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James stepped out of the beach house. The wind rippled through his short brown hair. Inside he could hear his mom yelling at his brother and sister. It was nothing major, just an argument about sunscreen, clothes, shoes, food, bags, towels and phones. It was the same argument that the family had gone through every day this week and probably for the entire summer. Now that James thought about it, it was the same things they argued about last summer and the summer before that.

This year was different. James had been to college and though he was spending his summer vacation with his family, he had slightly more privileges than he used to. One of those privileges was the ability to come and go as he pleased.

Well, as long as no one saw him leaving.

It was early in the morning. The beach houses of Mermaid Island were quiet as people slept off the parties, drinking and hook ups of last night. James walked down the road and the blowing wind already drowned out the arguments left behind. The sun was out and the beach was starting its slow climb to almost but not quite unbearable heat. The ocean roared and beckoned him from the other side of the dune.

He thought about the girl he saw yesterday. She was dark and Asian. Maybe she was Japanese. James had no idea. He just knew that she had cute glasses, long black hair like a mermaid and an ass worth drowning for. He wanted to see her again.

Yesterday, he was too shy to approach her. She sat alone and read a book. Next to her was a weird sand castle shaped like a woman’s bust. He wasn’t sure if she had made it herself or was just sitting next to it. He wanted to introduce himself but never worked up the courage. You needed to say something clever and he had nothing.

Today would be different. A night of furiously masturbating hadn’t given him any new ideas of what to say but that didn’t matter. He would just say hello. He would be cool and confident. Girls liked that guys who approached strangers.

“Hey!” a voice called out.

James was about to leave the beach houses and cross the road to the dunes. He looked back to see who was calling him. He desperately hoped it was not his mother.

It was certainly not his mother. A woman wearing a bikini stood at her door. The brightness of the sun and the shadow of the door made it hard to see the woman clearly but he could certainly see her bikini. The white bikini barely contained her heavy breasts that looked like they were about to spill out. The bottom half of the bikini was tight enough that James was sure he could see contours of a region his last girlfriend wouldn’t let him see in the daylight.

“How old are you?” the woman yelled.

James told her. He was still young enough to answer the question of age without hesitation.

The woman smiled at his answer. “Old enough. Can you come here and help me out? I need someone to lotion me.”

“Sure!” James said. He headed towards her and had a thought. Maybe he could offer to lotion the Japanese girl. That would be his opening line!

As he came closer, James saw the woman better. Thick brown hair framed a smiling face. Full lips revealed bright white teeth. A wrinkle here and there added a touch of maturity to an already beautiful face. Her entire body was brown from a lifetime of sunbathing. There was no doubt that she was older than him but how old? He didn’t care. She was golden, brown and delicious looking.

“What’s your name?” she asked.

“James,” he answered.

“I’m Stephanie,” the woman said. “Come inside.”

“Thanks,” he said. There was a brief silence and he felt that he needed to fill it. He wanted to say something smooth. He wanted to be clever. He wanted to be cool.

He had nothing.

“Here you go,” Stephanie said. “Sunscreen is too important to leave to chance so I rather have someone else do it. Don’t you agree?”

“Uh, yes!” he said.

Stephanie turned her back to James. So much bare skin and flimsy bikini strings faced him. A nice ass, not as nice as the Japanese girl, but really nice faced him as well.

SQUIRT! James pumped the lotion into his hand. He placed his wet hand on her back and gently glided over her skin.

“Oh, much harder,” Stephanie said. “The sunscreen needs to be worked into the skin.”

“Okay,” James said. He pressed harder. Firm muscles pushed back against him. His hand rubbed against the hot older woman’s back. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest and he tried to calm himself. He had to be cool.

“Use both hands,” Stephanie said. “Don’t be shy. I want to be protected from the sun.”

“Okay,” James said again. It was all he could think of.

SQUIRT! SQUIRT! He got both hands wet and went to work rubbing her back. He felt her shoulder blades. He glided over lovely shoulders. When she held her hair up, he gently rubbed the back of her neck.

Should he do the back of her legs? He should do her ass but come on; she couldn’t be expecting him to do that. That was just his own dirty wish. Maybe he should ask her what he should do next? That would be the safe thing.

“Okay, now my front,” Stephanie said.

She turned. The older woman also slipped off her bikini top as she moved. It was a single fluid motion that would imprint on the rest of his sexual life.

He looked down at her breasts. They were magnificent. Half of her breasts were dark bronzed while the other half was pale ivory. The lines of her bikini formed natural lingerie. Tiny pink nipples adorned twin mountains.

