May 292013

The medical pod door opened and Mineqa Mar fell out. She landed in a defensive crouch and surveyed the room. Years of leading a resistance against the evil tyrant, Queen Erishella, had taught Mineqa to always be on her guard.

She didn’t know how she got here. The last thing Mineqa remembered was going to sleep at one of her eighty different safe houses. She had just organized the latest series of raids on the Queen’s pleasure palaces and had also written a new dissension speech decrying the conquest of the Gem Moons. The room she was now in was too high tech for any of her fellow resistance members to posses. It must mean she was a captive of the Queen.

Mineqa stood up. A mirror reflected her naked body. She frowned at what she saw. Those were her full breasts but where was the laser scar from the riot she led last year? Her legs were missing the shrapnel scars from the parade bomb she had set off. Even her red hair seemed different. Gone were the grey streaks she had picked up from years of being on the run.

There was something else. The mirror revealed that her back had been tattooed. It was a number: 782.

The doors to the room opened. A large robot entered on hovering jets. Mineqa growled when she saw the robot was exactly the same size as the door. There was no way to run past it. They were taking no chances with her.

Mineqa Mar, I am your personally assigned Punishment Cyborg,” the robot said. “Despite my human brain I can assure you that I have no mercy and in fact, the pleasure centers of my brain will be stimulated for every action I perform in your punishment.”

“Fuck you,” Mineqa Mar said. 

“Mineqa Mar, you have been declared an Enemy of the wonderful and sexy Queen Erishella of the Skull Throne! You are guilty of disloyal rhetoric, acts of unsubmissive defiance and the murder of countless faithful soldiers, slaves and subjects of the Queen. Do you understand these charges?”

“Not only do I understand them, but I am proud to have committed them!” Mineqa said. She looked around the room for weapons. There was nothing. Even the medical pod had retracted into the wall.

“Queen Erishella has personally condemned you,” the robot said. “She has sentenced you to fifty years of being sensually spanked times a thousand for her pleasure. She has sentenced you to fifty years of being sadistically spanked for her pleasure. She has sentenced you to fifty years of being fed to Blade Tigers times a thousand. Glory to the Queen for her wisdom and mercy!”

The Punishment Cyborg moaned as it experienced an orgasm for announcing her sentence.

Mineqa smirked. “Times a thousand? So are you saying I have been sentenced to fifty years times a thousand; fifty thousand years? Isn’t that ridiculous even for our egomaniacal Queen? Besides, won’t I be dead once I am fed to Blade Tigers? This sentence makes no sense at all.”

“Your response has been noted and will be compared to previous statements,” the robot said.  “It is time for your sensual spanking.”

Four metal tentacles emerged from the center of the Punishment Cyborg. Mineqa used an obscure martial escape technique but the metal tentacles were somehow ready for it. Each of her limbs was securely grabbed and she was lifted from the ground.

The Punishment Cyborg left the medical room. Mineqa struggled to get free but it was no use. She was completely helpless.

 They went down a long hallway. They passed room after room. There was a line of Punishment Cyborgs ahead of them, each one carrying their own prisoner. Because the cyborgs were so large, Mineqa couldn’t get a clear look at her fellow prisoners.

A slight touch of annoyance struck Mineqa. Of course there would be other prisoners. Queen Erishella had many enemies. It just bothered Mineqa that for all the bombings, all of the assassinations of officials and for all the subversive literature that she had written; in the end she was going to be punished alongside every one else. She was the Queen of the resistance but now she was just another prisoner.

There were screams coming down from the end of the hallway. Hundreds and hundreds of screams competed to be heard. Screams of distress and screams of pleasure shrieked through the air. 

There was something distinctly unnerving about those screams.  They sounded familiar.

They entered a large cavernous area. The room was lined with hundreds of women being spanked. In the center was a holograph stage, currently empty.

The Punishment Cyborg carried Mineqa past many of the prisoners to a stockade bench. Mineqa looked at her fellow prisoners and gasped.

Each prisoner was Mineqa. The same red hair, the same full breasts and the same screaming mouth faced her. Each was being spanked by their Punishment Cyborg and each of them was screaming in pleasure.

“Gods of the Underworld,” Mineqa breathed. The prisoners were bent over so that there ass was higher than their head. Tattooed to the backs of each one was a number.

“I’m a clone,” Mineqa said.

“Correct,” the Punishment Cybrog said. “Clone number seven hundred and eighty-two of a thousand.”

Rage took over Mineqa. She fought to escape but the tentacles anticipated every trick she had. She screamed with outrage and the Punishment Cyborg moaned as it received another reward orgasm. She howled because she understood how the punishments had been multiplied a thousand times. She raged because she realized that she wasn’t even the original Mineqa. Her entire existence was just to be punished.

The Punishment Cyborg carried her to the stockade. It positioned her and more tentacles emerged from the stockade to grab her body. She was pulled down onto the stockade, metal clamps sealing over her neck, hands and ankles. The stockade pushed her ass up and spread her legs. A bar forced itself under her chin and forced her look forward.

