May 012013

Explorer’s Log: I am on day two hundred and three of my nine month voyage to the star system designated “Queen’s Deadly Beauty” by Royal Astronomers. No anomalies have been detected. Deep Space Probe Ship is functioning normally. My latest checkup in the medical bay lists my health as excellent. There is nothing further to report. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: There is no way that I am telling them about the dildo talking to me.

“Come on, baby. Quit ignoring me.”

Vaquel Di sat in the Science Bay. She was nude because fuck it, there was no need to put clothes on when it had been months since she last seen a living person. Her lush brown body was covered in fading marks from her month of self-bondage experiments. It was a testament to how bored she had become that tying herself up and nearly dying while masturbating had lost its thrill.

Of course, now she had a new mystery to solve.

“Please, just place me between those great tits of yours.”

She looked at the scanner results again. There was no strange radiation on or near the ship. There was no evidence of alien life. Everything was as normal as could be. There was no scientific explanation for the voice she could hear as clear as day.

“Please, Vaquel. I just want to slip inside that tight cunt of yours.”

Vaquel glanced at the dildo on the sensor pad. It was just a white rock she had found on one of her explorations. It was shaped like a lovely cock and it was smooth enough to fuck. In fact, she had used it to get off many times over the last few months. It just never started talking before today.

“I would give anything to slip between your lips and feel your tongue,” the dildo said. “I want to feel you suck me.”

“You’re just a rock!” Vaquel snapped. “You don’t have anything to feel with!”

“Praise the Gods! You’re talking to me!”

Vaquel felt her stomach sink. She had resisted talking back to the dildo and now she had slipped. The scans, research and tests were leaving only one conclusion regarding the talking dildo: she had gone insane. The months in space with no one to interact with had finally snapped her mind. She had gone space-crazy and the only cure was to ignore it. Talking to her delusion would only reinforce it.

“Please Vaquel, just put a little bit of me into your mouth. Just the tip, that’s all I need!”

Vaquel licked her lips. She had forgotten how nice it was to be begged. Shit, it was nice just to be talked to.

She shook her head and turned her back to it. The medical scans she performed showed no signs of mental deterioration. That was disappointing. She had been hoping for a tumor. At least that she could cut out.

“Come on, Vaquel, you know you want it. Just put me inside you and you know it would feel so goo.”

It would feel good. Vaquel knew from personal experience that the dildo was just a little too big for her. It had the right girth and it had that slight tilt that made every thrust exciting.

“Please, Vaquel. You’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

“I found you on a barren planet with no women,” she said.

“Maybe there used to be women there,” the dildo said. “You don’t know my history!”

“Shut up,” Vaquel said. “I’m not going to talk to my delusion.”

“You don’t know I am a delusion!” the dildo said. “I could be an alien sentience possessing this object. Or maybe I am a communicating to you from another dimension in time and space. I could be all sorts of things.”

“Are you any of those?” Vaquel asked.

“Maybe,” the dildo said. “Why don’t you push me between those big brown tits of yours and maybe I will tell you.”

Vaquel thought about it. Technically, if the dildo was possessed by a strange life form, Vaquel should try to communicate with it. And if she was just suffering some sort of psychotic breakdown brought upon by isolation, it wouldn’t hurt to participate just a little to make sure it was a delusion, right?

“Come here,” she said. Vaquel picked up the dildo.

“Fuck, yes,” it sighed.

She touched the tip of the dildo to her nipple. The dildo moaned happily.

She glided the dildo down the curve of her heavy breast. She heard it groan loudly.

She slipped the dildo between her breasts and then used her other hand to squeeze her tits around it. Although the sound was muffled, she could hear the dildo moaning.

Vaquel slid the dildo up and down her cleavage.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” the dildo moaned. “Your breasts are so perfect. I want to stay here forever. I want to live between your tits.”

“I thought you wanted to be inside my mouth,” Vaquel teased.

“Oh Gods, yes!” the dildo said.

Vaquel felt a shiver go down her spine. It was nice to be wanted. It had been too long.

She slipped the dildo up out of her breasts as slowly as she could. She dipped her head down and opened her mouth. Her tongue darted out and gave the tip of the dildo a single lick.

“Oh, fuck!” the dildo moaned.

She closed her lips around the tip of the dildo. Her tongue flicked rapidly at the tip. She sealed her full lips around the tip of the cock and suck as hard as she could.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,” the dildo moaned.

Vaquel moaned too. She pushed another inch into her mouth. The dildo gasped.

She lifted her head and took the dildo with her. Vaquel tipped her head back and let gravity pull the dildo into her mouth. Inch after inch slid between her lips and down her throat.

The dildo moaned incoherently.

Vaquel pulled the dildo out of her mouth.

“Please put me back in! Please! Your mouth is so wet and perfect!”

Vaquel giggled. “I thought you wanted to get in my cunt? But I can put you back in my mouth if you want.”

“No! Put me in your cunt, please” the dildo begged.

“”Are you sure?” Vaquel teased. She licked the tip of the dildo. “I think I want you back in my mouth.”

“Yes, I’m sure I want to be in your cunt. Please?”

“Beg me,” Vaquel said. The months of isolation brought out the darkest feelings in her. “Beg me and I will decide if you are worthy.”

“Oh, I am so worthy!” the dildo begged. “I will fill your cunt with my girth. I will press all up inside you. I will be so smooth in the right places and give you enough texture in the other places. “

“I’m not convinced,” Vaquel said cruelly.

“I will get you off like you never have before. I will be the best fuck of your life. I will fuck your cunt like it was my first time.”

Vaquel lowered the dildo to her sex. She spread open her legs and pressed him against her pubic hair. The tip of the dildo slid along the outside of her sex but she didn’t slide him in.

“More,” she whispered.

“Please, let me fuck you,” the dildo begged. “My life was lonely until you found me. Now I know I was meant to fit inside you. I was meant to be your fucktoy. That is all I am good for and it is all I want to be. I was meant to fill your cunt.”

Vaquel pushed the dildo in. It was a little too big but she was wet enough to take it. The dildo was smooth in all the right places and had just a little bit of texture for the other places. It fit perfectly inside her.

“Use me, use me, use me!” the dildo begged.

Vaquel did. She plunged the dildo in and out of her sex. Fast and hard; she rammed herself with her willing tool.

“Yes, yes, yes!” the dildo cried.

“Mm, mm, mm,” Vaquel groaned.

“Harder, harder, harder,” the dildo begged.

“Uh, uh, uh,” Vaquel panted.

“Take me, take me, take me,” the dildo screamed.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel screamed.

Vaquel climaxed. Her legs kicked out and her pussy clenched. She shivered on the chair.

“Was that good enough?” the dildo asked.

“Almost,” Vaquel lied. She pulled the slick dildo from her cunt. It glistened in the light.

“Now, are you going to tell me the truth?” she asked. “Are you an anomaly? Are you possessed by an alien intelligence? Are you just a creation of my deluded mind? Which is it?”

“You know what would feel good?” the dildo said. “How about pushing me into your ass. I would love to be crushed by your tight little asshole.”

Vaquel laughed. Answers could wait for now.

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  1. Yeah! I missed Vaquel!

  2. Poor girl. I really hope she has a good and proper gang-bang coming up.

  3. Timothy – That’s pretty funny considering that I often worry I am putting out too many Vaquel stories.

    t’Sade – I actually have a little writer’s anxiety about how to do her first post long drought adventure.

  4. I image this dildo to be about 15 years old *snickers*

  5. Mystique – lol that cracked me up

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