Jun 182013

I am going through like my seventeenth childhood recently. I used to play various tabletop wargames and I recently got the bug to play/invest/paint some spaceship miniatures. This has led to me to dozens of hobby blogs and message boards.

Quite a few of these hobbyists talk about the fact that they may buy rulebooks, miniatures, paints but nnot actually ever use them because they have no one to play these games with. That doesn’t stop them from purchasing things because the next best thing to playing is the collecting and reading. In fact, these non-players make up a large part of the consumer base.

Which got me thinking about erotica. While there is an immediate release that can be derived from porn through masturbation, I find myself watching, buying and collecting porn that I don’t technically use in the masturbation sense. I collect porn art because I think it is pretty. Or maybe I buy it because it has a gimmick that appeals to me on a mental level. Or maybe I buy it because it’s very existence is arousing. But am I buying porn to aid in masturbation? Not really.

In fact, I would say quite a bit of my porn falls into a collector’s interest. I have a X-rated parody of Friday the 13th simply because I am appalled/fascinated by the Friday the 13th franchise. I have quite a few bad porn books from the 90’s just because I thought it would be cute to collect one particular cover model. I have stuff just because it is weird. I have some stuff just because I wonder if they were as good or bad as I thought they would be.

And then again, I have quite a bit of porn because it is fucking sexy. And yes, I do have some porn just because I do like masturbation aids. I guess in that sense, I am a hobbyist lucky enough to get to play.

All of this has got me thinking if maybe we should approach sex blogs in a different manner. I would wager that most sex bloggers are not banging a hundred different people each year, and although the may want to, the reality is not very conducive. Most sex bloggers are sex hobbyists. We like sex. We like talking about it. We like looking at it. We like reading it. We would like to do it, but the frequency of our activity shouldn’t define our level of interest. We are fans. We are creators and consumers or erotica.

Erotica is our hobby.

  3 Responses to “Erotica Hobbyist”

  1. Love love LOVE this! I am definitely a hobbyist. A fan. A geek. And totally a collector! The number of strange and weird old books about sexuality I have (whose contents made me shudder, with their out-of-datedness), rubbing shoulders with jaw-droppingly hot erotica, next to photography books of vintage porn, next to DVD’s of ’80’s copied-from-VCR porn … and that’s just the bookcases!

    xx Dee

  2. It is a hobby, and one that we don’t just collect, but enjoy and play.
    Like your perspective on this.

  3. I follow the rule of $1/hour. If I get more hours of entertainment out of something than I paid for it, it’s worth it. So, for RPG books, which I just like to sit down and read for the fun of it, qualifies. Though, I find that I don’t read much erotica for pleasure anymore, except for the ASSTR stuff. Most books aren’t “strange” enough for me and my fondness for high fantasy erotica is hard to placate in general. Though, I do have a number of artists (Luis Royo comes to mind) that I do browse through when I’m feeling frisky.

    Of course, I also collect LEGO and DVDs and books, so I might already have a hobby.

    I can understand the beautiful bit. A number of my books are there because they make me feel good or I love how they look/read, not because of their artistic merit. It brings me joy.

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