Jun 142013

Sexy Science Beach Volleyball is available for sale on Kindle. I previously posted the story as Beach Volleyball Mad-ness a few years ago. This version collects all the parts into one easy to read document and also features 45% more consistency in how I used quotation marks for the play-by-plays.

For those of you unfamiliar with the story, I present the follow teaser.

“Dr. Otto Von Madd is the world’s leading scientist in the field of erotic research. He makes sex robots, orgasmic lipstick and other fine super-science sextoys. He is filthy rich and can do pretty much what he wants.

What he wants is to hold a beach volleyball tournament. What he really wants is to improve the sport with some sexy new additions. He holds an invitational tournament for the world’s best women beach volleyball players.

Laura and Victoria are not the world’s best beach volleyball players but they are invited anyway. Maybe it is because Laura accidentally flashed a nation wide TV audience in their last match. Maybe it is because Victoria’s ruthless repressed dominant tendencies. Whatever the reason, these two best friends are off to compete in a tournament neither of them will ever forget.

Sexy Science Beach Volleyball is a fun but sexy story about mad science, sex, spanking, bondage, female domination, male submission and beach volleyball.”

Seriously, it has beach volleyball and mad erotic science. That is erotica gold right there.

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  1. Do you have an alternative donate button somewhere. No e-reader = cannot purchase from the Kindle shop and this is one of my all time faves :)

  2. Mystique – Check your email for what might be an invitation to a mysterious island

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