“Go ahead,” Stephanie said. “I want to be completely protected.”

James nodded. He raised his hands to her breasts.

At the last moment he remembered that he was here to lotion them. He tried to be clinical and shifted to below her shoulders. Remembering to rub the lotion in, he worked in tight circles as he slowly made his way down to her breasts.

As soon as his fingers reached Stephanie’s breasts, she began to moan. It was a soft trembling sound. James was doing his damn best to be methodical and platonic but as soon as he heard the moan, his fingers squeezed tighter.

“Yes, like that,” Stephanie moaned.

James bit his lip and nodded. He had permission. His hands tightened around her breasts. She was bustier than his last girlfriend (he thought, she keep her bra on during sex). The pale flesh under the tan lines turned pink under his constant rubbing.

Stephanie moaned again. She closed her eyes and leaned into his hands.

“Don’t forget my stomach,” Stephanie said.

James reluctantly left her breasts. Stephanie’s breasts were slick with sunscreen lotion but he was sure he might have missed a spot. His hands moved to her stomach. He had to switch metal gears and be much gentler with her stomach. It was easy to do; he was so close to her sex that he was almost afraid to touch her.

Stephanie undid a strap. Her bikini bottom fell to the floor. He looked down to the tony tuft of pubic hair above her bare sex.

“Here, like this,” Stephanie said. The older woman took his hand and guided it to her sex. She took his fingers and had him circle her sex.

“Around and around,” she moaned. “You do it.”

“Around and around,” he whispered. His fingers rubbed the path she had set out. Around and around and all he wanted was to go in, in, in.

“My legs,” Stephanie said.

James sighed but he dropped to one knee. He rubbed her hips and thighs with his newfound frustration. Stephanie’s sex hovered before him. It glistened from the sunscreen lotion or maybe it glistened with her desire.

“More lotion,” Stephanie said.

SQUIRT! James had been so focused on her sex that he hadn’t noticed that his hands were dry. Hands slick once more, he went back to rubbing her dark thighs, her tight calves and down to her soft feet. He rubbed and rubbed and hoped that if he did a good enough job that Stephanie would reward him with touching her sex once more.

“Almost done,” she said. She turned around and presented her ass.

It wasn’t her sex but James felt rewarded nonetheless. He cupped her ass and spread lotion over it. He pulled and squeezed her ass. Before long her ass was as shiny as the rest of her.

“Very good,” Stephanie said as she turned around. “Stand please. Ah, I see you enjoyed yourself.”

James looked down at the tent his cock was forming within his swimsuit. “I enjoyed it a lot,” he said.

“We can’t let you go out like this,” Stephanie said. She held her hand up. “Give me some sunscreen.”


She pulled down his swimsuit. Once the waistband got past his cock, the rest fell to the floor. James stood perfectly still. He didn’t want to ruin anything by speaking. He didn’t want to ruin anything by doing. He had nothing clever in mind anyway so maybe just standing there was for the best.

Stephanie’s slick fingers gripped his cock. She looked him in and the eyes as she stroked his cock. Skilled fingers gripped his cock with a confidence he had never felt from a woman.

“Did you like putting on my sunscreen?” Stephanie asked. Her hand pumped his cock.

“Yes,” James moaned.

She stroked faster. “Would you like to do it every day?”

“Oh God, yes,” James moaned. His knees shook a little. He leaned forward and his hands grabbed her shoulder. Stephanie didn’t mind.

“I would like that too,” Stephanie said. “But you have to understand that I am a grown woman with my own life. You can come and put sunscreen on me, but please don’t come by the rest of the day. I have my own life and my own lovers and I don’t need a handsome man hanging around.”

Stephanie stroked him faster. Now he was struggling just to stand. He had never climaxed standing up. James wasn’t sure it was even possible. His cock certainly thought it was.

“Besides, you should be hanging out with women your own age,” Stephanie said, her hand never stopping. “Have fun, get laid and make some summer memories. Just be sure to come by in the morning and help me with my sunscreen. Do we have a deal?”

“Oh God, yes,” James said.

Stephanie’s hand twisted. Her slick fingers tightened and that was all it took. James’ cock erupted and a wave of semen crashed onto Stephanie’s leg. She kept pumping until three heavy loads had landed on her tanned leg.

Squirt, squirt, squirt.

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  1. Fun and playful. Half hoping something supernatural would happen at first, but I’m okay with that. Because it is really close to some of the fantasies I had at Club Med when I was a teen. Thank you for bringing back a bit of joy in my life.

  2. t’Sade – After finishing the first draft of a novella, fun, playful and short was just what I needed :)

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