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Danielle smiled at the sign. It sat on the top of the dunes and looking down, she could already see someone had made a rather life like ten foot long sand sculpture in the shape of a cock. It was quite realistic. It had veins, two enormous balls and it leaned to the left.  The tide was coming in and was already chewing away at the balls.

She shook her head and went down to the sand. Someone kept making these obscene objects but Danielle had never seen them being made. Considering that she was the first person on the beach this morning, she figured they must be made in the night.

BING. She had a new message on her smart phone. It was William. Out of a sense of masochism, curiosity and maybe a little vanity, Danielle read the text.

“I dreamed of fucking you and you felt so good. You are so much tighter than my wife.”

Danielle frowned. Her and William had fucked for about a week last year before he broke up with her to go back to his old girlfriend. That was the last she heard of him until this weekend when William suddenly decided that he wanted to get back in touch for some God only knows reason. He had married the girlfriend and must be having second, third and fourth thoughts; all of them dirty. Danielle never responded to his messages but he kept sending them. She didn’t block him because well, it was nice to be wanted even it was by a jerk like William.

She spread her towel on the sand near the giant cock. The best part about the sculptures was that families with children tended to avoid them. Danielle could expect an hour or two of peace and quiet before the coming tide destroyed the cock.

There was also a chance that the shy boy she had seen yesterday would be here again today. He was cute, kind of tall and had the messiest brown hair that she had seen in awhile. Danielle had spent most of yesterday stealing glances at him and she was pretty sure that he was doing the same. It was a shame that he was white but she was pretty sure that she was the only Filipino in all of Mermaid Island this summer.

It was also a damn shame that the shy boy never worked up the nerve to approach her. Danielle thought about approaching him but fuck it. She was tired of chasing boys. Let someone chase her.

BING. “I am sorry I treated you so wrong. I am a terrible person who needs a lot of love. God I miss your ass.”

“Keep on missing it, asshole,” Danielle said. Her ass was her best feature and William had loved grabbing it. Shit, Danielle had loved feeling her ass being grabbed. She loved it being touched, squeezed, kneaded and grabbed hard as someone kissed her.

Fuck, she was horny.

Danielle laid on her stomach. She was wearing a blue one piece that had the sole redeeming feature of displaying her wonderful ass. Maybe when the shy boy came today, her ass would lure him to her.

The waves crashed as the sun rose higher. The tide came in and took away more of the cock. Bit by bit, the cock wilted under the relentless waves.

Something sparkled from the debris of the cock. Danielle lifted herself on her elbows. Something bright and shiny had been buried under the tip of the cock.

Danielle got up. She walked over and saw a bag, wrapped in shiny tin foil. Was this some sort of drug thing? Was it someone’s secret stash?

BING. Danielle checked her phone as she debated what to do with the mystery bag.

“Our children would have been so beautiful.”

“Okay, fuck it,” Danielle said. “I’m checking the bag.”

The foil unwrapped easily enough to reveal a ziplock bag. She held it up to the sun to see if there was anything really toxic like needles inside. There was just a note. In fact, Danielle could read the note without opening the bag. 

“Go to the dock and find the support beam with a cock”

“O-kay,” Danielle said. The pier was just down the beach. People would fish on it or just go on it to look over the water. It would be a short walk to go there but then again, should she really be following instructions from a message hidden inside a wooden cock? Besides, shouldn’t she hang around in case shy boy came by?

BING. “I am so alone Danielle. My wife doesn’t understand me. My mistress only likes me for my money.”

“A wife and a mistress?” Danielle said out loud. A seagull cried out and Danielle liked to think it was from shared indignation.

Danielle gathered her thing sand stuffed them into her beach bag. She was going to go to the dock. Part of the reason was curiosity but a big reason was the simple fact that she rather be doing something instead of nothing. Waiting for a shy boy to maybe appear and maybe make a move was a bit too passive for her tastes this morning.

A few minutes of walking brought her to the dock. A guy was coming up from the beams and was headed to the gift shop on top. He was taller than even the shy kid and he was also a little bit chubbier. Still, he was cute and Danielle smiled at him as they passed.

The support beams were covered in carvings. Hundreds of couples over the years had carved their unions onto the wood. Danielle smirked as she saw how many of the couplings had also been scratched over with angry cuts. Summer flings were weaker than sand structures.

BING. “You gave the best blowjobs. I wish I had come in your mouth more.”

“Yes, you do,” Danielle said. She hated to admit it but a shiver ran down her spine and ended with a tingle between her thighs. Fuck, she liked being told how good she was, even if it is from an asshole that was a big mistake to have fucked.

There was an elaborate carving on one of the beams. It was a busty mermaid. She studied it for a few minutes but there was no cock.

There was a rather crude carving of a vagina on another beam. Danielle searched the beam but again, there was no cock.

“Story of my life,” Danielle said out loud.

Finally she found the right beam. She almost missed it because the cock had been carved the entire height of the beam. A thirty foot cock was almost easy to miss. Danielle had no idea how someone had managed to carve it without getting killed.

She studied the part of the carving that was eye level with her. It was mess of balls and pubic hair. It wasn’t until she stepped out of the way of the sun that she noticed that some of the stylized pubic hair wasn’t hair at all. It was writing.

“Go to store and find seashell with cock.”

“Yeah, right,” Danielle said. She knew the store. It sat on top of the pier, selling drinks, t-shirts and the worse hot dogs ever made. It also sold seashells that had been painted with cute designs like a fish, crabs and a shit load of mermaids. There were certainly no cocks.

