May 222013

Explorer’s Log: I am on day two hundred and seventy of my nine month voyage to the star system designated “Queen’s Deadly Beauty” by Royal Astronomers. The lack of astronomical geography is allowing for some excellent deep space scans. I am currently cataloguing any scans in the case that something interesting turns ups. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I ejected the talking dildo into space last week and so far no other inanimate objects have begin talking. I will take this to mean that it really was some sort of possessed dildo, or that whatever mental breakdown I was having is now over. I enjoyed the dildo’s company but it got on my nerves when it started suggesting that I lose weight. Fuck it. I don’t need anyone, organic or not, to have a good time. End Personal Log.

Vaquel Di sat at the Nutrient Pod and ate an algae based pseudo meat sandwich. She also had one hand on one of her brown breasts; her fingers twisting and untwisting her nipple in a steady rotation. As she chewed the beef flavored algae, she closed her eyes and imagined a talented hand playing with the pink pubic hair. When a drop of algae sauce fell on her chin, she imagined it was the ejaculate of a very handsome space pilot.

The deep space explorer was on high alert. It had been six days since she last had an orgasm, which was a personal record for her. Permission to climax could come at any time but the window was only two minutes long. Vaquel’s body had to be ready. Vaquel’s mind had to be ready. Most of all, Vaquel’s long deprived cunt had to be ready.

She finished her sandwich and washed it down with algae juice. For a moment she debated having some algae based fruit pie but decided against it. She didn’t want to be too full in case it was time to climax.

Vaquel got up and stretched. Her nude brown body was reflected off the Hygiene Pod door. The sight made Vaquel smile. She took a moment to turn around and admire her round brown ass. For good measure, she gave it a few good smacks.

The pain was nice but Vaquel stopped before she bruised herself. She had tried everything to make this nine month space voyage go by quicker. First she tried recording herself masturbating. In time, watching herself fuck lost its thrill. After that, she tried some experimental bondage with a Strangler gun. Even near death experiences began to get boring. Then there was that time she spent fucking a dildo that talked, but the constant question of mental insanity was a turn-off. In desperation, Vaquel had turned to taking the subject of masturbation completely out of her hands.

Vaquel glanced at the nearest display panel. The screen constantly scrolled with data gathered from every single one of the ship’s sensors. Every pulse of stellar radiation was being measured. Every tiniest detail was being compared to one another. The majority of the ship’s computers were dedicated to looking for a certain random confluence of events.

First, while searching one of the three hundred and sixty vectors that the scanners were looking at, the computer needed to find a spike in gravitational fluctuations. Then, it looked to see if Tes radiation was at twenty one parts per billion. If these two conditions were met, the ship would then check to see if solar radiation was greater coming from galactic north than it was from galactic south.

If, and only if these conditions were met, the ship would announce an alert followed by a countdown. Vaquel had that long to climax.

It was a freaky combination of space geography and sexual gambling. Vaquel calculated a forty percent chance of these conditions not being met before reaching the next star system. There was also a mere two percent chance that it would happen twice during this voyage. She might be denying herself for nothing. It was one big risk that took the pressure of how to masturbate next out of her hands.

So far it had worked great. Vaquel teased herself constantly. Not letting herself climax meant she kept going to the edge of bliss and back, but always on the road of pleasure. She went about her chores aboard the ship with a certain excitement. Would the alert sound while she was showering? Would it sound off when she was maintaining the solar sails? Would it sound off in the next minute? There was no telling.

Who knew that being denied an orgasm for so long would put her in such a good mood?

Being this aroused had also taught Vaquel things about herself that she didn’t know. Apparently her right nipple was more sensitive than the other. One long day, she had discovered just the right kind of clitoris manipulation that would bring her closest to orgasm the fastest. Also, she apparently got turned on by the color green which made no sense to her at all but she loved discovering it anyway.

“ALERT! Conditions met! Begin countdown!”

“Yes!” Vaquel hissed. She wasted no time. Her fingers punched into her sex. She entered herself with one, two and finally three fingers. It was no problem. She was wet and ready.

Her knees trembled. Vaquel leaned against a wall for support. She was so damn tense. After so much teasing, the act of penetration was paralyzing. Her fingers felt like three giant cocks inside her sensitive little pussy.

“One hundred, ninety-nine, ninety-eight . . .”

Vaquel stroked deeper. This was it. She might not climax again until she reached a planet. She couldn’t let this moment pass.

She put her other hand to work. She slapped her breast. Cruel fingers twisted her right nipple. She tugged hard on her left breast. She stimulated her tits in every way possible.

“Eighty-two, eighty-one, eighty . . .”

Vaquel stroked quicker. Her back planted against the wall, she spread her legs wider. She imagined getting fucked by a well hung soldier. She pictured getting humped by one of the robotic Squix. She imagined getting pounded by an aquatic humanoid. She thought of getting fucked by everyone.

She twisted her nipple. The pain sent delicious tingles through her body. It could have been the bite of a savage primitive. It could have been the groping of another space explorer. It could have been the harsh embrace of woman made of light. Vaquel fantasized of a million different hands that it could have been.  

Sixty-nine, sixty-eight, sixty-seven . . .”

Vaquel jammed her fingers into her mouth. She sucked on them as hard as she could. While her other hand fucked her pussy, Vaquel fucked her face. Her tongue was busy as she nearly choked herself.

She pictured a cock in her mouth; ready to explode at a moment’s notice. As her two hands stroked and pushed, Vaquel dreamed of having two lovers at once. She imagined their need to fuck her at both ends.

“Forty-four, forty-three-forty-two . . .”

Vaquel took the hand out of her mouth. She was close but it wasn’t happening. Her body was so sensitive that it was overwhelming. After being stimulated for so long, her body was stuck on a plateau. It was entirely possible that she wouldn’t be able to climax.

She used both hands on her sex. She kept fucking herself as hard as she could but now her other hand was on her clitoris. Practiced fingers rubbed tight little circles on her sensitive bud. Sharp nails danced lightly on tender skin. Vaquel was not going to miss her orgasm without a fight.

“Twenty, nineteen, eighteen . . .”

 Vaquel stroked deeper. She rubbed her clit faster. Her hips humped the air in desperation.

“Twelve, eleven, ten . . .”

Vaquel’s fingers used every trick she knew. She pulled on her clitoris. She wiggled her fingers deep inside her. She thought of all the teasing she had put herself through and tried to summon the orgasm with pure willpower.

Seven, six, five . . .”

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted. Her orgasm finally burst free. She felt her pussy spasm around her fingers. A wave of pleasure swept over Vaquel and she slid down to wall to land on her bare ass.

“One, zero and alert is now ended. Resuming search for specified conditions.”

Vaquel stopped stroking. The orgasm continued though. Her body clenched, shook and shuddered. Her fingers were still inside and she felt every wonderful orgasmic pulse.

There were twenty more days left on this trip. Maybe she would get lucky again.

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  1. Aww, she’s going insane in so many ways. I hate to see what would happen if the condition didn’t happen.

    And I love the color green line.

  2. t’Sade – The color line came out nowhere and I thought it was too random to not include :)

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