach here,” Dr. Mosley said.  “Wait a minute, has your penis been calibrated yet?”

Dr. Bohen had already pulled down his pants.  “Calibrated?”

“Why yes,” she said.  “Every penis, vagina, ass, finger, tongue and nipple must be calibrated by Quality Assurance before it can be used in an experiment or procedure. That way we can ascertain that the experiment was conducted with an organ that is within specifications.”

Dr. Bohen frowned.  “Where do I go to umm, get my penis calibrated?”

“You don’t go anywhere, doctor!” Dr. Mosley said with a smile.  She picked up a phone.  “QA? We need a penis calibration in Advance Prophylactics right away. Excellent!”

“Wow, how long will it take for them to get here?” Dr. Bohen asked.

The lab door opened.  A cheerful Asian woman walked in with a briefcase.  She was wearing a blue blouse and matching blue skirt.

“Hey Reina!” Dr. Mosely said. “This is Dr. Bohen and he just joined us.  He needs a full calibration later but right now we just need his penis evaluated.”

“I can do that,” Reina said.  “Please remove your underwear and don’t touch your penis.”

Dr. Bohen did as he was told.  He stepped out of his pants and took down his briefs.  After stepped out of them he faced Reina.  He wasn’t sure what to do with his hands so he put them behind his back.

Reina knelt down on the ground and opened her briefcase.  She took out a clipboard, pen, and a ruler.  The Asian woman gripped his cock and she slowly began to stroke him.

“You get hard fast under manual stimulation,” Reina said.

“Is that good?” Dr. Bohen asked.

“Don’t worry,” Dr. Mosely said.  “She is just making observations. Everyone is different but it is good to include the differences for experiment reports.”

Dr. Bohen nodded and kept quiet.

Reina stroked him until he was fully hard.  She placed the ruler against the base of his cock and measured.  Dr. Bohen tried to see what she wrote down but couldn’t.

“How big?” he asked.

Reina smiled at him.  “Big enough.”

Dr. Mosley sat in a chair.  She kept her legs open. Dr. Bohen watched as she idly fingered herself.  With her other hand, she organized the condom samples she wanted to test.

He looked back down at Reina. She was moving his cock back and forth and taking notes. Her finger traced the head of his cock. She let go of his cock and made notes about which direction it leaned. At one pojnt she sniffed his cock and took note of the smell.

Dr. Bohen kept looking at Dr. Mosely’s pussy. She had two fingers inside her now.  He could hear how wet she was.

“Almost done?” he asked Reina.

“Almost,” she said and then she opened her mouth and engulfed his cock.

“Oh!” Dr. Bohen said.  His hands went to her head but he stopped himself.  Quality was nothing to mess with.

He felt Reina’s tongue explore his cock. Her cheeks caved in around him. Fingers gripped his thighs as her mouth took more and more of him. He pulsed inside her mouth and Reina moaned.

Dr. Mosely had three fingers inside her now. She was still organizing condom samples but at a much slower pace.  Her dark nipples were hard.  She kept looking at Dr. Bohen and he saw the lust in her eyes.

Reina took his cock out of her mouth and stood up.

“Did I pass?” Dr. Bohen asked.  He was eager to start those tests.

“Not yet,” Reina said and she turned around and bent over a table.  She reached behind and flipped up her skirt. A lovely ass faced him. She was wearing nothing underneath except a neatly trimmed bush of black hair.

“Slip inside,” Reina said.  “We need to calibrate your rhythm.”

Dr. Bohen glanced at Dr. Mosley.  She nodded at him.

“Happy to calibrate,” Dr. Bohen said.

He guided his cock to Reina’s sex. His cock slid into wet tight heat. He groaned with delight. The closest he got to being inside anything this nice at his last job was when he got his finger stuck in the rubber mold.

“Fuck me,” Reina moaned.

Dr. Bohen did.  He grabbed her hips and pumped into her.  The first thrust was heaven, the second thrust made her cry out. The third thrust was pure delight. The fourth thrust was worth the three hour safety seminar earlier.

“Stop!” Reina said. She pushed him away.

“Ah, okay,” Dr. Bohen said. He wanted to fuck but it was his first day after all; he should stick to the rules.

Reina kneeled again before him and took his cock in both hands. He was slick from her spit and her pussy.  She tugged and twisted.

“Come,” Reina said.

Dr. Mosely moaned.  She had her legs spread even wider. She was using both hands on her pussy. All pretense of organizing the samples was gone. She shuddered as she climaxed.

Reina did another twist of the wrist and Dr. Bohen felt his knees go weak.

“I am going to come,” he said.

Quick as lightning, Reina grabbed a board and held it up to his cock. She never quit stroking with her other hand. It was strange but Dr. Bohen didn’t care. This was the best first day ever.

He climaxed. Reina guided his cock so that his semen splattered on the board. She kept stroking until he was drained.

“Thank you very much,” Reina said.  She put the board inside a small case that went inside the briefcase. She stood up and smoothed down her skirt.

“Your penis is clear for experiments,” Reina said. “I’ll do an analysis on your semen in case you want to participate in facial or bukkake protocols. I’ll assign your penis a quality number and send it to you in an email.”

“Okay,” Dr. Bohen said. He had questions but shit, this was a lot to absorb. He would consult his employee’s manual later.

“Have a good science day!” Reina said and she left the lab.

Dr. Bohen leaned against the table. He was exhausted.

“Now that we have that out of the way, we can get back to work,” Dr. Mosely said.  She stood up and dropped the lab coat. The senior scientist was nude and flushed.

“Ahhh,” Dr. Bohen said weakly. He looked down at his wilting cock.

Dr. Mosely frowned at his limp penis but then she smiled.

“That’s okay,” she said.  “It gives us a chance for me to show you how to activate our Fluffer Department.”

  4 Responses to “Fiction: Calibration”

  1. Cute, kinky, sexy, tooooons of fun.
    Love it!

    Also, also… how do females get ‘calibrated’?
    I was jealous of Dr Bohen and I’m female O.o

    Definitely seems to be worth the brutal application process, wish this world wasn’t seen only in my head all these years ><;;

    I was about to call for a male technician to help test, but since you are here, would you like to penetrate me? For science?”
    Best line I’ve heard in ages <3

    • The calibration for females is probably a bit messier. More samples are taken I bet.

      I find that people will do lots of things if you add, “For science!” at the end.

  2. I love the casualness of that work place. It’s a lot of fun and everyone just seems to be enjoying themselves. Getting a hand job for science, that’s also probably right up there.

  3. This was awesomecakes!

    xx Dee

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