BING. “Remember the time we fucked on the floor? I never came so hard.”

“Fuck,” Danielle said. She remembered. It was the last time they had fucked before he broke up with her. In fact, he had broken up with her when he got up to clean himself. He remembered it as a great orgasm. She remembered it as the moment he emotionally stabbed her.

Danielle stomped towards the store. She could have used the walkway but she was pissed. She went up the dune, pounding her feet into the sand and daring gravity to fuck with her.

She opened the door to the store and nearly ran into a guy. They collided and Danielle felt her cheeks flush with shame.

“Sorry!” she said quickly.

It was the guy from under the pier. He was blushing as much as she was.

“Sorry!” he said quickly back and ran out of the store.

Danielle sighed and went into the store. William had her rattled. Coming out to the beach this summer was supposed to be a vacation, not a nostalgia tour of her worse mistakes. She was going to start enjoying her summer more.

As soon as she looked for a seashell with a cock.

The shop had too much air conditioning. The air was freezing as if it was trying to defend itself from the entire summer of heat. Danielle folded her arms over her body and went straight to the seashells.

Mermaid, mermaid, mermaid, dolphin, mermaid, mermaid, mermaid, crab, mermaid, mermaid, mermaid, mermaid, goldfish, mermaid, mermaid, lobster, mermaid, mermaid, mermaid, crab, mermaid, crab, mermaid, mermaid, cock, mermaid.

Danielle did a double take. Right there was a seashell with a cock painted on it. It was a black cock which really surprised Danielle. She didn’t think Mermaid Island was that racially accepting.

She picked it up. The seashell didn’t have a price and Danielle sure as fuck wasn’t going to turn it in for a price check. She flipped it over. A message had been painted.

“Go to the changing huts. 3rd one. Enter it naked.”

“There we go,” Danielle said. This has just been a really unlikely way to get a girl naked. It might actually be the worse way to get someone naked. Who the fuck would fall for that? There might be hidden cameras, a rapist or worse.

BING. “I wish you would call me. Just not after 2pm because my wife gets home then.”

She looked out the window. The changing huts were a place for people to change into their swimsuits. They were smelly and stuffy but if you didn’t have a house nearby to change into, they were a lifesaver.

“Fuck every white pussy guy ever born,” Danielle said.

Danielle put the shell down and went out the door. She took the walkway down to the beach. There were more people out now. She didn’t see the shy guy from yesterday and she purposely didn’t look for him. He had his chance.

Taking her clothes off before going into the hut was going to be tricky. Fuck it. She made a plan and when she reached the door, she put it into motion.

Flip the top straps over her head.

Pull down to her feet.

Step out, push swimsuit to chest.

Open door.

There was a guy inside. It was the chubby guy she had ran into at the store. Of course, he was naked.

“You!” she said. She closed the door behind her but not all the way. She was ready to step out at any second.

“You!” he said as well. “Did you leave the messages?”

“What?” Danielle said. “I was following a message from a seashell with a painted cock.”

“I was following a message from a shirt with a naked woman on it!” the guy said.

“Wait, what were you doing at the pier?” Danielle said.

“I was looking for a mermaid with big tits. It had a message on it! I got the message from a sand castle shaped like a woman’s pussy!”

Danielle laughed. “I got a message from a sand cock.”

The guy laughed. “So uh, now what?”


“Are you going to get that?” he asked.

“Ignore it,” Danielle said.

She grabbed him and kissed him. 

He was hesitant and Danielle had a terrible feeling that she had made a mistake. His hesitation vanished quickly and he kissed her back. Better yet, he grabbed her ass with both hands and pulled her to him. His cock pressed against her and she could feel that he had no hesitation left at all.

They kept kissing. Danielle’s body began to hump against him. It was a subtle thing at first. Her body was moving in motion to the locking of their tongues. Her sex was clenching in time with the nibbling of their lips. Her ass was rocking to the urgent squeezing of his hands.


Another message came and Danielle kept kissing. Fuck William and his wife and girlfriend. She was having her breath kissed away by a man with great hands. Fuck the shy guy. It could have been him making out with her but now it was a naked guy who came here out of simple curiosity.

She felt the guy’s cock press against her. She grinded against it. The changing hut was hot and stuffy but his cock was twice as hot. It would be a fire inside her. It would burn her worse than any sunburn. Her hips moved against the hot girth, teasing it as much as she was teasing herself.

He grabbed her ass harder. He pulled her against him and his hips began to move. Danielle moaned as she realized he wasn’t trying to enter her. He just wanted to feel her body. He just wanted to feel her move and squirm against him. He just wanted her.

Danielle felt herself being lifted from the ground. He had picked her up from the ass. She kept kissing, moaning as her sex was tantalizingly close to his cock. A few more inches and the right tilt of her hips and he would be inside her.

He set her back down. Danielle whimpered into his mouth. Was he too afraid? Was he shy? 

The guy chuckled. “If I slip inside you now, I’ll come in two minutes.”

“That’s okay,” Danielle said. She had a feeling she would come even sooner.

“No, I’m going to take my time enjoying every inch of you,” he said.

BING. They both laughed and Danielle reached for her phone.

“My name is Tommy,” he said.

“My name is Danielle and this is going to be a great summer.”

She put William on ignore.

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  1. Always go on adventures and task a risky. That was a fun, fluffy story. Liked it a lot!

  2. That was great! Now I want to know who left the messages …

    xx Dee

  3. Yeah, who left the messages!!?

  4. t’Sade – Thanks!

    Dee- The sand has many mysteries.

    Mystique – All will be revealed, though most likely not.

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