Minequa felt an injection into her thigh. The sharp prick was replaced with a feeling of relaxation. She stopped struggling. So what if she was a clone? Being bent over this actually felt kind of nice.

A paddle emerged from the Punishment Cyborg. Mineqa felt heat between her thighs. She knew if she could look, she would be dripping.

WHACK! The paddle landed on her ass and Mineqa groaned with pleasure. Her bliss addled mind understood that the injection must have been to transform any pain to pleasure. She was going to be forced to enjoy this for the pleasure of the evil Queen and there was nothing Mineqa could do about it.

She didn’t mind.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The paddle struck her ass with military targeting efficiency. Every strike of the paddle blistered her and every strike was as arousing as the deepest thrust onto the greatest cock. Mineqa’s pussy clenched in frustration as she desperately wanted to fuck something.

“Fuck! Yes! Fuck!” screamed a thousand mouths with Mineqa’s voice.

“Uhhhh,” groaned a thousand Punishment Cyborgs as they were rewarded for each spank.

WHACK! The paddle strikes sent waves of pleasure to Mineqa’s nipples. Her breasts felt more sensitive than they ever had in her life.

WHACK! The paddle strikes sent stimulation to her mouth. She ached to suck a cock, bite a nipple or even just kiss an ass.

WHACK! The paddle strike sent strange feelings to her neck. She felt like she was on the verge of having her neck kissed with each strike.

WHACK! The paddle transformed her ass into an organ of pain but somehow Mineqa enjoyed it. The spanking was worse than anything she had every experienced and yet also the greatest. Her body struggled to comprehend the conflicting stimuli she was receiving from her ass.

WHACK! The paddle sent unbelievable bliss straight to her sex. She knew deep down that she wanted to deny Queen Erishella her orgasm but she couldn’t quite remember why.

“Fuck!” Mineqa cried out as she orgasmed. Shame blossomed within her. Her body had betrayed everything she had believed in. Mineqa felt a piece of her break inside.

WHACK! The next paddle strike obliterated her shame and replaced it with more pleasure.

Hours passed by. Mineqa climaxed over and over. She heard the other clones climaxing in an endless chorus.

The holograph stage came to life. Erishella appeared on her Skull Throne. Somewhere, holographic emitters were surrounding the Queen with a recreation of the punishment room. Erishella smiled and enjoyed the scene around her.

Mineqa wanted to scream her defiance. She moaned instead.

The rebel leader wanted to yell something cruel and clever. She whimpered instead.

The cloned criminal wanted to swear to destroy Queen Erishella. She climaxed instead.

The hologram ended and the Queen left their presence. The spankings continued. Mineqa was aware that all of this, the clones, the spankings and the colossal punishment room were for nothing more than a few minutes of the Queen’s amusement.

Despair settled in her heart, only to be removed by the pleasure of the next spank on her abused ass.

More hours passed and eventually the spanking stopped. Another injection was given to her and Mineqa’s mind was no longer clouded with pleasure. She could think clearly except for the mind blowing pain she now felt in her ass.

She passed out from the pain.

She awoke to being carried by the Punishment Cyborg assigned to her. In front of and behind her were her fellow clones. All of them were talking. The thousand voices made it hard to tell what any one was saying.

“There is other sets of clones, right?” she asked her Punishment Cyborg.

“Yes,” it replied. “One thousand are being spanked with a pain sensitizer injection. The other thousand are being fed to Blade Tigers.”

“She is a fool,” Mineqa said. “I am her greatest enemy and there are a thousand of me here and another thousand being tortured. We will escape. We will work together. We will overthrow her. We will avenge the thousand fed to Blade Tigers. In her lust to punish us, she has created her own doom.”

 “Incorrect,” the Punishment Cyborg said. “Each clone is given a terminal shut down function that deactivates their heart sixteen hours after clone activation.”

“What?” Mineqa asked. She had a sudden pain in her left arm. “Oh shit. But the sentence was for fifty years! Why kill me now?”

“Security precautions dictate you death. The Queen’s justice dictates your resurrection.”

“That is why you know all of my escape moves,” Mineqa said. “We’ve done this before! This is not the first time you have spanked me!”

“Correct,” the Punishment Cyborg said. “After your cardiac arrest is complete, I will put you in the medical pod where you body will be broken down for primary nutrients for the next clone designated seven hundred and eighty-two.”

“Gods of the Underworld,” Mineqa moaned. The pain in her chest was more intense. Her vision was fading. “How long has this been going on?”

“Seven years.”

The Punishment Cyborg moaned as Mineqa sighed with despair.  

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  1. Now, that is both very cruel and intelligent by the queen. She’s definitely earned her position of power.

    Still hope the girl escapes though.

  2. t’Sade – I am amused by the idea of a thousand clones of a rebel leader trying to work together. It might be something I have to explore further.

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