Jun 212013

A weird confluence of events has me working for the next five weeks at a research laboratory doing science stuff. Okay, mostly I am helping them with their document process but I can’t tell you more because everything they do is confidential. Let’s pretend I am testing spanking vibrators all day, okay?

Safety training was my favorite. These people deal in chemicals and the average college education is somewhere in the seven PhD’s range but their number one accident involves stairs. No one ever gets a chemical burn but these geniuses are tripping on stairs every other week. You can’t make that shit up.

They issued me a notebook where I am allowed to write about science business stuff but the notebook can never leave the property and it will be handed down to the next science worker. My handwriting looks like a six year old asking such deep questions like “what does tare mean?”. Meanwhile, the pages preceding mine were written in the most beautiful handwriting you have ever seen and it describes complex long chains of chemicals. I am tempted to write sex tips instead.

Since I will be working a day job for the next month or so, I am sure it will affect my writing output. I have two stories in the buffer so hopefully I will be able to provide a story every Wednesday.

*Painting is Mad Science by Greg Hildebrandt

  2 Responses to “Summer Science”

  1. Curious as to what you are doing, but all the best with your summer job, hope it brings crazy inspiration for you and Von Madd *coughhintcough* too :)

  2. Mystique – Sometimes while doing real labwork I find myself writing protocols for vibrators so I am sure there will be new Von Madd stories :)

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