Jun 262013

“You see that woman in the white bikini?” Raul asked.

Vimika opened her eyes. The sun was bright and blinded her. She covered her eyes and scanned the beach. A little further down the beach she saw the woman. She had bronze skin and a bright white bikini. Thick brown hair whipped in the wind.  The woman was ankle deep in the water and going further out.

“I see her,” Vimika said.

“Good,” Raul said.  The sun reflected off his own bronzed skin. “I bet you that her top falls off when she comes out of the water.”

Vimika laughed. “Really? That bikini is pretty tight but I think you’ve got a case of wishful thinking.”

“So you’re not taking my bet?” Raul asked.

“What are you betting?” Vimika said.

“What do you want?” Raul said.

“If her top doesn’t come off,” Vimika said, “You have to wear my panties all day tomorrow. You’ll wear them under your trunks on the beach, you’ll wear them when we go out to eat and you’ll wear them when we fuck tomorrow.”

“You kinky bitch,” Raul said.  He laughed at it. “Oh man, you know how much I hate to wear your panties. I swear, I can still feel them riding up my ass from the last time.”

“That’s what I want,” Vamika said.  She watched as the bronze woman went further out. The water crashed against the woman’s hips and the woman froze in place.

“Okay,” Raul said.  “But if that’s what you want, what I want is to bust my nut on your face.”

“Ha!” Vamika said.  “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?  You want to jack that fat cock of yours and shoot your cream all over my black face, don’t you?

She reached over to him and placed her hand over the rising bulge in his swim trunks. Her finger squeezed around the beast that was pulsing to be inside her.  She squeezed until he moaned and then she let go.

“Yeah, that’s what I want,” Raul said.

“It’s a bet,” Vamika said.

They watched in silence.  The bronze woman walked until a wave crashed onto her shoulders.  The woman sank into the water and let it come up to her neck.

A seagull cried. A Chinese girl walked by with her chubby boyfriend.  Vamika’s stomach rumbled and she regretted the hot dog she ate at the pier this morning.

She thought about Raul wearing her panties. She would pick the pink ones. He hated those. She remembered how his hairy balls looked encased in frilly lace.

Vamika’s pussy felt a flush of dampness.

She thought about Raul coming on her face. He would stand before her while she knelt on the ground. His cock would be wet from her sucking on it. He would shoot a heavy lod on her and enjoy every splattered drop.

Vamika’s pussy clenched with heat.

“Here she comes,” Raul said.    

The bronze woman was heading out of the water.  Her thick brown hair was plastered to her body now.  She rose out of the water with one breast exposed.  The pale flesh of her tanline was almost a spotlight on her exposed nipple.

“No fucking way,” Vamika said.

One brazen step was followed by another and another.  The bronze woman looked to the left and right; perhaps looking for her towel.  It was only when the water was below her knees did she notice her top.  Even then, the bronze woman was slow to cover up and when she did it was with no urgency.

“Son of a bitch,” Vamika said.  “How did you know?”

“I’ve been coming to Mermaid Beach since I was a teenager,” Raul said.  “That woman has always been here and she always loses her top, no matter what she is wearing.”

“Well played asshole,” Vamika said.  “I’ll get you on the next bet.”

She reached down from her chair and pushed her fingers into the sand. There were two columns of words, separated by a long line.  On both sides of the line were various degradations, humiliations and dreams.  With her finger, Vamika added ‘Facial’ to the column marked R.

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  1. Awesome, I bet their nights are going to be filled with a lot of fucking, moaning, and groaning… and planning evil things for their side. I love relationships like that. Thank you!

    (BTW, love entering comments here more than Blogger.)

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