Jun 302013

Whew! You all made it!

When the Secret Censors of Atlantis decided to attack every Adult Blog on Blogger, I knew I had to take my blog somewhere safe.  Luckily for me, Laura from 3Design3.com answered my furious messages and took pity on me.  Like Moses leading the Tribes, no wait, like Admiral Adama leading the Colonial Fleet, Laura transported my entire blog to friendlier shores.

Here’s a funny thing; I am so tech blind, that I am just thrilled to have moved my blog but Laura is all like, “I’m going to fix this, and I’m going to fix this” and my mind glazes over and all I can think about is “Oh, I got a blog that Google can’t delete!”

Which is my way of saying that if anything looks bad on the blog at the moment it is utterly my fault because I have no design sense. Laura keeps asking me if I want things and I keep asking her what exactly those arcane words she says means.

I also wanted to take this moment to explain why the place is called shonrichards.com and not erotiterrorist.com. The first reason is that after six years, I still have to look up how to spell erotiterrorist. The other reason is that after all these news stories about federal surveillance programs, my wife is really jumpy about having a website that is just daring a Seal Six Team to strike us. I know it is a ridiculous thought that my little erotica site could be mistaken for bad guys but seriously, I am no longer sure the government is smart enough to know that anymore.

  14 Responses to “Relocated!”

  1. Glad you made the switch. We are considering it here too, though we don’t advertise, and are just as stumped as you were on what the heck Google even means.

  2. Congrats on the new digs! I’m not sure what I did right, but my reader kept up with your move so I saw this post. Shame about blogger. I hope the same thing does not happen to wordpress.

    • I have consulted the Oracles and they assure me that WordPress will behave OR giant rodents are coming. It could go either way.

  3. Awesome. Can’t wait to see how you make this your new home.

  4. Looking forward to see what you do now that you have shaken off your Google masters.

    • The next step is to free my fellow Google slave brothers and lead an army of angry bloggers to Goggle’s flying city fortress.

  5. It would be nice if each blog entry included the date that it was uploaded, like your old blog did — because I don’t want to miss anything that you’ve written. Thanks

    • A crack team of hackers wearing mirrored shades and tattered t-shirts are working on it as we speak.

  6. Wanted my email address… O.o

    It’s sooooooo white and fresh and new. Like moving into a new home so I guess it’ll take some time for you to furnish the place and make it yours again.

    Here’s hoping you have more creative freedom to continue as you like without anymore constrictions.
    We’ll still all here with ya! :D

    • I kind of like the white. I feel like I am in a clean room where we can do surgery at a moment’s notice.

  7. It’s all clean and shiny and new!

  8. Shon,
    I’m with you wife on this one, and you too the name change is for the best besides we all know its you.
    ps. formally known as ritzymermaid but I gave up my nome de guer a year ago.

  9. Shon, with the recent changes to the colour and font, was the font size of your stories increased too?
    (Everything is bigger which my eyes are throwing a tantrum and struggling to take in the text, so may have to zoom out on my browser to return to the original size it has been until now)

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